Rachel apprehensively walked up the cement stairs that lead to the crisp white front door. Her fist hovered along the wood, wondering if she should even be here at all. This wasn't something Rachel was familiar with but she heard some of the glee girls talking in the gym locker room earlier that afternoon. Biting her lip, Rachel let her hand rap on the door three times. There was some shouting and rustling behind the door as Rachel waited for it to open. When all went silent, the door opened.

"Rachel? Hi, honey." Shelby said, surprised to see her daughter on her door step.

"Can I come in?" Rachel asked. Shelby nervously peered behind her, glancing into the livingroom. "It's okay. I know."

"What?" Shelby questioned.

"I heard Santana, Brittany and Quinn talking in the locker room after gym today." Rachel replied, fiddling with her fingers. "I was kinda thinking, well wondering if maybe I could, you know, come over here too?"

"You want too?" Shelby's eyes widened. At Rachel's nod, Shelby motioned for Rachel to walk into the foyer. "We can talk more in my office. Um, but could you excuse me first? I need to let the girls know I will be a moment."

"Okay." Rachel said.

"You can wait for me in there. It's the second door on the right."

"Okay." Rachel repeated.

Shelby watched as the 16-year-old headed off to wait in the office. Once the door was closed, Shelby turned to the three heads peering around the corner. She smiled comfortingly at the girls and ushered them to sit on the couch.

"Momma?" Quinn asked, twisting a lock of her long blonde hair around her finger. "Is Rachel gonna be like us?"

"She in Momma offdice." Santana said. "No one apossed to be in dere unless dey wanna be yike us."

"Momma isn't sure if Rachel is gonna join our little family." Shelby answered. "

"I don't want Rachel to be in our fammy." Brittany folded her arms with a huff.

"We accept anyone into our family." Shelby sternly told the girl. "If Rachel needs a family and wants us to be that, we need to be kind to her and let her in with open arms."

"No!" Brittany shouted.

"Young lady, that is quite enough." Shelby glared. "One more out burst and you will be sent to the corner."

"Sorry." Brittany murmured. She hated the corner. Especially when Shelby spanked her first.

"Apology accepted." Shelby smiled, cupping Brittany's cheek. She then sat back to speak to all three. "I need you all to stay in the livingroom and watch cartoons while I talk to Rachel."

"It my turn to pick movie!" Brittany lunged off the couch and over to the rack that held the massive collection of DVDs.

"No it me turn!" Santana cried out. "Momma! It no her turn!"

"It's Britty's turn stupid!" Quinn said, giving Santana a shove away from the movies.

"Ow! Momma." Santana cried out, holding her knee.

"Quinn Elizabeth Corcoran!" Shelby chastised. "You get in that corner right now! You do not push your sister."

Quinn thought about defying her mother but Shelby wasn't messing around. She knew she had better listen. With just a little hint of an attitude, Quinn marched over to the corner and began her time out. Shelby knelt down next to Santana and kissed her boo-boo all better.

"She call me toopid momma." Santana whimpered.

"You're not stupid, baby." Shelby kissed her forehead. Standing up, Shelby pulled Santana to her feet and led her over to the couch. "You two better play nice with Santana." Shelby said, knowing the two liked to gang up on the brunette. "Quinn, you can come off of time out when the timer goes off."

Shelby set the timer and left the room after the movie was started. Closing the french doors that led to the livingroom, Shelby shakily walked down the hall to her office. Rachel was sitting in one of the guest chairs and Shelby opted to sit next to her instead of in her office chair.

"So, how does...this work?" Rachel asked, starting the conversation. "I mean, what age do I have to be?"

"Whatever age you want to be." Shelby answered. "Basically, you pick an age and act that way. We meet up every day after school from 5:30 to 9pm, that way everyone can still attend glee and since the girls have cheerleading in the morning, it all works out."

"Okay." Rachel said.

"Rach, are you sure you want to do this?" Shelby asked.

"I'm sure." Rachel nodded. "I know you had a hard time accepting me being an adult and that's why you left me but when I heard the girls talking about this role play thing, I thought maybe it could kinda give us both what we want. I can have my mom and you can have me as a kid and maybe then you can learn to love me as the real me."

"Rachel, I do love you. I haven't told you but I do." Shelby said, touching her knee.

"So you'll let me do this too?"

"If you really want too, I am perfectly fine with it." Shelby smiled and glanced at her watch. "It's only 6:30, you could start today or if you'd rather wait until tomorrow."

