Shelby was in the shower and had been for over seventeen minutes when Rachel woke up. Brittany had slept in Quinn's bed and the small brunette wasted no time in hopping out of her mother's large bed, running to the bedroom across the hall. Brittany wasn't in the room, the bed was made and her overnight bag was gone. A small look of confusion crossed Rachel's eyes and she turned out of the room, going downstairs. Hearing some noise in the kitchen, Rachel walked through the living room and into the kitchen, finding Brittany eating a bowl of cereal. She was showered and dressed in nice clothes, her hair was done up and her makeup was perfect.

"Where are you going?" Rachel asked, sitting across from her sister.

Brittany finished chewing her mouthful of cereal, swallowed, and took a sip of her orange juice before speaking. "We're meeting some of Julio's family. Quinn is coming too. Mom is going to take me after she gets out of her shower."

"Oh." Rachel hid the hurt she felt at not being invited to the brunch. "Mom didn't tell me, I thought we were going to play for awhile before you had to go home."

"Well, we can play until mom is ready to go." Brittany said. She scooted back her chair and walked over to Rachel. Brittany didn't want to mess up her hair, clothes, or makeup and decided to stay her own age. "Let's get you in your highchair so I can make you something to eat."

Once Rachel was secured in her chair, Brittany walked over to get a box of cereal and a bowl and a spoon. Rachel watched Brittany move about the kitchen and her eyes widened when she spotted the small canister of cereal puffs Shelby had put away the night before. She wanted them. Now.

When Rachel began to fuss, Brittany turned around from her spot at the counter and frowned at the baby.

"What's the matter?" Brittany asked, walking over to the girl.

Rachel stretched her arms towards the canister on the top shelf of the cabinet. Brittany looked over her shoulder, spotting the puffs. She knew Shelby didn't like to give Rachel too many at one time but she could hear the water still running and shrugged her shoulders. She placed a handful of the cereal puffs on Rachel's tray and finished making Rachel's breakfast. Brittany sat down to finish the last of her breakfast while Rachel happily ate the cereal and cereal puffs in front of her.

Brittany drank the last of her milk in the bottom of the bowl and stood up to rinse it out in the sink. She sat back down and fed Rachel a few bites, letting the baby feed herself as well. Rachel was happy and content with eating just her cereal puffs and was even more excited when Brittany gave her a bottle full of her mother's milk.

"Come on, let's go watch some TV." Brittany said, picking Rachel up out of her highchair.

"My! My!" Rachel hollered, thinking Brittany was going to leave her bottle and puffs behind, but she calmed down when her sister grabbed both items.

Brittany sat Rachel on the floor and gave her the bottle and cereal treats. Rachel stuck the bottle in her mouth, taking several long glups. Letting her bottle hang between her teeth, Rachel reached her hand into the canister and pulled out a bunch of her snacks. Some fell to the floor, others stuck to her hand, but a few managed to make it into Rachel's mouth.

The pair watched a few minutes of Cinderella with Brittany running a brush through Rachel's hair. She was about to put it into a set of pigtails when Shelby called her from upstairs.

"I will be right back, stay out of trouble." Brittany warned.

Rachel turned her attention back to the television screen, shoving some more puffs into her mouth. Shelby, after learning from Brittany that the two girls were playing, left Brittany to wipe up the water the blonde had dripped all over the floor from her shower. She went down the stairs, not wanting Rachel to be left alone for too long and was pleasantly surprised to find that Rachel was sitting on the floor, watching the Disney movie.

"Hi, Babies!" Shelby loudly squealed with delight.

Rachel glanced over her shoulder, becoming giddy with excitement at seeing her mom. She ditched her bottle and snack canister and crawled over to Shelby.

"Momma." Rachel nuzzled Shelby's neck. Her fingers reached up, gently tangling in Shelby's long and damp hair.

"Aren't you a big snuggle bug this morning?" Shelby chuckled. She ran her hand up and down Rachel's back, kissing her forehead. Shelby reached her hand around to Rachel's stomach to pull down the girl's shirt and furrowed her brows when she felt several bumps underneath her hand. "What is in your shirt?"

Shelby pulled Rachel back a bit and noticed all the slobbered puffs stuck to Rachel's top. She carefully took the shirt off Rachel and sighed when she saw there were even more on Rachel's stomach.

"Yum." Rachel gave Shelby a grin.

