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Season: 01

Genre: General/Friendship

Characters: Takaishi Takeru, Yagami Hikari

-Eggs were life too.

18. Born

Hikari was so nice.

Takeru had known that pretty easily of course, since she was Taichi-san's sister and he was, though rather loud and a bit careless, could be incredibly kind too. He hadn't brought the team together by force after all. He was a friend, a good guy.

So he wasn't surprised that she was sitting there with the egg, giggling as the baby on her shoulder blew bubbles in her face. Her tiny face, like his, had dark circles around her eyes, dark circles and shaking arms. He hadn't noticed before, but she was tired too. She rubbed the egg kindly, like his mama had rubbed her belly according to Onii-chan. She seemed happy, at least a little.

Seemed that way was key, he figured, when she looked up at him. Tailmon's tail swished as she spoke and despite himself Takeru held one of Patamon's hands nervously. Tailmon was Hikari-chan's precious partner, but she had also been a killing machine. It was easy for him to still be a bit scared. Hikari-chan likely didn't see that, but Hikari-chan had earned a whole other type of fear. They had had a lull of peace but Hikari-chan had not. He felt kind of bad for her.

"Takeru-kun?" Her high voice clipped with an innocence that, now that he thought about it, hurt a little.

"Huh?" he grunted, as much as his eight-year-old boy voice could grunt.

Hikari-chan smiled at him, so profoundly pleased at being answered, continued on blissfully unaware of his thoughts. "Do you think maybe Wizarmon could hatch from one of these eggs?" She continued to rub the one in her arms, even as Tailmon's blue gaze locked on his. It was admonishing, he realized, rather like his Onii-chan's when he was just angry enough to scold him. It was also warm and that made his small fingers slacken on Patamon's paw.

He hadn't thought about it in truth. Patamon had come back, but that was Patamon. He was special; he was Takeru's. He was Takeru's precious friend. Wizarmon had been Tailmon's friend, Hikari's friend, but it wasn't the same. Partners weren't the same. However… that didn't mean it couldn't happen. There was no way to say either way, especially not with Hikari-chan. She had done some incredible things after all, even though she was so weak.

Takeru wondered if his Onii-chan or Taichi-san had any better of an idea but dismissed it. The older kids would probably like to Hikari-chan, thinking it was easier. That wasn't right. She was… she was definitely stronger than that. Mugendramon hadn't scared her and Vamdemon hadn't either. That was brave for her. He couldn't have borne it if it had been his brother or Patamon. If there was a chance, he would wonder, no matter what.

"Takeru-kun?" she repeated softly, worried.

"Um," Takeru jumped. "I-I dunno," he admitted, watching for her face to fall. It didn't, but her rosy eyes were gently disappointed. "I bet it could though," he added after a moment. "I really dunno but… we can believe… and we can try right? Hope!"

"Everyone's hopes are your hopes," Hikari murmured. "And your hopes are everyone's." She smiled rather gently. "Right?" Befuddled by even his own words, the boy nodded. Hikari smiled. "Thank you Takeru-kun. I'll keep the light bright too."

Takeru smiled and for a second, he felt really happy. Someone needed his help, his answers. It was… it was actually kinda cool. Maybe he could be like his Onii-chan someday.