The Seranade of Letgo

Deep in the snow topped mountian lair of Doctor Drakken, the mad scientist worked on his latest invention for world domination. "Shego, come quick! I've nearly completed my newest scientific creation! With this device I shall finally get one over that red headed college heroine- Kim Possible," Shego rolled her eyes as Drakken continued to gloat over the object, "That's nice Dr. D, but no one's gonna take you seriously on the whole world domination thing," she replied. Drakken snapped his head towards her and asked cautiously, "What do you mean, Shego?". Shego smacked her head, "Yeah, remember the whole alien abduction thing? And the whole you saving the world and getting the Nobel Peace prize?" "Don't speak of it!" Draken shouted, "Thats all in the past now Shego besides I wouldn't let any extrateressteral beings take what's rightfully mine!". Shego walked up to Drakken, "Yeah," she agreed,"Thats because its my job to take your dignity and its Kimmie's job to take your freedom," "Exactly!," Drakken mused with a smile. He thought about it for a second then glared at a now smiling Shego. "Make all the jokes you want later, right now I need you to go steal this!". He typed on the keys and an image of a screw-shaped object with a wing shaped handle. "This is the DNA Transducer. It can take the genetic code of any creature, completly rewrite it, and replace it with the gentic code of another in different percentages as one see fit! Currently its in the Argonne National Labatory in Illinois," he explained. "Hmmm, looks like something DNAmy would want," Shego added.

Drakken snorted, "Or so it would seem. This device can only work on animals within the same species as the primary donors of the genetic code up to .08% similarity. When you go to retrieve it, make it look like DNAmy is after it so Kim Possible will go off your trail." Shego blinked, "Thats, actually a pretty good plan Dr.D. You're starting to get better at this," he grinned. Drakken clicked a small intercom button on the keyboard, "Henchmen, prepare the hovercar. Henchmen? Is this thing even working?" he smaked the device. A voice responded on the other end, " Sorry boss, but we're all quitin. We ain't been paid in months so we're goin to work for Dr. Dementor," Drakken sputtered, "Dementor! Why him of all people?," "HE has health and dental coverage thats why. Bye ~bzzt~," the intercom went silent. Shego laughed,"Well that feeling of genius didn't last long huh Dr.D?" he turned to her, his anger slowly rising. She backed away slowly, "Uh okay, I'll just go get that DNA thingy," she dashed out of the lair towards the hangars and rode away in the hovercar. Drakken slumped in his chair, 'What to do about my financial problem?' he thought, tapping his chin. An idea sprung into his head, "THATS IT!" he shouted, "But Shego might kill me if I do, but desperate times call for desperte measures,"


"Miss Tootsie, she ate my shoelaces again!" a child cried. A heafty woman waddled to a toddler, picking her up and pulling a sickengly moist string out of her mouth, "Mary dear, we've explained this before; shoelaces and spagetti are not the same thing. Ok Letta, here are you laces," she handed the laces to the girl. Letta grimnced, "Thanks" Miss Tootsie smoothed her short brown hair and adjusted her grey blouse, "My, there are too many children being active. I don't think we could handle anymore children." Well it is an orphanage. I've checked and since that psycho-thriller movie 'Orphan' was made, adoptions have decreased by about 4% nationwide so it's not that unusual that you guys have more kids than you can handle," Letta explained. Miss Tootsie frowned," Now Letta, you shouldn't talk like that. Potential parents hate a smarty-smart-smart 14 year old kid. As long as you look adorable, you can be adopted. Besides any one of these children can be the next president, or the next millionare or-" "Or the next super villian, as it seems," Letta interrupted. Miss Tootsie pinched her cheeks and replied in a baby voice, " Theres that smarty-smart-smartness agin,". She stood up as another kid ran past her stark naked and laughing his little head off, "Dominic!" Miss Tootsie yelled," You come back here right now and put some clothes on!" she half ran after the little boy, snatching up a discarded towel as she ran.

