Ch 39: The Grandaddy of Finalies!

Final chapter! Loves to all who read this and hope the ending was to your satisfaction.

To make the setting even better, read it while listening to a good love song. I used Witney Houston's My Love is Your Love while writing this. Have fun and thanks for reading!

xxxxxxxxxxxx(Without further ado let's begin!)xxxxxxxxxx

Letta adjusted her dress, looking in the mirror with disgust. The dress was a poofy, frilly, itchy maid of honor's dress her mom picked out as a compromise from the would be inlaws so she, Camille, DNAmy, and even Kim had to go through today's ceremony looking like huge puffballs.

Despite this she was just happy that her parents finally set an official date and worked up to it; within the past year, the trio graduated- which got a standing ovation from the faculity, Bonnie and Junior got married, and Kim and Ron are living together. Between thefts, jail time, and taking care of a family, they really didn't have much time to plan and the date kept being pushed back.

Taking one last sad look in the mirror Letta left to the Shego's room, her mother was dressed in a strapless victorian gothic wedding gown trimmed with a grey pattern adorning the edge of the dress, her long black hair was pulled up into a tight bun with the veil hanging around it. "Cool dress, mom. Lemme guess; got it on the five finger discount?" Letta asked, Shego turned around grinning, "You know it kiddo,". She picked up her bouquet and fiddled with the green and blue flowers, "You don't think..," she hesitated, "That we're rushing into things?"

"Three kids, 18 countries, and an alien invasion later and now you're having cold feet?" Letta laughed, Shego grinned. She looked down at the dress and sighed, "Gotta admit, never expected to go for the whole family thing," "But," Letta interjected," Life is unexpected,". Shego nodded in agreement.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

Drakken nervously put on his cufflinks, 'Steady now its only a ceremony- it's only m-m-m-marriage,' he thought. He stopped his preperation, eyes going wide in realization, "My word," he whispered in panic, "I'm getting married today! I'm gonna share my life with Shego, oh dear what if she realizes that I'm not good enough? What if this is a terrible mistake!? Lord I can't bear thinking if things don't work out -". A swift smack to the back jolted him out of his panic.

"Dude congrats on getting hitched to Shego," Ron cheered at the less than enthusiastic villian. Ron rolled his eyes, "Look Drakken, she's been your sidekick for years right? Right. She's seen you at your best and worst, and you already pre-started a family, twice. You two done did awesome and gonna show that today,". Drakken pondered for a moment, "Despite your blatant butchering of the english language, I do understand what you are saying Stoppable,". He placed his arms on the younger man's shoulders, "Thank you dear boy, you are more insightful than you look,"

Ron beamed for a moment then deadpanned and followed the now cheerful villian into the main room of the church.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

The church was decorated in a starry night theme; the ceiling of the church was black adorned with little white lights to imitate stars, the guests wore deep blues, greens, yellows, and white, on each end of the row facing the wall was a small decorative bird cage with two long candles. All of this plus the waning light from the sunset illuminating the stained glass windows of the building gave off a mystical otherwordly glow to the event.

The church was packed with villians, heroes, and family. The Possibles sat up front with Nana Lipsky who held the twins. "How darling," Mrs. Possible squealed, her husband squeezed her hand, "I know Ann. Our kids are apart of a grand wedding for my old college buddy and, although I'm not too crazy about all of Kimmy's arch enemies being in the same room, everyone's behaving and showing their respects,"

Everyone got into postion- Drakken taking his position at the alter, the priest being the only priest they could find to marry them, nervously took his spot in font of Drakken and cued the organist to start playing. The groomsmen,Ron, Jim, and the Wegos, followed in pair with the bridesmaids, Kim, Letta, Camille, and DNAmy, up to the alter, Tim walked alongside his cousin Jess; he the ring bearer, her the flowergirl. The guests stood and turned as Shego glided down the aisle.

All traces of doubt left Drakken's mind upon seeing Shego. Seeing everyone watching her made Shego a little more nervous, she made an effort not to fall and was relieved to reach the altar without falling. They turned to one another not seeing anyone else in the church, and begun the ceremony. The villians exchanged their vows and rings, kissed and everyone cheered as the newlyweds walked out of the church as Mr and Mrs Lipsky.

The reception was big. They chose a very fancy resturant a few miles down from the church and rented out the entire building. The reception was also set like the wedding however the lights were changed to give off blue lighting except for one spot with a beautiful big chandelier, the tables with white linen and a vase with a bundle of carnations and small tea lights in silver holders that had cut slits so the light could project images of cresent moons and stars. The employees moved out some of the fruniture for a dance floor and an area for the DJ. Everyone got up at least once to toast the happy evil couple (despite the hints to reform from Hego). The villianesses all lined up behind Shego waiting for the bouquet to be tossed. She sighed in annoyance but threw it anyway. The large bundle of flowers bounced over the hands of the waiting women and fell into Letta's lap a few feet away.

