Tsuna's Life is NEVER normal. When he and his friends go to a shrine, poor Tsuna falls into a well… and in the other side of the well, he meets some odd people who is wearing oddly. "HIEEE!"

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~Chapter One: Life is Never Normal~

"Hey Tsuna I wonder what that is?" Yamamoto looked in a well.

"I don't think we should be in this area of the shrine Takeshi…" Tsuna said.

"Juudaime, I agree with him!" Gokudera exclaimed.

But when they were going to leave Tsuna tripped over something and fell into the well. "HIEEEE!"



~Other Side~

"INUYASHA! SIT BOY!" Kagome yelled as Inuyasha got pissed off.

"HIIEEEEEEEE!" Screamed Tsuna as he popped out of the well. "Where am I?"

Everyone who was sitting near the well was in a defensive position. "That's… a human…" Someone with long white hair said.

"How odd." Said a pervert monk.

"Who are you people…" asked Tsuna. "Where am I? This place doesn't look like home!" Tsuna was near crying. Ha If he was 2 years younger he would have been crying.

"Who am I? WHO ARE YOU!" screamed Inuyasha.

"SIT BOY!" yelled a girl. "Hello. My name is Kagome! You are?"

"Sawada Vongola Tsunayoshi." replied Tsuna. Reborn forced Tsuna to add Vongola in his name.




"Hai…" Tsuna sweat dropped.

"How did a person get over here?" asked Shippo. Shippo was a small little demon with a cute fluffy tail.

"I don't know… I kinda… fell in a well…." Tsuna sighed. He knew he doesn't have a normal life. But this was over the top.

"Well what odd clothing." added Miroku. "Kagome, he must be from your time!"

"You noticed now?" Inuyasha commented.