Letta shook her head and walked to her room. The hall was filled with arguing kids, clothes and broken toys. She was pushed but caught herself before landing on the floor. Letta turned to see three grinning kids; a red headded boy, a long haired blonde girl, and a shotr blonde boy. All three wore orange stripped shirts and blue shorts. " Wow," Letta groaned, "Such individuality," "Shaddup Letto, you know nothing of high quality fashion," the short blonde boy snapped. The blonde girl smiled evilly," Aww, did we hurt the widdle girl? Let me make her feel all beddah," The blonde held Letta down while the red headed boy shoved a marbles up her nose.

"Okay mister...?," "Ah, Lipsky. Mister Drew Lipsky,".

"Okay mister Lipsky, now why would you and your wife want to adopt from Fair Haven today? And where is your wife exactly?," Tootsie asked handing him tea. Drakken was dressed in a navy blue suit, his hair combed back, and he wore glasses. " She is... off on a buisness trip at the moment. Poor thing couldn't reschedule so I'm here alone today. We haven't been, uh, sucessful with having a child of our own and well, heheh, the clock is ticking," he sipped the tea, mentally cursing himself for the mental image he had given himself. Knowing full well that Shego would never do that sort of thing. "Yes I understand , so what kind of child are you looking for?," she asked. Drakken thought for a second, 'Well might as well get a good one' "I'd like a real headstrong kid thats not afraid to speak for themselves or get rough with others if need be," Tootsie looked up and smiled, "Well then I have the perfect child for you mister Lipsky,"


Inside the labratory the tansducer sat inside a glass shelf behind a scientist tending to his bacteria samples. He busily worked on his notes, oblivious of the woman in green sneaking up behind him. With a quick jab to the back of his head, he was out cold drooling on his notes. Shego turned to the transducer, using low powered plasma, she melted the glass and snatehed the device. "DNA shopping now, Shego?" a voiced mocked. Shego turned in time for the device to be knocked out of her hands. She dodged to come face to face with Kim and Ron, "Ugh, you are so annoying!," she roared. She shot plasma blasts at the duo, Kim dodged and Ron screamed, hiding under the desk. "Uh, yeah I'll be over here K.P. no worries,"

Kim and Shego fought, each skillfully manuvering past each blow they tried to land on one another. Kim backed into a wall, Shego ran in for a direct hit only to be side swept by the heroine. She fell beneath the table next to Ron. He and Rufus snickered but quickly scrambled away when Shego growled and raised a glowing hand to him. He bumped his head, spilling various chemicals onto the floor. The chemicals created a bright red gas that filled up the entire room. Shego took the opportunity to grab the transducer and make her escape, "Tough luck next time Kimmykins," she called. The two coughed as they exited from the room while dragging the unconscious scientist from danger. Ron laughed sheepishly, "Heh, oops," Rufus squeaked in disappointment. "Its okay, Ron," she quipped,"Where ever Shego went we'll catch her. I just wonder what Drakken wants with that device."

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"You. Did. WHAT?," Shego yelled at a cowering Drakken. "C-c-c-calm yourself Shego, you're scaring the child," he stuttered. Shego looked at the kid; bright blue eyes, light brown hair, and dressed in overalls and a white shirt. Letta tilted her head, "So this is your wife? How did you manage that? Plus I'm 14, I'm not a child anymore," "Wife!" Shego roared powering up her hands. Drakken hid behind a chair, "Shego, now we are stressed for money and this was the easiest way to get a steady flow," He exlained, " A good three thousand a month for one orphan is a good rate nowandays," Shego yelled," HELLO! We're villans! We can just go rob a bank and- Wait how much a month?". Drakken smiled while he showed her the government check, "The market for wards has skyrocketed lately, dear Shego. Evidently being known as the one who saved the world from aliens has added extra padding to adoption. WE get 30 times as much for taking her in than a normal family!" "Finally something good happens for all that hard work," She snatched the check from him. " Shego, that still means that she has to live with us as well," Drakken added. Shego turned and smiled at Letta,"And what is your name, sweetie?" she asked. Letta's face deadpanned. She replied "Letta. Lipsky. Go," *Double facepalm*