"Today." Rachel replied. "I'd like to start today."

"Alright then." Shelby said, standing up and going over to a bookshelf full of storage bins, each marked with different ages. "So, um, decide what age you want to be and pick the according bin. Inside are toys, blankets and other things. Take out what you want and if you don't see something you'd like, let me know and I will go shopping tomorrow before you get here."

Shelby looked to Rachel when the girl didn't say anything. Rachel was nervously twisting the hem of her skirt in her hands. Shelby has seen this plenty of times before in dealing with the three cheerleaders in the room down the hall. Shelby had met Santana just a few months ago at Sectionals, New Direction's first performance, and the Latina learned that Shelby use to be an age play therapist while trying to earn money on the side while living in New York. It took Santana nearly a month to confront Shelby and ask if she could help her out.

When Santana was three, her dad abandoned her family. Her mom fell into a deep depression and locked herself away in her room or disappeared for days at a time. Her siblings, three brothers and a sister, were ages 10, 14, 16, and 18 at the time. She was obviously too little to really remember much but Santana always felt trapped as a toddler. When asked by Shelby what age she wanted to be, that was the age Santana picked. After Santana started visiting Shelby after school, her friendship with Quinn and Brittany faltered. The two confronted their friend about where she was going and why they weren't hanging out as much. Santana was nervous about their reactions but knew she could trust her secret with her friends.

Quinn was the next to join the growing family. She had decided upon being age seven. A part of Shelby's therapy, included three one on one sessions a month with Shelby in which the teenagers could have their own therapy sessions with her. Mostly it was to see the progress that was being made with the age play and to give them their own special time to speak with Shelby about anything that was bothering them. Shelby tried to discuss why Quinn chose to be age seven but after three months, the girl didn't offer much up. Shelby knew something was hidden beneath Quinn's half assed reasonings but figured eventually, Quinn would open up.

The middle child title went to Brittany, who spent her time at Shelby's house being age 5. Brittany really didn't have a reason for wanting to do age play, she mostly just wanted to be around Santana. Slowly the blonde really came to enjoy pretending to be younger.

"It's okay to be scared and nervous. Everyone is for the first week or so but once you start doing it enough, it'll come easier to you."

"It's not that, I mean I am nervous about doing it right but that's not what's bugging me."

"Then what is?"

"I'm not exactly liked by Quinn and them. In fact they have made it their life's goal to give me hell. I've been slushied, had my backpack tossed into the lunchroom trash can, there's a four page list of names they've called me."

"Don't you go worrying about them." Shelby said. She really felt bad for Rachel that the girls had treated her so poorly. Maybe joining the sessions would help the four girls to learn more about each other and get along outside of age play too. "I don't allow any misbehavior, teasing, or bullying. You're safe here."

After a little more talking, Shelby left Rachel again to let the teen decide on which age she wanted to be. Rachel sorted through each of the boxes that were under age two. The whole point of this was to give Shelby what she never had, baby Rachel. It wasn't the same as having Rachel from the very beginning but Rachel thought it might give the woman some closer on the past so they could have a future. Reaching into the box marked with the youngest age, Rachel pulled out a bottle, pacifier, and blanket. Tucking the bottle into the blanket, Rachel hugged the blanket to her and held the pacifier in her fist. Walking out of the office, Rachel heard the giggles and shrieks of her new sisters.

Quinn and Brittany were sitting on the floor, playing with Barbies, while Santana was curled at her mom's feet getting her long hair braided. Shelby saw Rachel standing at the door and beamed her a bright smile. Rachel felt a bit more comfortable and climbed onto the couch, maintaining a distance from Shelby. There was still an eerie tense about them but Rachel had hope that it would pass soon.

"Momma." Santana whined, looking up at Shelby. "I hungy."

"I suppose I could start dinner." Shelby said out loud.

She pushed herself off the couch and walked towards the kitchen, stepping over the gate that kept the girls out of the room. Rachel looked over at her three classmates and back towards where Shelby was. Being with Shelby sounded like the better option. Getting off the couch, Rachel walked over to the gate and went to step over it.

"You can't do that." Quinn stated with her hands on her hips in a diva like fashion.

"Why not?" Rachel asked, furrowing her brow.

"Go into the kitchen when the gate is up and you can't talk like an adult because you're a baby." Quinn told her.

"But I want to go by Shelby." Rachel replied.

"Her name Momma." Santana corrected. "You haveta call her Momma."

