Scott was walking toward Chemistry when he felt his body being yanked into an empty classroom. He was about to swipe his claws defensively when a familiar scent tickled his nose and he relaxed. "What happened to you? You run off to fight Derek and then nothing! You didn't even get me a message yesterday."

Scott flinched at Allison's worry and tried to remember if he attempted to call her. He started to answer her question when Derek's voice rang in his ear about absolute secrecy. While he knew that Allison would never intentionally tell his secret, he wasn't sure it was a good idea for any of the Argent's to know right now, at least until he completed his training. "I'm okay." He gave her a reassuring smile and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "We fought, he won and I healed."

Allison pulled back, looking at him with accusation in her eyes. "What does that mean? I saw you getting out of his car this morning."

A weary sigh fell from his lips. "It means I am part of his pack."

"You said you were staying out of this, that you weren't taking sides." Her anger was instant and he fought the urge to step away from her.

"I didn't have much of a choice. I lost the fight and my wolf submitted." He took a deep breath and prepared for the battle he knew was coming, especially considering he couldn't reveal half of the events leading up to truly joining Derek's pack.

Allison shook her head in denial. "You still have a choice. You can stay away from Derek."

He could tell she was hurt, but he knew she would never get it, even if he could find the words to explain it to her. "It's not that simple." He searched her eyes looking for any understanding. "I'm bonded to the pack now, I can feel them." He placed his hand over his heart. "I can't just walk away, and I wouldn't want to even if I could." The lack of words to describe the feelings adequately left him fumbling. "I can't describe it, but I haven't felt this safe since I was bitten."

"But you aren't safe, you just walked into the middle of a war." Tears of frustration filled her eyes and spilled over her cheeks.

Scott reached up to touch her face, stopping his hand just inches from her cheek before he could give in to the temptation while they were in public. It was bad enough that anyone passing the classroom could see them. "I was already part of this war. Your family wants me dead and there is nothing I can say or do to make them like me." He frowned and dropped his hand. "At least this way I'm not facing your Grandfather's sword alone." He turned and walked away as the warning bell sounded, pausing with his hand on the knob. "I'm sorry this is hurting you, but I don't want to die, Allison. I'm only sixteen."



"You okay?"

Scott looked over at his lab partner and smiled hesitantly. "I got in a fight with Allison." His whisper was met with a grimace from Stiles.

"About the mystical mojo?"

Shaking his head furiously, Scott kicked Stiles in the shin and indicated for him to stop talking about it. "No that I joined Derek's pack."

"Ahh," Stiles rubbed his leg and scowled at the bruise he knew would be there soon. "So not talking about the rest then. Got it." Before he could inquire anymore, Harris breezed in the room with a stack of papers.

"Clear your desks. You can have a writing utensil and a calculator." He started handing out the papers with a manic glee.

Scott started dumbly at his friend. "What's going on?"

"Dude, where have you been? It's the Chem midterm." Stiles looked over at Scott finding a deer in headlights look glazed in his eyes. "Relax, just do the Neo thing. You'll be fine."

"Right." Scott took a deep breath and felt sweat beading on his forehead.

A paper was slapped in front of him with an amused snort from his teacher. "Better hope you pass this one, McCall, or you're mine for another year."

A shiver ran up his spine as he grabbed his pen and his calculator from his bag. The words on the page meant nothing to him and Scott wanted to scream. Taking a panicked breath, he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the lockers. Flinging the door open on his Chem locker, Scott tried to sift through all the papers to find something about covalent bonds that wouldn't make him sound like an idiot. As soon as the manifested papers were in his hands, he started to feel the information coming back to him. His body relaxed and he opened his eyes to see that fifteen minutes had already passed and he didn't have a single answer on his paper. Grimacing, he grabbed his pen and started working his way through the exam as quickly as he could.

Stiles put a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder as they walked out of the classroom an hour later. "I'm sure you passed."

"I hope so. I'd rather not be a permanent sophomore." Scott kicked at a chunk of dirt on the floor and shuffled along to his locker. Thankful that it was his last class, Scott looked forward to being anywhere but at school. "You want to come over and hang out?"

"I thought you had to work." Stiles frowned at his friend.

Scott took a second to figure out what day it was before cursing and sprinting for the door. "You're right, I'm late. Call you later." Stiles rolled his eyes as he watched his friend dodge bodies and run into the woods behind the school towards the short cut to the clinic.