"An omen?" Tim asked smiling at his girlfriend, "Mayyybe," she answered playfully. However the bouquet was snatched away by DNAmy; she cuddled the flowers along with a dismayed Monkey Fist. The two couldn't help but laugh at the scene as the simian villian tried to pry himself from his captor. "Hey come on they're gonna cut the cake!," Ron shouted wriggling like a little kid in anticipation, Rufus popped out of his pocket to grab a fork and yelled "Banzai" as the little rodent charged to the cake. The cake was about five tiers of square cakes adroned with lace-like icing and surrounded with edible blue and green flowers; the middle tier had a green "S" and a blue "D" in a frilly lacey heart. Shego cut out the first few slices, knowing that Drakken wouldn't dare smash cake in her face.

"Gotta admit K.P, this is the best shin dig we've ever been to," Ron said between huge bites of cake, " True, but think about it Ron; We're so surrounded by the biggest baddies this world has to offer having cake and celebrating Drakken and Shego's wedding, with our friends and family and no one hs tried to get rid of any of us yet? This is the once in a lifetime party that will never happen again," Kim informed, she picked at her food in thought. Ron swallowed his cake, "Don't be so sure K.P," he said pointing to the dance floor where Tim and Letta were dancing, "This is just the biggest one of their generation- you forgot about the possible hero-villian marriage between your brother and their daughter," he proposed. "Oh," Kim replied, "Doubt that will really go any smoother than when my parent found out she was their friend,"


"Well today went off without a hitch," Drakken thought aloud, Shego leaned in closer to him, "Good," she sighed, "Was kinda nervous of how today was gonna go, but it was better than I even dreamed it would be,". Drakken smiled, "Since when are you sincere? Its suprising since I've known you to have a iron clad personality,". She looked up at him, "Well I blame you for making me have a heart,"

He wrapped his arm around his wife and hugged her, "It isn't all bad Shego, we've done quite well in these last few years. In all honesty, who knew adopting Letta would have such an intresting outcome,". "Now you're giving her too much credit Dr. D, you really think that none of this would happen if you didn't adopt her?" she asked. "Well no, but I think it would of took a much longer time to get to this point, quite possibly more yelling, thefts, and incarceration but we would of gotten there. In truth I believe that because we did something good for her, she unknowingly brought you and I closer. Besides we wouldn't of had this interesting wedding if it wasn't for her," he replied. Shego nodded, "True,"

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Letta and Tim were walking back to their table, "Did you have the feeling that someone was watching?" Tim asked, Letta laughed, "Considering the guest list, it would of been wierd if someone wasn't,". He rolled his eyes, she laughed and pushed Tim a little, "But seriously, it was cool that everyone got together like this- you know without the whole world being in jepordy thing... and you being a cotton ball for a day," Tim admitted.

Letta looked in another direction, he was about to apologize for his comment but Letta spoke before he did, "Uh, is your mom taking pictures of everyone?". He looked towards the same direction and sure enough Mrs. Possible was huddling up Kim and Ron for pictures and was going for the newlyweds. "Well we'll always have the photo memories of today," Letta smiled.

Mrs. Possible eyed her son and waved over to them, "Oh god, we're next," she mumbled. Mrs. Possible gushed, "Oh look how adorable you two are!" she pulled out the camera and motioned them to scoot together and took photo after photo after photo.

"Come on, one more please?" she begged after nearly five minutes of taking snapshots of the two. Luckily for them her husband came and convinced her to take pictures of Jess. "Never thought that I'd hate a camera so much," Letta sighed. She sat down at the table and people watched. Tim sat next to her and did the same, he nudged her and asked, "Hey whos that dancing with Jim?". A strange brown haired girl was slowly teaching the Possible twin a dance, with the bot failing miserably. "I think it's Carmen Dementor, helmet head's daughter," she explained. Tim's eyes bugged, "Dementor has a daughter!?". She just shook her head laughine

The music abruptly ended getting the attetion of everyone, " As per tradition, ladies and gentlemen, its time for the bride and groom to have their first dance and husband and wife," the DJ announced. He put on a slow song as Drakken stood up, hand outstreched for Shego. She smiled and took his hand and together they walked onto the middle of the dancefloor and begun dancing as everyone watched full of smiles. They danced as if they had no one else around staying in perfect sync. Thus the seranade finally drew to a close with the most intriguing wedding.