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Season: 01

Genre: Friendship

Characters: Wizarmon

-He just had to stop thinking.

55. Been

It was cold.

No, scratch that, it was freezing.

In the desert of all things.

Honestly. What was the matter with him? Where was he going anyway?

Who was he to anyone?

Wherever he went, no one cared. Wherever people were, no one saw him. No one could be okay with that. No one could want that.

Eventually, the injustice of it all wore away and he simply began to stop caring. He would die soon enough and if no one missed him, then no one missed him. It was just the way things were. He would even forget himself.

Maybe if that happened, he would reborn into a world where he wasn't alone.

His staff gave out, and he collapsed.

In a haze of exhaustion, he thought he heard a voice.

Was there a kind person left in this world?

No, he had long believed there never would be. Not for him. There could not be.

But say... if there was, he would devote himself. He would free himself. Their servant, their friend.

So long as he wasn't alone.

Of course, that was just conjecture.