"If you're gonna play, you have to do it right." Brittany replied in a snarky tone of voice.

Rachel felt like she wasn't wanted and decided maybe it was best to leave. She just hoped she could get Shelby to want to be her mom, in Rachel's eyes this was the only way. Rachel walked over to the couch and collected the blanket, pacifier, and bottle and headed for the office.

"Momma!" Quinn shouted. "Rachel's going into your office!"

Rachel sighed and dropped the items on one of the office chairs and hurried for the front door. She saw Shelby coming out of the kitchen and quickly made her way to her car but the sound of the door shutting for the second time, stopped her from slipping into her car.

"Rachel?" Shelby called, making sure Rachel had fully decided to not get into her car. She stood next to the car and placed her hand on the door. "I get that maybe this wasn't what you thought it was going to be and it's not something you want to do anymore. And while I hope that you and I can talk about our relationship, there needs to be a confidential policy. Those girls in their trust me to keep their secrets safe. All of them, including and especially the child age play. What you saw and heard in there needs to stay in there."

"It's not that I don't want to do this." Rachel started. "I, I know that Quinn and them are doing this because they missed out on their childhoods or maybe they didn't have the greatest mom. I understand it more than I did when I first came here. They get to make up for what was lost and since I didn't get to have the typical childhood or have a mom back then, I want to do this. Yeah it's totally weird but it's almost comforting."

"If you want to do this, why are you leaving?"

"I'm not sure what to do." Rachel answered. "I know how baby's act but I don't know how as a 16-year-old, to act like a baby."

"It's not easy the first few times. It took Santana a week to get into her role. especially since she is so domineering as an adult. Quinn and Brittany were both nervous but having Santana already comfortable in it, made it easier on them. You and the girls may not be friends but they know not to pick on you about age play out of fear of people finding out about them doing it. At some point, you'll be comfortable enough to let go and be a baby."

"I know." Rachel sighed.

"Do you want to come back in and give it a try?" Shelby asked and noticed Rachel was still a bit hesitant. "Do you think a little help from me will make things easier?"

"Maybe." Rachel shrugged.

"We'll see how it goes and if you end up wanting to leave early, you can."

"Okay." Rachel nodded.

"Come on." Shelby said, taking a hold of Rachel's hand.

Shelby opened the front door and held out her hand.

"What?" Rachel questioned.

"I take everyone's keys and cell phone."

"Oh." Rachel handed over the two items and watched as Shelby placed them on a shelf next to the front door. She noticed her classmates' keys were hung up too along with their phones.

"Momma?" Brittany asked, walking up to the two. "Is Rachel gonna get spanked cuz she went into your office and left the house without permission?"

"No. Rachel is too little to get spanked." Shelby replied, much to Rachel's relief. Never has Rachel been spanked and she didn't want to ever be spanked.

"How old is she?" Quinn asked, curiously.

"She's 10 months old." Shelby answered judging by the items Rachel had been seen with earlier.

"But Rachel was bad, how come she not getting punished?" Brittany asked.

"Rachel was just nervous about her first day here. She knows she was wrong and next time will get punished." Shelby replied. "Now, I need to finish dinner so Quinn, I need you to keep an eye on your sisters. Brittany help Quinn with Santana, okay?"

"What about Rachel?" Quinn asked.

"I'm gonna take her into the kitchen with me for now." Shelby said.

Rachel was surprised when Shelby lifted her up and placed her on her hip but after a second, Rachel wrapped her fingers in Shelby's shirt to keep her balance.

"What about my stuff?" Rachel asked, wondering if she needed the items she had returned to the office.

"Right." Shelby snapped her finger. Shelby carried Rachel into the office and picked up the things with her free hand. "When we leave this office, you have to remember that you are a baby. No adult talk."

"Okay." Rachel nodded.

"Anytime that you want to talk as an adult, tap your lips with your finger to let me know."

"Okay." Rachel repeated again.

"Ready to go out there?" Shelby asked.

"Yes but I do have one question."

"What's that?"

"Will I always have to be 10 months old or do I age?"

"You'll age every year on your birthdate. Part of this therapy is to deal with whatever happened or whatever was missed out on at a specific age and how to keep going on with your life after. Well at least until you feel you don't need it anymore, than you become an adult. It could be a few months or a few years, just depends."

"Gotcha." Rachel said.

"Good. Here ya go." Shelby said handing Rachel her pink pacifier. Rachel slowly put it in her mouth and began sucking. "That's my girl."