"Looks like someone got into her snacks." Shelby ran her fingers tenderly across Rachel's belly, making the almost one year old giggle. "And I see you made an even bigger mess on the floor."

"My." Rachel pointed to the bottle, snack canister, and the spot on the carpet that was covered in cereal puffs.

"Yes, that's your mess." Shelby sat Rachel on the floor and knelt down beside the baby to pick up the snacks. She disappeared into the kitchen to throw away the puffs and when she returned she scooped up Rachel and the bottle. The lid was put back on the snacks and Shelby put them on top of the TV. "Let's go get you cleaned up and dressed. We have to take sissy to Tanny's dad's house."

"Anny!" Rachel clapped her hand. She missed her sister Santana.

"Yes, you'll see Santana." Shelby kissed Rachel's temple and climbed the stairs to the little girls' room.

Rachel was placed in her hardly used crib and played with the toys that were left inside. Shelby went over to where Rachel's clothes were organized on the changing table and picked out an aqua shirt with a pink flower on the front and a pair of jeans. She dropped them on Quinn's bed and got out the baby wipes and a diaper, placing them beside the clothes. Rachel was taken out of her crib and laid on the bed so Shelby could get her ready.

"Momma. Momma. Momma." Rachel babbled over and over again while she played with her clean diaper.

"Can I have that, Sweetie?" Shelby asked, taking the diaper away. After Rachel was dressed and had her shoes on, Shelby found a pacifier for Rachel and got her blanket from her bedroom. "B, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, mom!" Brittany called from downstairs. After cleaning up the bathroom floor, she had gone downstairs to get a bottle of water to drink and turn off the television.

Shelby reached the bottom of the stairs and placed Rachel on the floor so she could get the diaper bag from the closet. "Honey, would you please get me a bottle from the fridge and put it in the bottle bag? It's in the freezer in the far back."

"Sure." Brittany nodded and hurried off to the kitchen.

Shelby checked the diaper bag, making sure everything was there before stuffing Rachel's blanket inside. Brittany returned with the bottle bag and dropped it into the diaper bag. She got her overnight bag and stood at the door, waiting for her mother and sister. Shelby got her shoes on, lifting Rachel on to her hip and shouldered her purse and diaper bag.

"Alright, let's go before we are late." Shelby said. She was planning to wake Rachel just long enough to tell her that she was going to drop off Brittany and wasn't expecting baby Rachel to come out.

Shelby got Rachel buckled into her carseat and climbed into the driver's seat and waited for Brittany to buckle her seat belt so she could back out of the driveway. The drive to Julio's house wasn't long, but when they pulled into the driveway, Shelby found Rachel fast asleep.

"B, have Santana and Quinn come out here for a second." Shelby said as the girl got out of the car.


Brittany got her bag from the trunk and hurried up to the house, returning a few minutes later with Santana and Quinn behind her.

"Hi, mom." Santana said, leaning into the car to give Shelby a kiss on her cheek.

"Hi, Baby." Shelby kissed the girl back. "Someone in the backseat is missing you, why don't you wake her up and say hi?"

Santana grinned and opened the back door. She climbed into the car and shut the door, sliding into the middle seat. She gently shook Rachel's arm a couple of times.

"Rachie." Santana said, rocking the girl some more. "Rachie, wake up?"

"Anny?" Rachel sleepily said, rubbing her tired eyes.

"Hi, munchkin." Santana smiled down at her sister.

"Anny!" Rachel said, quickly ridding her eyes of sleep. She reached her arms out to her sister and the two hugged.

"I miss you." Santana ruffled Rachel's hair.

"Anny." Rachel tearfully said, wishing her sister was going home with her.

Quinn opened the passenger door and got in beside Shelby. She was sitting on her knees and facing Rachel.

"Inn! Inn!" Rachel kicked her feet.

"Hey there." Quinn smiled, touching Rachel's leg.

With Brittany standing at her window, Shelby took this opportunity to talk to her three older girls. "You three need to be good today. I don't want to hear about any fighting or trouble making from any of you or I promise you won't sit for a week."

"We'll be good." Quinn rolled her eyes, earning herself a backhanded swat across her bottom from Shelby.

"I will be checking with Julio to make sure." Shelby warned. "And if I get a good report, I will ask about you two coming to spend the night with Quinn, Rachel, and I."

"Really?" Brittany perked up.

"Yes, really, but all three of you have to be good. So try to keep each other out of trouble."