It took Scott ten minutes to run the three miles to work and he mentally applauded the wolf's enhanced speed. Skidding to a stop, he calmed his breathing and straightened his clothes before walking into the building. "Sorry I'm late, I forgot it was Wednesday."

Dr. Deacon smiled at his young apprentice and gestured to the clock on the wall. "You're right on time."

Scott relaxed and dropped his book bag behind the check in counter. "What are we doing today?" He pulled off his jacket and followed the vet into an exam room where a four year old boxer was lying on the table.

"Brutus here has a cyst that needs to be drained on his leg." Deacon ran his hand over the anesthetized dog's flank.

Scott nodded and started gathering supplies that would be needed for the procedure as his boss watched on with an approving smile. When he handed Deacon the syringe, the other man gasped as Scott's skin made contact. "What is it? Is something wrong?"

"No." Deacon smiled. "You accepted your wolf."

Scott felt his stomach lurch into his throat. "How do you know that?"

"It's a gift." His attention turned back to Brutus as he inserted the needle into the abcess and began his work. "How did Derek take it when he found out you were a shaman?"

"Um, stalkerish?" The turn of the questions from his human mentor was odd and Scott wasn't sure how to handle the conversation. He knew that Deacon had been around werewolves, even treated them, but he wasn't sure how the man could just suddenly know he was a werewolf witch doctor. "I did join his pack, so I think that helps." It was nice to have someone to talk to that didn't require a trip to another realm.

"Has he started scenting you yet?" Deacon smiled at his assistant, amused by his exasperation.

Scott took the instruments from table when the minor procedure was done and started the cleaning process. "What is up with that? He doesn't do it to any of the others?"

Deacon seemed to take a minute to organize his thoughts. "Do you know what happens when you touch someone now that you've accepted the wolf?"

"I take away pain, you already taught me that." As he carried Brutus' oversized body to the holding pen, he looked up at his boss, suspecting that this conversation wasn't going to bring good news.

"I think we might need to have another talk." He gestured for his office and waited until they were both comfortably seated before he continued. "My family comes from a long line of Native American shamans." He smiled at a far off memory. "Like you, we combine faith and herbs to heal the sick and injured, but unlike you, I have no real supernatural powers beyond the properties of the herbs I use." He gestured to Scott. "As a shaman I am more sensitive to the supernatural around me, even if I can't use the power. I could tell the second you handed me the syringe what you were because you give off an aura of peace." He smiled knowingly. "I'm guessing, despite his controlling nature, that Derek has been less hostile since this happened?"

Scott frowned, thinking back over the last two days and found himself agreeing with the statement. "Yeah I guess. But what does this have to do with smelling like him."

"Werewolves don't need to touch you to feel that tranquility. Anyone within two hundred yards of you is going to be able to sense it and know you are a shaman." Deacon leaned back in his chair, tapping gently on his desk. "Derek has survived ten years of pain and loss. I would imagine that the feelings of peace and wellbeing, of home, that he gets around you are such a relief that he would fight to the death to hang on to them. If you reek of your alpha, no werewolf outside your pack will come within a mile of you."

"So they won't be able to tell that I'm a shaman."

The veterinarian nodded, patting Scott's shoulder as he passed him on his way out the room. A sense of stillness washed over the older man at the contact and he smirked. "It also has the benefit of scaring off potential mates."

"What?" Scott chased his boss down the hall to get clarification on the comment but was interrupted by the phone. Cursing, he changed course and ran back to the front desk, spilling out the professional greeting required.

"Where have you been? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago."

Scott flinched at the anger in his mother's voice. "I was?"

"Yes! You have an appointment with Dr. Grady. We talked about this yesterday." Scott flinched. He didn't need the appointment, considering the bite healed his lungs, but he couldn't tell his mother that, which meant he had to keep his semiannual appointment with his pulmonary specialist.

"I'm sorry. I forgot." Despite what Hythor said, he had been forgetting a lot of things today. While his school work was better, his every day life was falling apart. He wondered if maybe the lockers weren't the best solution. As soon as he locked the thoughts away they were gone until he opened the door again. He needed to talk to Hythor about it again. "I'll be there in a few minutes." Hanging up on his mother before she could screech at him again, Scott ran down the hall and let Dr. Deacon know about the appointment.

"That's fine, Scott. I'll see you tomorrow for the Gresley surgery." Scott nodded and grabbed his book bag, sprinting out the door and almost smashing into Derek.

