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Season: Hunters

Genre: General

Characters: Akashi Tagiru, Gumdramon

-We will stand at the top!

100. Legends


"Well, that was the most eloquent thing I ever heard."

"Speak for yourself. I don't even know what that means."



Gumdramon snorted. "You're supposed to be my human, right?"

Tagiru almost strangled the bastard, but pulled his hands back at the last moment. "You do realize the King is right there, right?"

The dragon blushed. "I-I know that! He's my rival! I'd smell him in a heartbeat!"

"Then why aren't you panicking?" Tagiru snapped. He wasn't particularly angry or anything, just horribly, horribly incensed to get up and go HUNT. "They could beat us at any time!"

"Tagiru, they already ha-"

"Not yet, they haven't!" He rose to his feet and began to face, trying to work off this damn urge. He still had half the school day to get through. "Listen, Gumdramon, I know they've got a headstart, but we've got..." He faltered. "Spirit! And modernness! And..."

"Modernness?" He really could not believe that was a word.


"Everything all right over there?"

"Yeah!" Gumdramon snickered, as a flushing Tagiru turned back to him. "Come on, we've got this!"

The blue dragon grinned. "Duh. I was just messing with you."

Tagiru's amber eyes glowed. "WHY YOU-"

Gumdramon could only cackle, bolting across the school rooftop away from his human partner. He had chosen Tagiru because he was this stupid, no more, no less.

It did help that he had enough faith for the both of them.