Shelby and the four girls spent a couple minutes talking and fussing over Rachel until Julio came out and told them they needed to get going. Shelby waved to Julio and backed out of the driveway, wanting to make sure he didn't see Rachel in the back sitting in a carseat with a pacifier in her mouth.

Shelby and Rachel arrived back to the house and Shelby laid Rachel on the couch to finish up her nap. She didn't know what they were going to do until the other three came home, but figured a nice, relaxing day at home wasn't going to hurt. She decided to start the dishwasher and then went upstairs to the little girls' room to clean up the dirty clothes she had taken off of Rachel earlier. The room hadn't been used in quite some time, but it was slightly messy. Shelby suddenly got the urge to rearrange the room, thinking the girls might actually want to spend some time in there if it looked different. But, as she started moving things around, Shelby got some ideas about redecorating the bedroom.

Santana, Brittany, and Quinn's beds were made to where they could either be separate beds like they were now, or stacked to be bunk beds. Shelby originally wanted Quinn and Brittany's beds to be bunk beds, but Santana wanted her bed like her sisters' and that wasn't possible. Now that Rachel was a part of the family, Shelby thought it would keep Santana from having a meltdown if she put her and Rachel near each other. She then made a mental note to order another bed like the older three girls for Rachel when she was older. It wouldn't be long until Rachel would be ready for a big girl bed and Shelby wanted all the beds to match.

Shelby disassembled Quinn's bed and reassembled it on top of Brittany's and pushed Rachel and Santana's beds closer together. She really wanted to redecorate, but she couldn't do that until she had a day to herself and since her children had a hard time of staying out of trouble, Shelby knew it would be awhile. Just as she finished making all the beds, she heard Rachel crying from downstairs and after tossing Santana's long lost baby doll, who was found hanging by her head between the slats of the three year old's headboard, Shelby went downstairs to calm her littlest one.

Rachel was sitting on the floor, next to the couch, in a pile of the blankets Shelby used to cover the girl to keep her warm. She had her hand over a pink, almost red, spot on her head. Shelby made a sad face and picked up Rachel off the floor and sat down on couch. She reached for the throw blanket that usually was draped across the back of the couch and placed it behind her head as a pillow and bent down again to get Rachel's blanket. The girl instantly cuddled the blanket to her face and leaned against Shelby, stuffing her hand down the woman's shirt, resting it in the warm spot between Shelby's breasts.

"Ow." Rachel said, looking up at Shelby with tear-filled eyes and rubbing the spot with her free hand.

"Did you fall off the couch?" Shelby asked, knowing she wasn't going to get much of an answer. It wasn't like Rachel to fall off the couch or out of bed in her sleep and hoped it wasn't a phase Rachel was starting to go through.

"Momma. Ow." Rachel sniffled, pushing herself closer to Shelby.

"Let me look." Shelby said, pulling Rachel's hand away from the spot.

There was going to be a light bruise, but Shelby didn't think it was too serious. She decided to put some ice on it anyway and used a hand towel to keep the ice from directly touching Rachel. They sat on the couch for a few minutes until Rachel was calm and content. Eventually, Shelby figured out she wasn't going to get much done once again. Rachel was going to want to cuddle for awhile and it wasn't going to be long before the girls would probably be over. Shelby knew they'd behave well enough to be able to come over. So, Shelby got up and got her iPad to keep herself entertained. While Rachel watched her mother, her fingers moved from one breast to the other, twiddling Shelby's nipple. Sometimes Rachel pinched a little too hard, making Shelby jump and yelp in both pain and surprise.

The first time Rachel did it, her eyes got wide, worried her momma would be mad. Shelby gently chastised Rachel, but the second time, Rachel started to find Shelby's reaction to be funny.

"Ouch, Rachel, no." Shelby sighed.

Rachel giggled and went back to being gentle with Shelby's tender skin.

"Momma." Rachel giggled again.

"No." Shelby said, firming her voice just a bit.

Rachel mischievously watched her mother, waiting for the right time and then pinched Shelby again.

"Ow! Rachel!" Shelby exclaimed, pushing Rachel's hand out of the way to cover herself. That last pinch really hurt. "No more."

Shelby set aside the iPad and sat Rachel so she couldn't get into her bra. Rachel began to get upset and flailed her arms and legs. "My! My! My!" Rachel screeched.