"You left without me."

Scott felt his body slam against the brick of the clinic wall and groaned. "I forgot okay! I'm forgetting everything today." He pushed Derek off him and scurried around the car. "You can yell at me on the way to the hospital so I can go to this appointment I don't need."

Derek snarled and wrenched open his door, climbing behind the wheel. "How could you forget?" His growl matched the roar of the engine and Scott flinched at his anger.

He turned to start defending his case when he caught the emotions pouring off the alpha. He was baffled by the all consuming worry the Derek was masking with anger. "I've been forgetting everything today. I don't know what I did, but somehow when I started sorting my thoughts I locked them away completely. I don't know." He rubbed anxiously at his hair. "I'll talk to Hythor tonight during training." Derek settled slightly but Scott could still hear his heart rate was elevated. Nervously, he reached out to touch the alpha's wrist, recoiling at Derek's snarl. Scott closed his eyes and took a centering breath before wrapping his hand around the flesh, regardless of the warning. Immediately Derek's heart rate calmed and his body relaxed into the seat.

"What are you doing?" Derek's voice signaled irritation but his biometric rhythms told a different story. The fear, pain and anger that had been driving him since the fire were suddenly gone.

"I'm not really sure. Dr. Deacon said that I can calm people down by touching them, I figured you needed it." The teen rubbed his palms on his knees and turned his eyes in embarrassment.

Derek gave a distracted nod, unwilling to admit how well it worked. "Don't touch anyone."

Scott started to protest before he snapped his mouth shut, realizing that this was probably another way of telling him not to expose his new abilities to anyone. "I'll try." The rest of the ride to the hospital was made in silence and Scott didn't even bother to ask if Derek was waiting for him. He crawled out of the car, and dragged his feet toward the nurses station so he could be screamed at by his mother for being irresponsible.



Derek sat anxiously in the car while he waited for Scott to finish talking to the doctor. Whatever the trick Scott tried earlier was wearing off and all the pent up feelings were washing over him in waves, especially being this far away from the shaman. He was worried about the kid. Scott seemed genuinely freaked out when he found him at the vet's office and Derek wanted to be able to fix it because no matter how hard they tried Scott just couldn't seem to catch a break. Sighing, he turned his energy inward, checking on the emotional wellbeing of the rest of his pack. Isaac was bored, Erica felt exasperated and Boyd was amused but he sensed no trouble from them. Scott on the other hand, for all the tranquility his new shaman status was supposed to bring, felt like he would burst from the feelings of stress boiling inside. Frowning he picked up his phone and dialed Isaac's number. "What happened today?"

Isaac didn't even pretend not to understand what he was asking. "He had a fight with Allison about you." Derek cursed. "He seemed really out of it today, too. Like he kept forgetting things."

Derek let out a grumble of disapproval. At least Scott had told him part of the story unprompted, but they would have to talk about Allison. He needed to know if he told her anything. If he was lucky, Scott would end things with the hunter's progeny and all would be right with his world, unfortunately, karma hated Derek.



"Well, the new medication is obviously working." Scott rolled his eyes behind the doctor's back as he took credit for the unexplained recovery of the werewolf's lungs.

"I haven't been taking it."

The confession brought a gasp from his mother. "What?"

"I haven't taken anything in four months. I just stopped needing it." He shrugged as if this little detail wasn't going to freak his mother out. "I didn't want you to keep paying for it when I didn't need it." Scott could see the doctor's frustration that he couldn't take credit for the miraculous turn around.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Melissa glared at his son and he flinched.

"I told you I didn't need to come here again." He gestured toward the doctor in case his mother had any question as to what he was referring. "You didn't believe me."

She studied him as if he were a sample under a microscope. "We'll talk more about this later."

Dr. Grady, with the wind firmly knocked from his sails, turned back to Scott. "Well, given your test results and the fact you haven't been taking any medication, I will agree to take you off the preventative inhaler." Scott cocked his head at the M.D.'S arrogance. "But you should still carry your rescue inhaler with you at all times. If you are incident free at your next appointment then we will talk about taking you off medication completely."

"Great, can I get out of here? I have a midterm tomorrow." Scott was already hopping off the table and pulling on his shirt.

"Scott!" Melissa wasn't sure what was going on but her son never behaved with anything other then cooperation during these visits.

