Anakin's POV

"Well, it's sure not Tatooine Master." I laughed as we exited the Republic base on Nilban.

The storm had become more powerful since our arrival on then frost bitten planet. Gusts of snow flew in untidy cylinders, engulfing the group of troopers leading us forward.

Obi-Wan's figure, who strode right beside, would be almost impossible if I did not know he was there. He shared the same detest for ice planets as I did, but that sure did not stop him from following council orders

The troopers and eventually led us to a large, isolated tarp, suspended between two lamp posts. The material flipped widely in the galloping winds as Obi-Wan and I joined the squadron under the tarp.

Obi-Wan stood in the middle of the cluster of men, removing his scarf to make his voice carry.

"Okay troops," The clones stopped muttering to each other and stared directly at the talking jedi, with full attention. "General Skywalker and I have managed to locate the Separatist's main source of power on this planet." Obi-wan continued.

"Captain Rex will lead the troops across the valley, creating a distraction for the droid onslaught guarding the command tower. Meanwhile, Anakin and I will enter the main power generator, shutting off energy to their defence units. Further orders will be given via Rex's comlink. Understood?"

"Sir, yes sir!" The clones answered in unison. Finally, Rex emerged from the crowd and began talking defence strategies with his brothers.

Obi-Wan exited the huddling group of clones and joined me at the lamp post.

"The Separatists won't be as easy to fool like the last time you and Ahsoka were here, Anakin," Obi-Wan spoke low into my ear. "They've amped up their defences and it would be futile to "improvise" once we get near. Promise me you'll follow this plan until the phase of the attack is over."

I nodded quietly, almost not thinking to; Ahsoka now entered my mind since we left the temple. Right now, she probably sat quietly in the nursery of the temple playing with her daughter. Shmi had been handed over to the council weeks ago and Ahsoka had taken it surprisingly well; she was allowed to spend any free time away from the war with her, as long as it did not interfere with her training.

I quickly thought of the picture of Shmi and Ahsoka I held in my pocket of my parka. Ahsoka had given it to me before I left, expecting I would like to see the two of them- she thought right.

A hard pat on my back awoke me from my thought. Rex stood behind me straddling his pistol in his right hand.

"Sir, General Kenobi is ready to leave for the power generator. My men have loaded into an AT-TE." Rex stated, nodding to the large silver enforcer feet in front of me.

"Good, keep your pace steady. Obi-Wan and I have to get to the generator before the ambush on the droids." I assured the Captain. Rex nodded stiffly and ran over to the AT-TE, where he made his way to the fusion gunner a top the enforcer.

I walked in the opposite direction, heading to the two speeders sitting idle on the snow covered trail. Obi-Wan was already settled on the far speeder, entering co-ordinates into the control panel.

I hopped onto the nearest bike, starting the throttle immediately. I pulled down my goggles from my forehead, turning the environment into an orange atmosphere.

"You ready Master?" I asked over the whipping air. Obi-Wan responded silently pulling his white goggle over his face. In a second the both of us jolted forward, heading toward the power source.

The trip was surprisingly quick. Obi-Wan had managed to flatten the snow piles in front of him, making a flat and easy trail for me to follow. Since I had managed to advance over Obi-Wan's position, I was first to see the large black cube, sure to be the power generator.

Just the top of the generator was visible; the rest was buried deep underground for secure protection. Scattered droids were positioned around the cube, each straddling a simple blaster.

I made a sudden stop at a large snow drift, parking the speeder and taking cover behind it. Obi-Wan followed suit and took a crouching position as well.

"Well Anakin, we just have to be patient and wait for the clone's ambush to begin. You can do that can't, you?" Obi-wan laughed, lightening the suspense.

My mouth opened to sarcastically answer, but a large explosion coming from the distant command tower answered instead.

"Huh, there's your answer Master." I said, jumping over the drift and charging at the generator. I silently made my way to an un-guarded corner of the generator. The faint buzz of the electric coils from inside the generator vibrated my back as I waited for Obi-Wan to catch up.

Obi-Wan whispered as he caught up to my position. "You make your way to the top of the generator; I'll take out the surrounding droids."

"Understood Master." I answered and started to pull myself to the top of the cube. Obi-Wan had already darted in the other direction, so I was left to climb alone. Ice had managed to form around the top of the generator, so my hand would slip now and then.

After almost falling from my position on the generator, I clenched my false hand into the ice, which cracked like a Purella spider web. I lurched atop the cube, rolling onto my back and taking deep, relieving breathes.

I regained energy and made my way to the ladder, extending to the depths of the generator. My eyes were no help as I entered the centre of the cube. I rummaged in my belt to find my lightsaber and quickly ignited it, illuminating the core in a blue light.

I made my way down a narrow staircase, then another even longer then the first. Eventually, the hallway ended and the green, glowing core sat suspended in mid-air. Numerous buttons coated the walls, each having a specific meaning, which I had no clue as to any one of them.

I heard Obi-Wan enter from behind me. He was holding a blue scanner showing inner workings of the core. This was definitely a life saver.

"Okay, the button marked vista activates the power to the core, but the switch marked insta provides a surge of power to keep the core from dying. Each must be destroyed at the same time." Obi-wan shared, igniting his saber to correctly view the buttons.

"Ready Master, on the count of three," I said, standing over insta, while Obi-Wan stood ready to strike over vista. "One… Two… Three!"

We both jabbed our sabers into the wires of the controls, which shot sparks upon impact. The core's light dimmed slowly, ultimately shutting down. My Master and I both stood in silence, totally relieved.

Obi-Wan took out the scanner once more, looking quite confused as to why the core had started blinking red.

"What is it?" I asked in concern. I noticed Obi-Wan's face had turned a pale white as I moved closer to him.

Obi-Wan quickly turned on his heels and sped out of the core room. I followed, trying to get an answer out of my Master.

"They've planted bombs around the core, they expected this Anakin. We have seconds before this blows sky high." Obi-Wan yelled over his shoulder, speeding up. I practically jumped up the two staircases before reaching the tiny hatch out of the core.

Obi-Wan got out and spread a hand out for me to grab onto. I gripped tightly and felt the ground disappear from beneath my feet. The both of us had reached the roof of the generator when we started to hear rumbling from underneath us. I looked over at my mentor, who definitely did not want to end like this.

We jumped immediately when the final bombs went off. The surge of explosives pushed me to the ground with a thud. Obi-Wan landed inches from me as well.

I turned around on the ground to the flaming cube feet from me. Several pieces of shrapnel littered the ground, flaming as well.

I turned to confer with Obi-Wan, but he lay completely still. At first I thought the worst; his nose was bleeding and the back of his jacket was singed from flames. I tried desperately to shake him awake numerous times, but it wasn't until several failed attempts when my Master let out an eerie cough and started to breathe normally.

Over the thick coughs, I heard the faint beep of my comlink. I held it to my face where I heard the desperate voice of Rex.

"General, we have managed to take out the first wave of droids, but they have already called in for reinforcements. My men and I have taken cover a few yards from the command tower. What do you propose we do now?" Rex asked, unaware of the generator explosion that just occurred.

I stared down at my Master's weak frame. There was no way he could carry on with the battle without medical care.

"Rex, just retreat back to base, General Kenobi needs to receive medical attention immediately. The generator is gone; we just need a plan of attack. Just… just-"

"What sir?" Rex asked again.

"Call the temple."