Chapter 2:

"Come on!" Kurt yelled, running down the stairs, Magnus followed. Black smoke, and harsh flames greeted them. It covered most of the downstairs. Kurt looked to the door. Flames covered the area.

"Where do we go?" Magnus hollered, fear welling up inside of him. Kurt looked around, looking for any way of escape.

"Your cellphone! Kurt! Call someone!" Magnus told him. Kurt shook his head.

"They wouldn't get here in time!" Kurt yelled back over the sound of the creaking, burning house.

Kurt led the way around to the kitchen; the fire hadn't reached there, yet. Kurt felt a pang of hope. He looked at the kitchen window. They could surely fit through it. He grabbed a pot that was on the stove, smashing the window.

"C'mon, Magnus! You first!" Kurt ordered. Magnus was just about to climb onto the counter, but he suddenly hesitated.

"What about-" Magnus began, but was cut off by Kurt's harsh voice.

"It doesn't matter! Get through the bloody window!" Kurt yelled, desperate for them to both go free. Magnus still hesitated.

"I'll be back! Go through the window, call the fire department. I'll be fine." Magnus was sure there was something more in that box. Kurt's eyes grew wide.

"No! Magnus!" Kurt screamed, but Magnus was already running out of the kitchen. Kurt looked at the window, and then decided he was going after Magnus. He took a few steps, and then a loud cracking noise stopped him. A large beam fell, crushing the area that Magnus had disappeared from.

"Damnit! Magnus!" Kurt continued yelling, there was no possible way Magnus would be getting back through that. The smoke started to build up in the kitchen, making it almost impossible to breath. Kurt started coughing.

"Magnus!" He tried to yell again, his voice hoarse, and not very loud. The flames started scorching the kitchen, the heat blasting against Kurt. He had no choice but to escape. Kurt crawled rather slowly onto the counter, and threw himself out the window.

He exploded into another coughing fit, and crawled through the grass, away from the house. He stayed on his stomach, and reached for his cell phone. He dialed the stations number. He waited, until finally Lisa answered.

"Holgersson. Ystad Police Department." She greeted. Kurt coughed again.

"Lisa! The house… Somebody torched it! It's on fire! Magnus is still inside!" Kurt told her, his voice extremely coarse. He just hoped she understood him. There was a silence on the other end.

"I'll get an ambulance and a fire truck down there! Are you outside, Kurt?" She asked.

"Yeah. Magnus went back. The idiot! He went back!" Kurt coughed, rolling over onto his back. His eyes suddenly grew wide. He could see a figure in the upstairs window.

"Magnus!" He yelled, stumbling to his feet. Magnus pushed open the window with his shoulder. His one arm-hanging limp, the other one holding a box. Magnus looked down spotting Kurt.

Magnus started to panic. What was he doing? Why didn't he just leave the house? He was dead now for sure. Damn, damn, damn!

"Do I jump? What do I do?" Magnus yelled down to Kurt.

"Do you want to break your neck? Kurt hollered back, feeling completely useless.

"Oh… So I guess burning to death it much better. Okay, alright… I'll just pull up a chair while my entire body becomes a human torch!" Magnus screamed, anger and panic in his voice.

Kurt just stared up helplessly. His cell phone still in hand. He could hear Lisa's frantic voice, but he ignored it. He tried to think. Magnus suddenly disappeared, a large cloud of black smoke billowed out of the window.

"Magnus!" Kurt cried out. Thankfully, a head of curly hair appeared again. Magnus coughed, bringing his mouth into the crook of his arm.

"Kurt! Catch the box!" He yelled between coughs. Kurt dropped his cell phone, and stumbled closer to the house as Magnus dropped the box. It fell fast towards the ground; Kurt extended his arms, successfully catching it.

"Kurt, I have to jump! I think some gas is leaking in here!" Magnus yelled down, his voice breaking a bit with the last words. Kurt's eyes grew wide, and his face went slack.

"Oh, my god." Kurt muttered, backing a few feet away, dropping the box. He then went back towards the house.

"Don't get in the way! Unless you want me to crush you!" Magnus said, fear showing thickly in his voice. Kurt didn't know what to say. He felt petrified.

Magnus climbed up, until he was sitting on the windowsill. He was shaking terribly. He knew that this could kill him. He predicted it would be better than burning alive, though.

Magnus still hesitated, but before he could make a decision, it was already made. A large booming noise shook the house. Magnus looked back into the house just as an explosion hurtled towards him.

Kurt let out a gasp, fleeing from the area as the side of the house crumbled before him. Kurt landed in the grass, and crawled a few feet away. He looked into the rubble.

"Magnus!" He screamed as loudly as he could. "Magnus! Oh, god!" He cried out. He forced himself to his feet, and went towards the half demolished house. There was rubble everywhere, not to mention a white powder circling the area.

Kurt threw pieces of wood, digging through the house, doing everything possible to find his co-worker.

"Magnus!" He repeated, over and over. Tears started to sting his eyes; the heat from the fire burned his skin.

He stared, looking for any kind of movement. Anything to tell him that Magnus was alive. Kurt dropped to his knees, ashes from the fire raining down upon him.