Rachel grinned around her pacifier at her mom. Shelby gave Rachel a little squeeze and carried her out of the office and into the kitchen, passing her older sisters on the way. Shelby placed Rachel on the kitchen floor so she could pull out the high chair she used on Santana when the girl refuses to sit at the table like a big girl. Shelby cleaned of the tray to be safe before going over to Rachel and scooping her up. Rachel didn't fuss one bit as Shelby strapped her in and locked the tray in place. Rachel slapped her hands on the tray, letting her mom know she was hungry and wanted food.

"No, no, Rachie." Shelby shook her head with a serious look but inside she was smiling at the fact that Rachel was easing into her role fairly well. "That's too loud."

"Nah!" Rachel babbled, slapping the tray once more.

"Don't tell me no." Shelby said, putting down the spoon and placing her hands on her hips.

Rachel, still dealing with the hell her mother had put her through, decided to not make things so easy on Shelby. Taking the pacifier from her mouth, Rachel threw it across the room.


"That's it." Shelby said, picking up the pacifier. "You don't get this back until later."

"Nahhhhhh!" Rachel screeched, upset as she kicked her feet and flailed her arms.

"Rachel Barbra Corcoran, you stop right now!" Shelby demanded. Rachel, shocked to hear her mother's last name instead of Berry, stopped her temper tantrum. Shelby had begun this little family, deciding that while they were all here, Corcoran would be everyone's last name. "Good girl. If you act badly again, you are gonna go on time out."

Rachel sunk back into her high chair and stayed calm while dinner was finished up. Shelby turned off the burners and let the meal sit for a moment while she grabbed three kiddie plates and utensils. Rachel watched as Shelby moved about preparing the plates for the older girls. Shelby placed the plates at the designated spots for the girls. Returning to the stove, Shelby made one more plate but didn't cut it up. After the drinks were poured and three cups and one sippy cup were placed at the table, Shelby called for her daughters to join them at the table.

"Uppie!" Santana squealed, wiggling her fingers at her mom, begging for her to pick her up.

"Say please." Shelby said.

"Please!" Santana replied.

Shelby picked up the girl and lifted her over the baby gate and over to her booster seat. Shelby got Santana settled and unlatched the gate for Quinn and Brittany. Once everyone was settled at the table, Shelby sat down and began to separate a small portion of food to the side. Using her fork, Shelby scooped up a little bit of mashed potatoes and held them out for Rachel to eat. Being a vegan, Rachel moved her head away from the offered fork.

"Don't worry, baby, momma used soy milk." Shelby said and Rachel happily opened her mouth, accepting the food.

"Ewwwwwwwww." Quinn cried out.

"Knock it off. You eat soy milk in your food all the time and you don't have a problem." Shelby said, shushing the girl. Turning back to Rachel, she got a small chuck of lightly mushed broccoli on her fork and fed it to the girl.

Rachel was hungry and was growing tired of being slowly fed between Shelby's bites of her own food. Smacking the tray, Rachel fussed and whined for the fork.

"Just hold on, baby girl. Mommy is getting you yours." Shelby calmly said, hoping to calm the upset girl. Holding a piece of mashed potato in front of Rachel's mouth, Rachel moved her head away and shouted nah. Snaking her arm out, she gripped the fork and pulled. "No, Rachel."

"Nahhhh." Rachel screamed, pulling on the fork.

"Let go."

Rachel still hung on, wanting to feed herself.

"Now or you are going on time out."

When Rachel didn't, Shelby shot out of her seat and before Rachel knew it, she was out of her high chair and carried into the livingroom, where she was placed in the playpen. Rachel was not happy with this and began to cry. In Rachel's plan, she didn't think Shelby would really punish her and she was humiliated and shocked. From the kitchen, Shelby tried to stay engaged in the different conversations that were going on with Santana, Quinn, and Brittany but all she could focus on was Rachel crying in the next room. She may not have been in Rachel's life long but she could tell Rachel wasn't faking. After a while Rachel thankfully calmed down enough that Shelby felt okay with going and retrieving the girl. Leaning down into the playpen, Shelby pulled Rachel into her arms and held her tight as Rachel laid her head on her shoulder.

"Please stop crying Rachie." Shelby whispered, heart-broken as Rachel whimpered into her hair. "I'm not mad at you anymore and would really like it if you could stop crying so you can come eat with momma."

