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Kanda was chuckling, while Allen was in a fit of hysteria. Shure, the idiot was more prone to laughter than Kanda was, but this was still an extreme. Kanda figured it was because the beansprout just hadn't laughed in a while.

Allen calmed down a bit, and let out a few chuckles, but then started coughing.

"Ouch. Man, I hope I didn't catch a cold, that would be unfortunate."

Kanda nodded his agreement, "If you catch a fucking cold, you will officially be the biggest weakling I have ev-" Kanda stopped as he was cut off by the ringing of their house phone.

"Call from Lavi Bookman," the phone chanted out. Grumbling Kanda picked up the phone resting in the cradle on the bedside table.


"Hi, Kanda? It's Lenalee."

"At first I thought that you were your idiot husband."

Lenalee chuckled, "Nope! Hey, Lavi and I were wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner tonight."

"No, something came up."

"Oh, what?"

Kanda glanced at Allen, "Allen's back."

"WHAT? YOU WAISTED ALL THIS TIME TO TELL ME THIS? I WOULD KICK YOU OVER THE HEAD IF I WAS WITH YOU!" Allen looked up now, because he could undoubtedly hear Lenalee's shouts emanating from the receiver. He held out his hand to Kanda, asking for the phone.

"Allen wants to talk to you, hang on," he said handing the phone to Allen.

Originally, Kanda wouldn't let anyone walk over him like that, but Lenalee was the exception. She was like a little sister to him, and she was one of the few friends that he had that he actually could actually tolerate.

"Hi, Lena?" Allen asked through the phone, figuring it was her because of the kicking threats.

"Oh my god Allen, it is you!" she practically shouted into the phone.

"Yup! Hey, what where you trying to get Kanda to do?"

"Oh, I was just wondering if he would like to come by for diner. You know, to get him out of his hermit faze? I'm sure you're not up for that kind of thing now. What happened to you? Are you okay? When did you get back?"

"Oh no, I think that that would be great!" Allen said quickly, conveniently ignoring her questions, "I think Kanda and I should get out." Kanda glared at him, but was only greeted by Allen's tongue sticking out, "Come on BaKanda, it will be fun!"


"We'll be there, Lenalee."

"Okay, come by at six. I am so glad that you are okay, Allen!"

"Thanks! Tell Lavi I said 'hello.'"

"Shure thing, see you soon!"

"Bye," Allen said, hanging up the phone and leaning to place it back in the cradle. Leaning back into the pillow, he noticed Kanda glaring at him, "What?"

"You know damn well 'what' Moyashi! You can't go in your condition, you need bed rest."

"We both know that you won't give me 'bed rest,' BaKanda," Allen said seductively, wiggling his eyebrows to teasing Kanda.

"I would never fuck you while you're in your condition," he said arms crossed, glaring at the wall.

"Whatever you say," Allen responded in a singsong voice.

Kanda leaned in, one hand resting on the mattress, and kissed Allen gently on the lips, "That's all you're going to get from me until you're moderately healthier. You look like shit right now."

Allen pouted, but accepted it as fate, "Well, the rain cleared up from last night, I think that we should go outside."


"Why not?" Allen wined.

"You can't walk on your ankle," Kanda retorted.

"Well, I can't go to the doctors without them asking too many questions," Allen shot back.

"Well, I don't give a shit. You're going to that fucking doctor's office, whether you like it or not. I don't care if you tell them you tripped down the fucking stairs."

Allen gave up, "okay," he smiled, "help me up."

Kanda and Allen drove to the hospital in a comfortable silence. Allen was content staring at the different buildings that they past and Kanda was content staring at the road, occasionally looking at Allen.

Allen was kidnapped exactly a month ago; Tiki Mikk had shown up at their house, demanding that Allen come with him so that the fourteenth could take over. The Noahs apparently got tired of waiting for Neah, and took matters into their own hands.

They would go to the hospital to get Allen checked out. They weren't exactly sure how the Order would react to seeing Allen back after his sudden disappearance, so that would be a challenge for another day. The Order had gotten better, though, allowing two or more members to live in houses that were location on the same plot of land as the order itself, so that they could still be on call. They were treating the people more like people.

Kanda pulled into the parking lot, and helped Allen out of the car, locking it as they left. Let's hope that they didn't ask too many questions.

"Okay, so I am Jenalee, and I will be your nurse for this evening mister Walker," a nurse with blonde hair and glasses said, smiling brightly, "Now, what happened?"

"I, er, hurt my ankle," Allen said lamely.

"Which one?"

"My right one."

"Mmmhm," She said jotting down notes on a clipboard, "And how did this happen?"

"I fell down the stairs," Allen said glaring at Kanda, who was smirking.

"Okay, did you receive any other injuries during the accident?"

"No ma'am."

"Okay," She said cheerfully, "I'm just going to have a look real quick, okay? Please pull up your pant leg."

Allen did so, showing his swollen, purple joint, "Yikes," the nurse said, "All from falling down the stairs. Okay, well, I am going to send you to get an x- ray, please follow me," she said started exiting the room.

"Thank you."

The nurse blushed.

Kanda rolled his eyes.

Allen was left blissfully unaware.

"Oh," the nurse said just remembering, and turned to face Kanda who was helping Allen get up, "you filled out the Paperwork correct?"

Kanda nodded.

"Were you present during the accident?"

Kanda shook his head and the woman clicked the pen to jot down his answers.

"What is your name, sir?"


"Full name, please."

"Yu Kanda."

"Okay, and what is your relation to Allen, Yu?"

"One," Kanda snapped, "Don't call me Yu. Second, what do I look like? His fucking mother? I am Allen's boyfriend. And third, quit Checking the Moyashi out!" He practically shouted, and the nurse shrank back, looking sadly at Allen, she really had liked the boy.

"I am so sorry," Allen quickly apologized, smiling sympathetically at the woman, but glaring at Kanda, "He has a short temper is all, he's like that to everyone."

"Oh no, it's okay, I should have known," the woman said pushing her glasses farther up her nose, and turned around continuing down the hall.

They followed the nurse a small room, and she asked Allen to sit down and lift his leg onto the table. She then put a heavily lead blanket sheet thing on his leg, leaving his ankle and foot exposed. She then turned off the lights and placed a small rectangle by Allen's foot.

She took a photo, moved his foot and changed the location of the rectangle. She did this two more times and then smiled saying that they were done, lead them back to the original exam room, then left to get the pictures.

Allen noticed Kanda glaring around the room, and asked in a babying voice with his lower lip out, "What's wrong, mister Kanda?"

"I don't like her," He said darkly.

"Why not? She seemed nice to me."

"Too nice."


They waited for the nurse, who then returned, smiling placing the x-rays on the glowing board.

"Okay so if you look here, and here," she said pointing at the photo, "you will notice that the ankle has in fact been broken. We will have to put you in a cast for about six weeks, and then a brace for two," She smiled and continued, "The good thing is, you don't need to reset it. I'll go get the assistant who will give you the cast and your crutches. Have a nice day you two."

"Che." Kanda muttered.

"You too. Thank you," Allen said more politely. The nurse blushed despite herself, but smiled, leaving the room.


"Oh come on Kanda, I always have to deal with women fawning over you."


Allen rolled his eyes and waited for the assistant to come.

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