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Here's an 02 for everyone!

Season: 02

Genre: Friendship

Characters: Ichijouji Ken, 02 cast

-It was just… so much fun. Episode 38 snippet.

23. Contagious

He couldn't help it. He couldn't stop laughing.

It was so warm in his room. There were so many here. He couldn't explain his own smile. He couldn't explain his own laughter.

"Ken… did you laugh?"

It was easy to be embarrassed about. But… it wasn't a burning kind. Ken felt his cheeks turn pink. The euphoria didn't fade in the slightest. In fact, everyone's eyes made the feeling bounce up further.

He wondered what his mother felt right now. Was she happy? Was she the happiest she had ever been?

Was Osamu-nii-san happy for him?

"Hey Ken, it's your turn."

He smiled at Takeru and took a card.

He'd like to think he was.