"No." Shelby said, holding onto Rachel tighter as the girl started curving her back, nearly hitting Shelby in the face with her head. "Rachel!"

Rachel fought against her mom, trying to turn so she could reach her hand into Shelby's shirt. Somehow she managed to get turned onto her side, facing Shelby. She slipped a hand into Shelby's shirt and bra and pinched Shelby hard. Shelby reacted by landing three swats to Rachel's diaper covered bottom.

"No!" Rachel howled and started to cry.

"No pinching." Shelby said with a stern voice. "That's bad."

Rachel glared at her mother. It was probably a good thing the little girl only knew a few words for Rachel would surely be sore for days.

"Don't give me that look, young lady." Shelby scoffed with a slight roll of her eyes.

Rachel placed her hand on Shelby's chest, narrowing her eyes even more. "My." She tugged at Shelby's shirt until she got one of Shelby's breasts free. Before her mother could say or do anything, Rachel latched on, knowing Shelby wouldn't attempt to take it away.

Shelby was her prisoner.

Shelby returned to her game on her iPad and let Rachel, who was now being gentler with her chest, continued to breastfeed. They stayed on the couch, only getting up when Rachel needed a snack or to be changed. Rachel slid off of Shelby's lap and crawled over to her toys to get a book and then returned to her mother's arms. She played with the book, giving Shelby a small break to read her own book she had downloaded, and eventually fell back a sleep. Shelby's arms started to get tired and Shelby moved the two of them so Shelby was lying on the couch with Rachel on top of her.

A half hour passed and Shelby's phone began to ring. Quinn was texting her to let Shelby know the girls were done with meeting Julio's family. Shelby replied to Quinn and then sent a message to Julio, asking if the girls could come over. And twenty minutes later, the three girls, were out of their good clothes and into some comfortable shorts and shirts.

"Alright, take all of your bags up to Quinn's room." Shelby said.

Since Rachel was awake, Shelby carried her upstairs and waited in the hallway by the little girls' room. She was almost knocked over by Santana as she ran out of the room.

"Oh! Sorry, mom!" Santana blushed. She knew better than to run in the house.

"It's okay." Shelby replied, placing a hand on Santana's shoulder. The two other girls came out of the bedroom and stopped in front of her. "I have a little surprise for you. Now, it's not completely finished, but it's a start."

"What is it?" Brittany asked.

"Why don't the four of you go into the bedroom?" Shelby nodded towards the door behind her as she placed Rachel on the floor to follow her sisters.

Santana pushed her sisters out of her way and was the first one to go into the room. Her eyes went wide as she saw the bunk beds.

"This is so cool!" Santana squealed and dashed towards the stacked bed.

"Hold it right there." Shelby said, grabbing the back of Santana's shirt. "Those are Quinn and Brittany's beds."

"Awe, mom!" Santana pouted, crossing her arms in disapproval.

"You are too little." Shelby shook her head. "You better keep your butt off the top bunk and none of you are to hang off the sides or anything. If you cannot follow the rules, the bunk beds will be taken down."

"I call top!" Quinn said, running up to the bed to climb the latter.

"No, I get top!" Brittany said and the two girls started to push each other.

"Brittany, Quinn is older and gets the top. You'll sleep on the bottom."

"Yay!" Quinn exclaimed, climbing the latter that Shelby had stored in the closet. She sat on her bed.

"Q, I am going to put a shelf up there for you to put your stuff from your nightstand. Otherwise you'll have to climb up and down to get what you want." Shelby said. She picked up Rachel and placed her in her crib. "Look, San, you get to sleep next to Rachel. I made sure to put the two of you extra close."

"Momma." Santana whined, tugging on Shelby's shirt. "I want bunk beds, too!"

"Santana, you are too little." Shelby looked down at the girl. "When Rachel is a little older than you are now, I will make you bunk beds."

"I don't want to wait for Rachel."

"I have a secret." Shelby whispered, kneeling down in front of her second youngest daughter. "I need you to wait for Rachel to get older to have bunk beds. If I make them now, Rachel can't sleep on it and will feel left out. You don't want her to be sad, do you?"

"No." Santana eagerly said. "I don't want Rachie to be sad."

"So, you'll wait? For Rachel?"

"You bet." Santana grinned.

"That's my girl. You are such a good big sister." Shelby kissed Santana's head. "And, guess who I found when I was moving around the furniture."

"Who?" Santana wondered.

