Well, this is Chapter 27.5, so really, this isn't a real chapter, but if you read this, you would have a bit more knowledge about what happened in the end. Please enjoy~!

The next morning, the whole school building had magically been rebuilt. As well as Angel's wounded soldiers, they had disappeared into thin air.

But today, everyone had gathered into the Headquarters for a quick meeting on what happened to the others who weren't there.

But, Otonashi and Hinata weren't there. They were in the infirmary, treating to Otonashi's wounds. Otonashi took off his shirt, as already seen dried blood across his stomach and chest.

Hinata stood with an sad expression at the wounds, which would turn into scars.

"Hinata, don't stare at them with that expression. I told you that you didn't mean to. I'm not upset," said Otonashi, though Hinata wasn't buying it.

"I know. I just can't believe I did such a thing. But, I'm glad that I here with you again," said Hinata, smiling gently.

"I am too. Being without you for so long, I was literally tearing myself apart inside. I didn't know what could've happened to you, or where you were. I was worried sick," said Otonashi, as Hinata cleaned Otonashi's body with a wet washcloth, and wiped the dried blood off.

"I'm sorry that I worried you. I just didn't want you caught. But I knew that you would be upset," said Hinata, as began wiping the blood off of his back now.

Otonashi's back was heavily more scarred than his chest, which Hinata tried to pass over, but it hurt him inside.

The only thing left on Otonashi's body was the scars left behind. Laying the rag down, Hinata wrapped his arms around Otonashi's waist from behind, and gently kissed behind his ear.

Blushing, Otonashi turned around, placing his hand on Hinata's face.

"You don't know how much I've missed you," said Otonashi, before placing his lips against Hinata's, and wrapping his arms around his neck.

Voices were heard from the hallway, as the infirmary door opened, "Hey guys, you need—"

Noda had opened the door to find a shirtless Otonashi and Hinata kissing.

"S-Sorry if I messed up the moment," said Noda, turning his head, as they let go of the kiss.

"What is it?" asked Hinata, kind of angry that Noda interrupted the moment.

"It's Christmas you retard. Everybody's gathering in the Headquarters to celebrate. Come down as soon as you can," said Noda, walking out.

Otonashi turned to Hinata, "Come on. We don't want to keep them waiting too much longer."

Otonashi put his shirt back on, and when they arrived, they found everybody in normal clothes, or pajamas.
Surprisingly, they were too.

"You guys made it! Merry Christmas!" shouted Yui from the top of her lungs, and pulled a confetti blower, sending confetti across the room.

"Wow, but we've been busy this whole time. We didn't buy any presents," said Hinata nervously, thinking that he wouldn't get a present this year if he didn't give one.
"It's fine. We don't need to give presents to have Christmas. It's being with each other that counts," said Yuri, who appeared in pajamas. Her top was green with a lighted Christmas tree, and her bottoms were long and red, with little reindeer running across them.

Shiina was in her puppy pajamas, with pink, furry house slippers. All the girls wore pajamas except Hisako, who was in regular shirt and pants.

"Come on, sit down already! We're going to have a feast! Come on! Come on!" shouted Yui, tugging on both of their arms and dragging them to the couch, which they sat down.

Suddenly, the door bursted open, and one after one, food was piled into the room.
Carved ham, roasted turkey, buttery corn, mashed potatoes, and anymore of anybody can think of.

After TK and the rest of them set the food down, they all made a circle, and joined hands for a little prayer on behalf of Hatsune, and Christmas. They all bowed their heads in respect.

"Dear Heavenly Father, we would like to give thanks on this special day, for giving us each the support to on, and fight with all we can. We thank you for providing us with the food, and the shelter that you have given us. I would like to pray that Hatsune and Demon are reborn together. They were two lively souls, that were perfect for each other, and really cared about each other.
Thank you for the food, Amen," said Yuri, lifting her head.

"Amen," said the rest of the crowd.

Yui rushed immediately over to the food, grabbing a plate and fork, and placing us much food as she could onto it.

"Alright, let's get to eating!" said Yuri, who actually smiled happily for once, as they all ran for food.

They were grabbing the handmade rolls first, piling two or three onto their plate before anything else. They actually didn't know that Yui made these, and Yui ran to food first to make sure she cooked them right.

Returning to their seats, Yuri cried out, "It's snowing, you guys!"

Everybody ran to window, and peered out, finding the world appear in white wonderland.

"It's so pretty," said Irie, as everybody nodded in agreement. "It's a white Christmas," said Sekine, smiling to Irie.