It took a moment but Rachel stopped and Shelby carried her back into the kitchen. Shelby went to put her in her high chair and after a second thought, she moved over to the drawer that held the toddler/baby feeding items and grabbed a spoon. Sitting in her chair with Rachel on her lap, she gave her baby the spoon and made a small pile of food for Rachel. Rachel took a few bites of food on her own but leaned back into her momma and pushed the spoon in her face.

"Ma!" Rachel loudly said.

"It's momma. Say momma." Shelby encouraged.

"Ma." Rachel replied, not ready to call Shelby momma. In her baby life and teen life.

"One day you'll say it." Shelby said, looking into Rachel's dark eyes.

For now, Shelby took the spoon and placed it to the side and used her fork to feed Rachel. After dinner, Shelby took all four girls up the second floor to get ready for a bath. Turning the water to the right temp, Shelby added some bubbles and dumped a bunch of toys in as well. As soon as their momma gave them permission, clothes were quickly removed and the three older girls got into the water. Rachel whined and whimpered, letting Shelby know she wanted in as well but Shelby shook her head.

"You're too little to sit in the tub with your sisters."

"She can sit by me, Momma. I'll watch her." Quinn said.

Out of character, Rachel turned her head towards Quinn and gave her a look of astonishment. Quinn returned a look of her own. A smile. It was a smile that Rachel had never received from Quinn Fabray. Typically it was a smirk, indicating something was about to happen but this time it was sincere.

"Alright." Shelby agreed, noticing the small interaction between the girls. "Crawl to Momma, Rachel." Shelby said, holding her arms out. Rachel had been on the floor with some toys as Shelby sat on the closed toilet seat lid. "Come on baby."

Rachel bit her lip as she pushed herself from her bottom to being on all fours. With Santana, Quinn, and Brittany watching her, Rachel crawled the short four-foot distance to her mother.

"Yay, baby!" Shelby grinned and started to undress Rachel.

Once the girl was uncomfortably naked, Shelby placed her in the tub right next to Quinn. The blonde got to work using her Dora the Explorer cup to get Rachel's back and hair wet. Shelby handed her the baby bath wash and let Quinn wash Rachel's hair.

"Make sure you keep it out of her eyes." Shelby said.

"I know Momma." Quinn sighed. "I'm a big girl and can do this."

"Okay. You're right." Shelby said, backing off just a little.

She watched as the four girls played in the tub, noticing that Rachel has gained a lot of confidence and wasn't so nervous about age play anymore. Shelby glanced at her watch and realized it was 8pm. Their session was nearly done for the day and Shelby ushered the girls out of the tub one by one, wrapping a fluffy towel around them as they got out. Shelby carried Rachel in her arms as she followed Santana down the hall to one of the three bedrooms. Rachel's eyes widened at the brightly colored bedroom. Each girl, except for Rachel, had their own toddler bed with their names painted above the headboard.

"No!" Santana shouted loudly as she walked into the bedroom. Dropping her towel, the naked girl ran over to Quinn and snatched the pink footed pajamas from her. "Mine!"

"Santana Maria Corcoran, you give those back to Quinn. You do not take things from people like that." Shelby chastised, placing Rachel on the floor.

"But, they're mine." Santana whined.

"I am giving you to the count of three." Shelby said, planting her hands on her hips. "One...two..."

"No momma! They are mine!"


As fast as the word left her mouth, Shelby grabbed one of Santana's arms and dragged her to a bed. Shelby sat down and pulled the struggling girl over her lap. Three hard smacks landed on the girl's backside, Santana crying out each time Shelby's hand came down. Shelby wasn't spanking Santana hard but the fourth and final spank, was the hardest. Shelby stood the girl up, looking at her tear streaked face.

"You go and apologize to Quinn right now." Shelby ordered.

"Sorry." Santana murmured, her head bowed.

"Now get into your pajamas, all of you. It's time for bed." Shelby said and made sure each girl had a pair of pajamas.

Shelby moved to the dresser and pulled out something for Rachel to wear. Laying out the sleeper, Shelby laid Rachel on top of it and got her feet and arms into the right holes before zipping up the penguin decked pajamas. After brushing out Rachel's hair, she laid Rachel on a bed she had made of blankets, then moved on to another girl, brushing her hair and tucking her into bed. Sitting next to Rachel, Shelby rubbed the girl's tummy as she read a few pages from a children's book.

"Alright girls. Good night. I love you."

"Love you momma." Came a chorus from the older girls and Rachel, again, was glad she wasn't allowed to speak.

