Ch 37

"Didn't really expect for it to work so well," Wade spoke, facinated by the small sevice. "I'm so stoked to be the good old Ronster!" Ron cheered, Rufus joined him with a squeaky shout.

"Well I'm just glad to stand up straight," Letta spoke, "Well I'm just gonna have to deal with it," Tim replied dejectedly. Letta was about to lecture him when her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" she answered, " Oh hey Junior. Wai- slow down, okay go. What happened to your dad? Kay I'll hurry," she closed the phone. "We got to help Junior. His dad's missing and Tootsie's taking over all of his estates,"

"Dude!" Tim shouted, "Thats so not cool!" Jim added. "Well this is bad. Come on guys, suit up," Kim instructed.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tootsie was humming to herself as she picked out a long beautiful black dress from her wardrobe. She looked in her full length mirror adoringly, "Just a few more hours before I'm Ri~ich" she sang skipping a little on her way to change her clothes.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Outside underground the old man was clawing his way out of his grave. He was slowed condierably due to the depleting source of air, but he didn't give up. He made it out of the box and clawed up to the surface. Senior gasped for air.

"You will pay for this Tootsie. I swear to you, you will suffer," the old man growled. He slipped away into the night to enact his plan and get rid of her once and for all.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With the help of Junior the heroic group found out which mansion Senior and Tootsie was staying. The mansion was eerily quiet and without protection. "I have a very bad feeling," Letta voiced, Kim hushed her trying to keep the element of suprise.

"There's no point in hiding out there, just come inside and face me already," Tootsie's voice echoed throught the empty mansion. They moved out of their hiding spot. Looking up they saw Tootsie looking even darker than they last remembered her.

Everyone got into fighting stances thinking that they would easily win, but when Tootsie took out a handgun and shot Kim right above the knee, that balloon quickly deflated. Kim didn't cry but it was obvious that she was in pain.

"Did we all just land in a huge pile of shit?" Ron whispered, not moving out of his ass kicking pose, "Big time," the trio answered. Tootsie smiled, "Well I don't see how that was so hard; one bullet took down the teen,"

She started shooting wildly making everyone scramble. "Bitch gone crazy!" Ron shouted cowering under a table. "Ya think!?" Jim screamed back.

"Run run run you little bastards, no ones gonna stand between me and my happiness!" she cackled. Suddenly a large forearm pulled her back. Behind her was a large police officer, "Ma'am you are under arrest for two accounts of attemptive homicide," he gruffed.

"T-that's impossible, these people broke into my home. They should be arrested," she reasoned. "I beg to differ," a voice interjected. Senior appeared with three other officers; he was covered from head to toe in dirt but otherwise fine.

Tootsie gasped, her arms went limp. "Well then Tootsie I see that you've put yourself in quite the deep grave," Senior replied with a mocking chuckle. She bowed her head in defeat, the heroes let out a huge sigh of relief and walked over to the good old villian.

"Are you ok? Junior was worried about you," Letta asked, he waved off her concern, "I shall contact my son and tell him personally of what happened," he responded looking over at Kim, " I shall also call for medical assistance for her,".

"You forgot something to add on my charges," Tootsie piped up. She twirled out of the officer's grasp and pointed her gun to Letta, "Murder!" she shouted as she put three bullets into the blue girl's chest.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Letta's POV)xxxxxxxxx

What the hell just happened? D-did I really get shot!? All I know is that I'm on the floor and everyone looks really scared. What are they saying? Why can't I hear them? Tim? Where'd you go? Why are you crying, please don't scare me like that. Please tell me I'm going to be okay. Plea...