"Sorry, Mom, but it's Economics and I need every second I can get." He grabbed his bag and kissed her on the cheek as he dashed out the door, leaving her to deal with the irritated doctor. At least he was studying, that was a welcomed change.

"Anything new?" Derek looked over at his passenger as Scott secured his seatbelt.

"The doctor took credit for my lungs healing." He shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes as the car rolled out of the parking lot.

"What happened with Allison?"

"Freaking watch dogs." Scott snarled and debated telling Derek to pull over and let him out but he knew it would never happen. "She didn't take it well when I told her I joined your pack."

"And the rest?"

There was no mistaking Derek's question whether he told Allison about his new position in the realm of werewolves. "No."

Derek could tell the conversation was ratcheting up his tension level. "You okay?"

"Fine." Scott sighed and fought down the smart remark, feeling nothing but genuine concern coming from the alpha. "I just need to get through these exams and figure out a way to stop forgetting everything around me. I'll be lucky if I passed Chem and I have Econ tomorrow. I'm failing both."

Derek growled at the reminder. "Talk to Hythor first. It's no use trying to study if you aren't going to have access to the information."

Scott sighed heavily and nodded. "I have to get to the spirit plane." He rubbed a hand through his hair and tried to calm his frazzled mind.

"I'll figure out how to bring you back in two hours." Derek pulled into the driveway and climbed out of the car, not waiting for Scott to follow. He sniffed the air for any unknown people in the vicinity and entered the house, listening for intruders. Satisfied that the house was empty, he opened the fridge and dug around for something dinner worthy. Scott grabbed a granola bar and continued upstairs to start his meditation. Derek remained in the kitchen munching on a ham sandwich as Scott moved around his room, dropping his bag and getting comfortable. When he felt the shaman's link close off, he knew that Scott was successful and he turned to the tasks he wanted to get done that evening before the light faded. He walked out to the car and grabbed his bag from the hardware store and set about changing the locks on the windows to make them more secure. It wouldn't stop someone who really wanted to get in and was willing to break the glass, but they would give him a warning if they were attacked.



"You're earlier than I expected." Hythor sat on his log and waited for Scott to sit down.

"I need to study tonight but I think I screwed something up. I was sorting my thoughts just like you told me but I was forgetting things all day that I shouldn't have."

Hythor smiled reassuringly at Scott's obvious feelings of failure. "You didn't screw up." He laughed. "You did the job too well." He stood signaling for the boy to join him. "Come, show me to your construct."

Scott tilted his head to the side and frowned. "How?"

"We are in your mind, Scott. If you wish to be there, we will be there." The student scrunched his eyes closed and pictured the locker room. "Well done, Little Healer." Hythor smiled and walked around the room, investigating the lockers that were already marked and locked shut, as well as the empty areas. "This will do very well for future work." He noticed boxes in the corner with papers leaking out of them. "These are your free thoughts?"

"Yeah," He kicked at the floor in embarrassment. "I was going to finish with those tonight."

"You have progressed much further than I thought you would, so stop kicking yourself." Hythor walked over to the first bank of lockers. "The problem you're having is that you are filing all your thoughts, even your daily tasks and they are getting locked away with their respective categories. In that case you can only get to them if you are thinking about the topic you filed them under. He smiled and raised his hand to a locker. When he lowered it again a sign saying daily crap was taped to the front of a large locker. Scott snickered thinking it was a very Stiles thing to write. "From now on put the items that you need constant access to in this locker. You can quickly store them away when you need complete focus for healing or meditating. You just have to open the door before you leave here and you will be able to remember them without having to come here first."

Scott relaxed, letting his body drop onto one of the benches. "I can work with that."

"Go study young one, I will see you in two days. You will be finished by then and we can start working on the steps necessary to heal your friend." Hythor put a comforting hand on Scott's head and ruffled his hair. "You are doing exceptionally well. You are far surpassing most born shaman."

"Thank you." Scott closed his eyes and let the frustration of the day flow out of his mind, relaxing into his bed as he came back to reality.

"You're feeling better." Derek gave him an approving look from his sentry post at Scott's door. "Hythor help?"

"Yes." The younger wolf stretched his arms and sat up enough to grab his bag. "Do you need anything before I start studying?"

Derek smirked, knowing that the offer was hollow. "No." Shifting his weight off the door, he disappeared as silently as he arrived, leaving Scott to curse the boring theories of Adam Smith.