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(Otonashi's P.O.V)

Ever since I woke up here in this death trap of a place, my whole point of view of the world has suddenly changed. I mean, everyone's stories about how terrible their lives were before they came here, was awful. Though mine wasn't a pleasant one either, and I'd wished that I'd never see my memories again.

Being in this place made me feel secure though. Yuri and her leadership was the one that stuck us all together and made us stronger. I could never repay how much she's done for all of us.

I sighed and leaned forward onto the railing of the school rooftop. I watched as the other students down below on the track and field were practicing. It wasn't anything special, and they weren't too bad at it. It's not like I had anything better else to do.

I had to share a room with Noda recently and all hasn't gone well. More non-player characters or the "other students" joined the school and apparently we had to double up on dorm rooms.

I seriously don't think this will work out between Noda and I. We've hated each other from the very beginning I came here. I begged for Hinata or someone else to be my roommate, but they said that they couldn't move people around to other rooms because it would be too much trouble. Noda already wanted to kill me, so this was his perfect chance now.

I didn't want to go to my dorm tonight. I would literally sleep on this rooftop if I had too. Though, sharing a room with Hinata wouldn't be all too bad. I mean, he's not out to kill me, and he was sweet. I-I kind of like him. I mean, he's supportive and caring, and I really like that about him. I don't love-love him, I just like him a little. Nothing big really.

The sun was set now, and I just realized it. I guess it was time to face a night of hell…

When I made it to our new dorm room, Noda was sitting on the floor near the door in the hallway, his head slumped forward. He was sleeping. He probably fell asleep there. I decided not to wake him, so I began to make my key into the door when he rustled on the floor.

Great, I thought. He'll be more angry now that he woke up. Noda stretched and finally realized that I was standing next to him.

"Where the hell were you?" he complained, "I've been waiting for you to unlock the door. You're the one who has the key. I would've busted down the door, but I didn't want to fix it later."

Hold on. They gave us both a key…

"You got one. They handed it to you earlier this morning," I said, as he stood up to argue with me.

"It doesn't work," he said calmly, handing me his key from his pocket and literally shoved it in my face, "though when I turn the doorknob, it won't open." I took the key from him, and placed it in the keyhole. I turned the key to the left and pushed open the door.

Such an idiot, I thought. "See it works fine. You probably just turned it the wrong way," I said, almost stepping foot into the room, until Noda's halberd* hit my throat, stopping me from taking another step, and made me drop my room key.

He pulled the collar of my jacket, as I stumbled backwards into the wall and placed the point of his halberd to my throat. A drop of sweat slid down my face.

"You're a whiney little bitch. You just need to keep your mouth shut before I cut you in pieces," he said.

"Screw you. Your just a bully. Your just not strong enough to restrain your anger, so you lash out on others. Mostly me. Why can you hold it in for Yuri? Just because she's our leader doesn't make it any difference from us to her," I said, as he looked angrily shocked at me and drew his halberd into the air.

Before he could slash me, I quickly drew my gun to the temple of his head. "I wouldn't if I were you. I'm not going to put up with your shit anymore, Noda," I said, giving him my most serious look ever, and I meant it.

He slowly lowered his halberd and stepped back, looking more angrily at me now. "Whatever. I won't continue on with you anymore. Though, we're never going to get along, which means we can't be roommates," he said, now looking back up at me, looking concerned.

What was he saying? He started all this shit first.

"We're enemies from the beginning. We can't handle each other. So I suggest that someone finds another room to sleep in tonight, he said, smirking suddenly, "and that won't be me. I hope you don't mind."

He quickly closed the door, and locked it before I could turn the doorknob. I realized that I dropped my key in the room after I was stopped by his halberd.

"Damn it," I said, kicking the wall, and walking away, placing my hands in my pocket. Where was I going to sleep? Maybe there's someone with a single room. I think Hinata had a single room. Lucky for him.

I walked another floor down, and found his room number, and knocked, though there was no answer.

I was about to walk away until Hinata opened the door, obviously brushing his teeth. He took the toothbrush out of his mouth. "Otonashi. What'cha doin' here?" he asked.

"Noda locked him out of the room, and he has my room key. I have nowhere to sleep now," I said. He nodded, and smiled gently.

"Come in. I have a single, but the bed is big enough to fit two. I wouldn't make you sleep on the floor," he said, stepping aside as I walked into the room. "If you need night clothes, I have some extras," he said, opening one of the drawers in his closet to me inspect it.

I chose red plaid pants and a white t-shirt.

"Thanks man, I owe you one," I said, though I really wanted to say that I loved him. Hold on. Did I seriously just think that? Oh my god no. I can't. Hinata probably doesn't feel that way, and I shouldn't either.

"No problem. I'll do anything for you, Otonashi," he said, then he turned around to enter the bathroom again, letting me blush a little before I began to take my shirt off.

A-Anything? Would he risk himself for me? Does he feel the same that…I do for him? I couldn't think straight right now. I finally managed to get the night shirt on. I was so confused that I couldn't find the right hold my arm went through. It was a perfect fit. It was a little tight, but I would manage.

When I looked around the room, I found a ton of manga on his desk. Shoujo, Shonen. They all looked interesting though. I didn't know you could buy them near here. Maybe I could borrow a book from him some time or another. He finally stepped out of the bathroom.

"Sorry it took so long," he said, that gentle, but warm smile on his face. That smile was all mine. I'm glad. I nodded, and headed over to the bed near the wall. I didn't knows if he wanted the wall or the end side of the bed, but I choose the wall.

He climbed into bed after turning off the lights. I felt his leg brush up against mine, as he climbed in. I immediately moved my leg away from his side of the bed. I'm not sure if he saw me blush or not, since the moon was shining on me through his window.

He settled down and stared at me, smiling his usual smile, since we were both facing each other. "Goodnight Otonashi," he said, placing a kiss on my forehead.

"Goodnight, Hinata," I said, shuttering a bit, forcing myself not to say anything I might regret, and gave him a kiss on his forehead in return, making him smile.

I tried to ignore it, and turned onto my other side to face the wall, my towards him. I was about to fall asleep when I felt Hinata pull me closer to him, to where we were touching. My back was forced into his chest at this point.

I felt him breathe heavily onto my neck, as he rested his head on my shoulder. Though he was a bit taller than me. I was beat red now, though I didn't mind it. He gently wrapped his arms around my waist now, pulling me a bit closer to him.

I hope you doesn't know that I'm awake. Though I don't care. Because…

I love him.

I heard him whisper into my ear now, "I love you, Otonashi."

Woah. Did he just tell me that…he loves me? Like for real? Or did I just imagine it? How was I suppose to respond? Does he know that I'm awake. I don't want to ruin the moment, so I didn't say anything.

He snuggled his head back into my shoulder again, almost giving me cold chills down my back. I could feel his deep breathing on my neck again, and I was trying not to flinch or blush. I tried to relax, but frankly, I couldn't.

Though I really didn't want this moment to end. Not now.

I finally managed to relax and drifted off to sleep, giving into his affection.

(*Halberd- Which is name of Noda's main weapon of choice, which is a pike fitted with an ax head.)