"Yuri...," said Takamatsu nervously, "you're standing under mistletoe."

Looking up, Yuri saw that she was directly under some mistletoe that was taped to the ceiling.

Suddenly, everyone took a step backwards, but Noda, who found himself stuck in a place were he couldn't get out of.

"Come here," said Noda, pulling Yuri close to him, as Yuri's face was bright red.

"Kiss him! Kiss him!" chanted the crowd.

Yuri stood flustered, but the crowd kept getting louder and louder.

Hinata got behind Noda, and pushed him into Yuri, making their lips meet suddenly. This only made Yuri's face redder, as well for Noda's.

"Awwwww~" awed most the girls, besides Hisako and Shiina.

Yuri quickly pulled away, and stared, blushing at that moment.

After the moment settled, Noda quickly took his anger on Hinata.

"Hinata! You're dead!" yelled Noda, but TK grabbed him before Noda could attack Hinata.

"Now, now, please don't kill anybody. It's Christmas, isn't it?! Let's celebrate!" said Sekine, grabbing Irie's arm, and pumping her fist into the air.

"Let's eat!" cheered Yui, digging into her food.

The whole room filled with Christmas spirit, and happiness. Everybody laughed and cheered as they all were happily back together again. They had all eaten, and the room was filled with conversation and liveliness.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

When Yuri opened the door, a tree bursted into the room.

"What the heck is that?!" cried Yui, jumping back at the green furry thing that appeared into the room.

"Calm down! It's our Christmas tree. Thanks for hauling it all the way here, Yusa," said Yuri, as Yusa's head popped up from the leaves of the tree.
"No problem," said Yusa, as she quickly rustled out of the brush and dragged the tree to a corner of the room, and propped it up.

Going to the closet, Yuri picked up a box and set it on the coffee table.

"What is it?" asked Yui, peeking into the box. "Christmas ornaments?" asked Yui, picking up an ornament in the shape of a diamond, that had red and green swirls going around it.

"Well you can't have a tree without decorating it!" said Yuri, pulling lights out of the box, and started placing them around the tree.

Otonashi and Hinata both dug into the box, and picked out an ornament.

Otonashi's ornament was a Santa Clause figure that held a sack of toys on his back.
Hinata's ornament was an angel with wings and a halo, and it's hands was placed together, as it seemed as if it was praying.

Shiina picked an ornament out, and she pulled out a little glass kitten with a Christmas cap on, and a bell around his neck.

Shiina squealed, and grasped the ornament, and hugged it. "It's so cute!" she squealed.

Everybody laughed at her fondness of the ornament, but Shiina quickly turned away, and walked off into a corner, taking the ornament with her.

Otonashi stepped onto the tips of his toes, placing the ornament near the top. Hinata placed his in the middle, as Yuri finally placed the lights and turned them on.

They lit up, as they all stood back in amazement, and they all felt happy inside. Hinata grabbed Otonashi's hand, and locked fingers, as they smiled at the tree.

"Now, who wants to place the star on top?" asked Yuri, as Hinata volunteered Otonashi to do it.

"Otonashi wants to!" said Hinata, raising Otonashi's arm into the air. "Alright then, here you go," said Yuri, handing Otonashi the star. "Now how am I suppose to reach up there?" asked Otonashi.

Hinata squatted down, "Here, sit on my shoulders. You'll reach it from here."

Otonashi was uneasy about this, but climbed onto his shoulders anyway. Slowly rising up, Hinata steadied himself as Otonashi carefully placed the star on the top. "There we go. It's now complete," said Otonashi, satisfied with the work, as Hinata squatted back down as Otonashi hopped off.

"It's beautiful," said Hinata, "because you made it complete."
Otonashi wasn't buying this suck up, "Oh, whatever. It wasn't because of me anyway."

Hinata's hand grabbed Otonashi's, as Otonashi's face brightened some. Their first Christmas together. They couldn't have been more happier. They felt warm inside, not having a care in the world.

They weren't worried anymore. Nothing bothered them. Today was the day of giving to others, and enjoying each other's company.

"It's so great to be back with everyone like this again. It feels nice," said Fujimaki, putting his arm around Ōyama.

"Yeah. It's soothing, and it's our first Christmas together as couples too," said Irie with a gentle voice, as the four couples nodded, as a blast of cold air bursted open the window and flooded into the room.

But into the snowy, darkness of the night, a shrill was heard through the air.

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