"Your baby." Shelby said, picking up the doll from Santana's bed. "You've been looking for her for weeks."

"Baby! Oh, mommy where did you find her?" Santana asked, hugging the doll tightly to her.

"She was hanging from your headboard." Shelby said, assuming the doll had fallen back there accidentally.

"Hey!" Santana said, looking at her doll with a hard stare, one that matched Shelby's face when she was getting on to her girls. "You're not supposed to come out yet."

Shelby watched as Santana pushed her pillow away from the bed and replaced the baby exactly how Shelby had found her. "San, what are you doing?"

"Baby was bad." Santana placed her pillow back where it belonged. She turned to her mother with a confident voice. "She can come out when she apologizes."

"What did she do?" Shelby questioned.

"I don't remember." Santana shrugged. "But, I know she is supposed to say she is sorry."

Shelby tilted her head, unsure of what to say next. When she couldn't think of anything, Shelby stood up and lifted Santana onto the bed.

"Do you all like your new room?"

"Yes!" Three voices shouted out.

"Good. I am glad." Shelby smiled. She took Rachel out of the crib and sat her on the floor. It didn't take long for Santana to sit beside her. "Alright, Momma has to go find something to make for dinner. Quinn and Brittany, you need to watch your sisters. I will only be gone for a minute so stay in here and leave the door shut."

"Okay." Brittany and Quinn nodded.

Shelby closed the door and went down to the kitchen and started searching through the fridge and freezer, looking for something to cook.

Upstairs, Quinn and Brittany had gotten off their beds and were playing with their little sisters. Santana had dragged the basket of Barbie dolls from the closet and dumped them out in the middle of the room.

"Santana!" Brittany said. "You didn't need to do that."

"So." Santana stuck her tongue out.

"I'm gonna tell mom on you."

"Tattle tale!"

"Stop it." Quinn said, gently pushing Santana to sit down. "It's not a big deal if she dumped them out; we're all going to play with them anyway."

"What if Rachel puts something in her mouth and chokes?"

"I'm watching her!" Quinn snapped. "Now, hush, before we get into trouble."

"Whatever." Brittany rolled her eyes. She stood up from her spot and moved towards the door.

"Where are you going? Mom said we both need to watch Santana and Rachel."

"I am going to get something, Quinn. Geeze, I will be right back."

"Quinn, I have to potty!" Santana urgently said, her hands covering the front of her pants.

"Have Brittany take you." Quinn said. She couldn't leave Rachel alone and Brittany was leaving the room anyway.

"Come on." Brittany sighed. Santana ran over to Brittany and followed her out with Brittany shutting the door behind them. Brittany pointed to the bathroom. "Go on."

"What? But, you're supposed to take me." Santana said. "And I really have to go."

"Then go."

"No." Santana stomped her foot. "You are supposed to take me. Quinn said!"

"Just go, Santana and I will be in there in a second to help you wash your hands."

"Fine." Santana turned on her heel and went into the bathroom.

She closed the door and locked it. Unbuttoning her shorts, Santana sat down on the toilet, kicking her feet. She began rocking back and forth slightly, singing to herself. When she was done, Santana reached over and grabbed the end of the toilet paper. Her momma had always taught her to only use a certain amount, but because she wasn't being supervised, the rules went right out the window. She pulled the end of the toilet paper as hard as she could, unraveling several feet. Laughing, Santana did it again and tore the paper off the roll and deciding to follow her mommy's rule, Santana took off a little more from the roll and used it to wipe.

The button on Santana's shorts was difficult for the girl to get into the hole and she gave up, kicking her shorts over to the corner. She didn't like wearing pants anyway. For a moment, Santana stared at the door. Brittany had told her she would be right in to help her wash her hands, but she had finished peeing nearly two minutes now and she wasn't allowed to leave the bathroom until she had washed her hands.

What on earth was she going to do while she waited?

Santana sat on the edge of the bathtub, sticking her little feet into the tub. A pack of bath markers caught her attention and an impish grin crossed her lips. It had been a long time since she has played with them and they washed off really easy. Within minutes, the bath tub and shower walls were doodled and colored with pink, blue, red, yellow, and green. And while she had been drawing, the marker had at some spots, rubbed off onto Santana, her shirt, and panties.

"Uh oh." Santana said, looking at her arms and legs.