Shelby turned off the light and closed the bedroom door. Rachel laid in the dark with her eyes wide open. She wasn't sure what was suppose to be happening next, did Shelby expect her to go to sleep? The four girls laid down for only 15 minutes when an alarm clock near Quinn's bed buzzed loudly. Quinn sat up and turned off, then turned on the small bedside lamp. Rachel sat up as all the girls hopped out of their beds and went over to the closet to get their school clothes and changed from their child like clothes and into their Cheerios uniforms.

"You guys wanna grab some coffee tomorrow after cheer?" Brittany asked, slipping her bra back on.

"That sounds great." Quinn agreed and Santana nodded her thoughts.

Beds were made and the toys they shared were placed in the toy box, while their special toys and items that they got to pick out, like Rachel did earlier, were placed in the nightstand by each girls' bed. Rachel didn't have any furniture but got up and folded her blankets, stacking them in a corner. Once everyone was changed and the room was picked up, they walked in a single filed line downstairs to where Shelby was waiting at the door.

"Bye Shelby." Santana hugged her as Shelby placed a kiss on her head.

"Bye San." Shelby replied and handed the girl her car keys and backpack, along with her phone. "Have a good day tomorrow and stay out of trouble."

"You know I won't." Santana rolled her eyes.

"Watch it." Shelby raised her brow.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." Santana muttered, walking down to her car to wait for Brittany.

"Make sure you study tomorrow during lunch for your test, Brittany. I don't want to find out that you failed." Shelby said to the oldest blonde.

"I'll try my best." Brittany smiled.

"Good. Have a good night." Shelby kissed Brittany's cheek.

"You too, Shelby." Brittany called as she ran down to get in Santana's car after Shelby gave her back her phone and school stuff.

"Thanks for today, Shelby." Quinn said, getting her own hug and kiss.

"My pleasure and remember Saturday you need to be here at 3:30 for your appointment."

"Yes ma'am." Quinn whispered, not really looking forward to it.

Shelby waited for Quinn to get into her car before turning to Rachel. "So?"

"So." Rachel replied.

"You gonna come back again?" Shelby asked.

"I'd like too." Rachel said, looking for Shelby's reaction.

"Great." Shelby smiled. "I'm really glad you came here today, Rachel and I hope we can work our relationship out."

"You want one with me? What about after Regionals? You didn't seem like you wanted me around."

"I do Rachel. I really want to be there for you and have a place in your life."

"Then what stopped you?"

"I didn't feel the maternal instincts with you like I thought I would. I love you so so much, don't get me wrong about that but I didn't feel like your mother."

"Because you haven't been around me." Rachel said in a 'duh' like moment.

"I didn't feel a connection either." Rachel admitted. "But today, having you as a mom, even though I was not acting my age, I felt something. I can't explain it and I don't know what it is but I felt it. If doing age play is what it takes to build that connection or to kick in your maternal instincts, then I will do this no matter how long it takes. I need you Shelby. I've said it before and I will say it over and over. I need you."

"I am so sorry." Shelby said, sweeping Rachel up into a hug. "I am so sorry for everything I did and didn't do."

"It's okay." Rachel comforted her hurt mom. "We're gonna be okay. You'll see."

"I know we will." Shelby said, pulling away from Rachel and stooping to be eye level with her. "Because I am going to do what ever it takes too."

Rachel and Shelby hugged once more before Rachel said she needed to leave.

"Okay, well, there's two weeks left of school so are you going to be able to have time in your day for homework? I know the other girls do theirs before glee."

"I'll be fine. I usually do mine through out the day." Rachel shrugged.

"Good. I just wanna make sure." Shelby said. "but, um, I know you are all anal about being at glee and what not but for tomorrow, could you perhaps leave glee an hour earlier than usual and come here? I wanna go over the rules, routine, and other things like that before the rest of the girls get here."

"Sure." Rachel shrugged.

New Directions was lucky to have Sue talk Figgins into giving them another year. There was two weeks left of school and while Mr. Shue had said they could have the rest of the school year off, the kids, still hurt by the fact they lost at regionals and almost lost glee club for good, wanted to keep meeting after school so they could get a head start on next school year's sectionals.

"Great. I'll see you tomorrow." Shelby said, handing Rachel her keys and cell.

"Of course." Rachel assured her. "Good night Shelby."

"Good night Rachel."

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I know age play isn't for everyone but lately I have been reading them and thought I would give it a try. For now I think this will be a one shot, unless I feel there is a big enough want for it to continue.