I know, shoot me in the head for adding something else to my fanfic workload. (PERSONA!) To be honest, this is me making up for missing the last one. So... yeah. Enjoy and please tell me if I've flubbed up the canon. These are for fun and I'm not as experienced with all of the canon as I'd like. (There are a lot of characters though.) So... yeah. Enjoy my random ramblings of fun and serious time. Also, as said on profile: This has nothing to do with War and Peace, my other oneshot collection.

And... we're off!

1. Crash

Season: 01

Genre: Friendship

Characters: Taichi, Agumon

-The time passes slowly and Taichi reflects that they had started with a bang… and that it had just kept getting weirder from there.

Memorial Day

They weren't exactly subtle when they landed.

Crash, boom. Hit the forest floor. It wasn't exactly rocket science. Neither was meeting the Digimon but… hey, it wasn't every day you saw a bunch of talking monsters in your arms claiming you were absolutely amazing. Strangely enough, Takeru and Mimi took it the best. Then again Takeru was eight and Mimi was… well, Mimi. Even Taichi knew just by looking at her that ditz was right before her given name.

But they would be fine. After all, he was there and he could make some pretty good decisions when it counted… right?

Looking back, Yagami Taichi reasoned that he must have lost his mind somewhere down the line. Otherwise the whole dinosaur becoming a giant metal dinosaur man due to his refusal to stand down would probably have sent him to the ward with the straitjackets. According to Iori he would have likely been diagnosed with PTSD but Taichi cared about that as much as he did getting himself locked up in the first place.

"Taichi~" The young man looked down from his papers to see his trusty partner struggling to get in the chair. Taichi would have laughed, since it did look rather ridiculous. However the dinosaur made the whole contraption fall over with a loud crash. He held back a snicker and went to go help up the little guy. He took down the apocalypse so Taichi doubted there was any harm that hadn't already been done to Agumon's head that could be. He rubbed at his hair, looking for that large spiky mass that…

Wasn't there anymore.

That was when he laughed. Agumon blinked deep green confusion out at him. "Taichi?"

Taichi just laughed for a few more minutes as he sat back down in his chair, resting the yellow Digimon in his own rather methodically. "I'm fine Agumon," he gasped out slowly as he recovered himself. Inwardly he thanked all manner of holy deities that he was in his own office. Otherwise the others would have called the ambulance and restraints. "It… It just hit me how we… we…"

"Changed?" The Digimon asked hopefully.

"How we fought," finished the first gogglehead with a sigh, finally getting the cynical yet cheery feeling out of his system. "We were kids and we were fighting. We were stupid kids and we were fighting." The odd grin was almost insane on his face, wistful and full of some deep inner acceptance. "Think about it Agumon! We crash-landed onto foreign soil and ran around like it was our playground. And it was fun! It was fun and it was terrifying all at the same time."

His partner stared at him. "I kinda thought that was how humans worked."

Taichi grinned. "It is. But there… it was different to us. We had… we had all these real things we thought mattered to us… and they did of course but we could let them go in this place. Even though we saved the world in the end… we probably ended up destroying it first."

Agumon frowned, tapping a claw on his armrest. "Well… of course you guys did." Taichi frowned at this, floored solemnly by the slow and careful words of wisdom that were leaving his dinosaur's mouth. "Like you said, we were kids. But we were strong kids who didn't know what to do with themselves. Sure you blew up some things… and…" He sobered quickly, tears misting and fading in the same instant. "Yes, lots of Digimon and even some humans must have died. I can't say the ends justified the path we took to get there… because I don't think I have the right to say that."

"The right?"

Agumon shrugged. "We aren't gods Taichi. Sure Digimon can be reborn but… we still die after all. So I'm not going to say everything we did was all right because the world is still here. But… I don't think we'd all be here if you hadn't crashed and burned a couple times. So… don't think too much about it Taichi. We have to make it up to all of them right now by doing this job… and preventing any more suffering that we can. Neh?" The dinosaur gave him his usual grin and Taichi returned it.

"Eh… why not? Leave the big world-saving to the kids again." Taichi chuckled at his own words and turned back to the mess on his desk.

Then again… he was still saving the world, just without as many explosions. Well… sometimes. He still had to work on his explanation for the interns to not interfere with target practice.