Remembering that Shelby had used some baby oil to help get marker off her skin one time, Santana closed the toilet seat lid, using it to climb onto the counter. She walked on her knees over to the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, where her momma kept the lotions, medicines, and other items. The lid to the baby oil had disappeared weeks ago and Santana wasn't paying attention enough to make sure she didn't spill it. Oil dripped all over the sink and part of the counter. She slipped a little as she sat down on the counter with her feet in the sink.

Spurts of baby oil went everywhere as Santana used it to douse her legs and arms. She rubbed her body, trying to get the marker off of her and it was working quite well. When it all came off of her skin, Santana put the bottle back into the medicine cabinet and grabbed the thing of baby powder that smelled like flowers. She loved the smell and liked how it felt when Shelby used it on her. A thick cloud of baby powder filled the room as Santana squeezed the powder on to her. She sneezed a few times, rubbing her nose to get the powder out. She was completely oblivious to the mess she was making.

Brittany returned to the bedroom, thinking Santana would have been inside. Quinn looked up from her spot on the floor where she was still playing Barbies with Rachel.

"Where's Santana?" Quinn asked.

Brittany shrugged, paying more attention to the movie she had started watching on Shelby's iPad, and sat on her bed. "I thought she'd be in here by now."

"Didn't you go with her into the bathroom?"

"No, she's old enough to go by herself. I went and asked mom if I could use her iPad."

"Brittany, you can't leave her alone!" Quinn shrieked. She stood up and picked up Rachel, sitting her beside Brittany. "Think you can manage watching Rachel?"

"Inn!" Rachel loudly said, reaching out for her oldest sister. "Inn."

"I will be right back, Rachie." Quinn said, walking out of the room. The bathroom door was locked when she reached the bathroom and she sighed. "San, open up."

"No." Santana shortly said. "I am busy."

"Are you going to the bathroom?"

"No. I am smelling good."

"What do you mean?" Quinn tilted her head and then narrowed her eyes when she realized Santana was going something she wasn't supposed too. "Santana, are you playing with the big kid perfume?"

"No." Santana replied in a 'duh' like voice. Gosh her sister was so stupid, she knew better than to play with that stuff.

"Then open the door."

"No! I'll come out when I am ready."

Going into Shelby's room, Quinn went into her mom's bathroom and got a bobby pin and returned to the bathroom. She inserted the round side of the hair pin into the lock of the door knob. She knew Shelby had a key to the bathroom, but she didn't know where it was. But, she did know how to unlock it without the key. When she opened the door, Quinn couldn't believe her eyes.

There was a clear liquid substance all over the counter and floor, baby powder was layered over that, and bright pink body wash was squirted on the floor. Santana was covered in all three, kneeling on the floor with a wet baby washcloth, trying to clean up the mess.

"Santana Maria, mommy is going to make your butt as red as a strawberry when she sees this!"

"No, Quinnie, help me. I'm sorry." Santana's eyes watered. She didn't want to get in trouble.

Quinn thought for a moment. It wasn't entirely Santana's fault, Brittany was supposed to watch her and help her. And she didn't want anyone to get in trouble. Being a nice big sister, Quinn nodded and carefully stepped into the bathroom, making sure not to step on what she thought was water. She was going to have Santana sit in the bathtub so she could clean her off, but when she saw the colored shower, Quinn sighed.

"You've got to be kidding me." Quinn mumbled. "Sanny, sit on the toilet seat while I clean this up."

"Okay." Santana sniffled, wiping the few stray tears from her face, leaving streaks of caked baby powder in its wake.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Shelby had finally found something to make for dinner. It was still relatively early in the day and she was going to put a small roast in the crockpot. She'd make mashed potatoes and some sort of vegetable when the meat was done.

She placed the lid on the crockpot and turned to the sink to wash her hands. Shelby yanked the hand towel off the handle of the oven door and dried her hands. A loud thud followed by a blood curdling scream came from upstairs as she was putting the towel back.

Running up the stairs, Shelby went into the girls' room. Rachel was sitting on Brittany's bed, holding her iPad. The other three girls were nowhere in sight. Shelby crossed the room quickly and took the device from the baby, setting it on Quinn's bed above her. She placed Rachel on her hip and left the room, deciding to check the bathroom next.

Quinn was lying on the floor, Brittany stood above her and Santana was sitting on the toilet with a scared look on her face. Shelby sat Rachel in the hallway, blocking with her legs so she couldn't crawl into the bathroom.

"What happened?!"

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