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Chapter 1. "I was everybody's fool."

I looked around and surveyed the carnage in front of me. Flaming trees that lit up the night blinded me. I looked up at the stars and wondered, was my brother in Heaven yet? Would they let him in? I shivered. He had done some terrible things, but he changed, surely they had to let him in.

"Is it really over . . . ?" I murmured quietly to myself. I had prepared 11 years for this. 11 short years, that now seemed like a lifetime ago. Now it was over, it was all over and I didn't know what to do now. Heh . . . "now" and "over", I seem to be sayin' that a lot.

What else can I say? I remember that I had been so scared I considered running away. Then again, if I did I couldn't have saved my best friend, a saiyan with black hair spikey and swept up like a flame named Vegeta. But he might not thank me, all saiyans fight, and a blinded one couldn't. I remembered all the things we used to do. Good times and bad. I flicked my tail with sadness I couldn't hide. My brother, Raditz was dead, he had long, jet-black, jagged hair that reached his knees, I always wondered how it never seemed to get in his way.

"That hair'll be the death of 'em." Freeza would always say in his raspy, muted voice

"How do you know?" I retorted one day. "My hair sticks out on crazy directions, why do you only make fun of his?"

Freeza twitched his long, whiter-than-snow tail, crossed his arms that had violet markings on the forearms, and chuckled, "A little jealous of him, are we?"

"No, I'm just tired of you making fun of the way he looks!" He smirked with his black lips, given an even more creepy appeal due to the fact that he was completely snow colored, except for the top of his head, shoulders, center chest, forearms and shins that seemed to have a large, reflective, violet, polished stones embedded in the skin. His scarlet eyes seemed always to glow eerily. But still, he taught me how to really fight, and I respected him, even if his soul was full of rotten meat. . . .

I remember when I met Freeza, that day changed my life forever. But for a memory so recent, I can't remember if I found him or if he found me. He was wearing just a pair of jeans, even though it was about 33 degrees outside. His tail draped over my shoulders and he leaned up to get as close to my face as he could.

"Roshi taught you the Kamehameha, did he?" he practically purred, "But I can teach you Super Nova, a technique that will destroy all life."

I wasn't too sure at first, "A warrior shows mercy!" I spat.


He growled, "No, a fighter does that, a warrior kills enemies."

When I opened my mouth to protest, the tip of his tail slapped across my mouth, and at the same time he added hastily, "If need be of course."

He removed his tail, and I turned to walk away he flashed in front of my path and twined his tail, which was 2 times longer than his height (only four feet), around my body. "Think about it, Kakarrotto, your friends, everyone would thank you, the fighter you are is good, but I can make it better, I could make you a warrior, I could teach you all the things your old master wouldn't, or couldn't, for he was . . ." he half growled, half purred the last word," weak . . . ."

I almost went for it there, as I said before, his voice is raspy, rough, smothered, and unpleasant. But his tone was sincere, persuasive. I snapped back to the present and pushed the thought away. "I don't answer to my saiyan name anymore, not from you, not from anyone." I shoved past him.

"Wait, wait!"

I kept walking.

"How would you like the ultimate challenge?" I froze. Damn. He knew how I like to spend my free time.

"I guess I've gotten your attention now." I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. Damnit, damnit, damnit, the bastard really can get into your head and screw around in there. He then explained to me about a battle, coming in the foreseeable future.

"You will fight!" he finished triumphantly. "With me, you, and Vegeta on our side those sons of bitches will back to hell where they came from!"


He gave me a funny look. "Yes, Vegeta. How many other Vegetas do you know?"

A familiar face sounded nice, but I hadn't seen Vegeta for four years at least. Trunks had come back here alone three years ago at the time. Why he did that I could never understand. "Will Bulma be there . . .?" I asked mildly, as if I could've cared less. I still don't know why I did it that way, now that I think about it, I guess I didn't want to look soft in the eyes of a king. Yes- Freeza is the king of his people- or he is now. At the time his father, King Cold, ruled the kingdom, and Freeza's older brother, Cooler, was heir, but I'll get to that later.

His smug grin grew wider. "Of course, she is Vegeta's wife, after all." He signed dramatically. "Shame the boy didn't stay, what was his name . . ." he cocked his head to one side and pretended to think. "Oh yes! Trunks. The little shit. . . ."

"Hey! He's a good kid!" I roared in his defense.

"Yes, yes, maybe so, maybe so . . . ." he tsked. "But what kind of 'good kid' leaves his own parents?"

I seething at this point, and you're probably why I left with a person like this, but he seemed to draw all the light to him in the forest, the clearing we were standing, I mean. Power radiated off of him, making it hard to stand your ground.

Anyway, I was seething at this point, my breath billowed in the air like smoke. It was strange how he made me so angry with one comment about a kid I barely knew all that well. Huh. . . .

"Pity" he rested his cheek on his pale, icy hand and looked up at the sky as if he were longing for something. "He had great power, but had no clue in his spoiled little mind on how to use it except for himself."

I lunged for him, but he disappeared with undeniable speed. "Where are you?" I roared at the top of my lungs as I looked around wildly. Freeza reappeared inches in front of my face, his lips almost touching mine.

I jolted back in slight terror. He laughed wildly as his breath came out like a dragon's smoke. I shuddered uncontrollably, I then regained my senses and pull my fist back to aim an uppercut in his lower ab. He stopped and scowled, and caught my fist as I thrust it forward. He smirked like any saiyan, and I froze in his gaze. He then curled back his free fist and the last coherent thought that crossed my mind was, "DAMNIT!"

The next hour or so was a blur of pain. I looked to one side and there he was, I looked to the other side and he was there in a fraction of a second. My blood ran cold as it poured out of me, now Freeza had on strange, metallic, armored, silvered gloves with metallic looking claws. They lashed at me, my abdomen stung with pain as it was sliced open mercilessly and I tasted blood.

I basically came too underneath him, he straddled my stomach and one of his hands grip the front of my shirt.

He pulled back his free hand and slapped me almost playfully. "You can't beat me, fighter." He pulled his face all-too-close to my own, "Come with me dear, and I will teach you all you need to know. The moves you just saw, and many, many"- he lingered over the word slightly-"more. . . ."

He licked his lips and grinned wildly, "What do you say? The more you know the better, and I can teach more than you could ever dream."

I gasped for air, trying to say yes, he weighed less than 100 pounds, but now it felt like 100 tons on my chest as I lay there in defeat. So I nodded weakly.

"Yes!" he bellowed. "Follow me! Quickly now!" he swung his leg over my head and pulled me to my feet.

And that was the day I met Freeza.

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