His only goal was to get the job done.

Then that thing had to get in the way.

M-O stared at the robot who called himself Wall-E. This is just not my day... Fuming, he tried cleaning the filthy freak, who wouldn't sit still. Wall-E wheeled forward and M-O fell flat on his face.


M-O got back up and confronted Wall-E angrily. That's when he realized...

"GAAAHHH! You're getting the floor dirty!"

He cleaned up the mess and started yelling at Wall-E, but to the average human, it was just all gibberish.

"Okay, you! Listen here, I can't be wasting my soap and scrubber on your filth. SO GET OUTTA HERE!"

The earthling 'bot merely stared at him in total shock. What does this 'M-O' want with me? Why's he yelling?

Poor M-O. As the police 'bots came on over, the clean freak and the garbage cuber were all heated up...well, okay, just M-O.

Wall-E watched with fascination at M-O's little cleaner. Gee, I wonder what he'll do if I do this...

He put his dirty wheel to M-O's face, and M-O screamed.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH! SOMEBODY CALL THE COPS! Oh, heh heh. Here they come now."

The police 'bots rounded the turn and Go-4 came forward, scanning each individual Eve-bot.

And, well, you know the rest...