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Season: Xros Wars (Part 1)

Genre: General

Characters: Amano Nene

- Don't ever look back at your shadow.

15. Emblem

The emblem had been his doing.

She hadn't cared much at the time, nor did she know how he made it. She knew the demon was an egotistical bastard and as such disregarded it as fancying his own shadow. If it kept him in line, the girl had no reason to complain.

The name however, was a source of utter amusement.

Nene was no romantic. She would fall to the darkness and it wouldn't be anything particularly grand or noble. The shadows wouldn't eat her; she wouldn't fall and become this pitiable laugh of a person who scrounged on the ground for scraps of a victory. There was no fear of being used: pawns know they are pawns the second they take their place on the board. It wasn't as though they were to have delusions of grandeur on their featureless selves.

Yet when someone made a comment that she read those silly little novels, Nene had laughed and scoffed at the same time, shaking her head. It was supposed to be symbolic. It was supposed to be grey. There was no grey romance, everyone flowered it with colors and whites and nothing dark or scary because even the most frightening things could do something rather wonderful according to every poorly written romance novel.

War was like a harsher love, she supposed. One with bullets and sometimes less blood.

In her case it would be more. She would paint the world red if she could protect her family. Even if she was hated for that, loathed for stepping on to the field and ruining the plans, she could not care less.

Yuu… Nene thought quietly. As long as I get you home… this world can burn.