Young Justice Fanfiction First try

The team had been sent out to stop a huge drug deal from happening. When they arrived at the small island the deal was supposed be happening on they noticed two things. One, the security sucked and two, there was only one barge.

"Hey, if they're trying to sell drugs and all, why is there only one ship?" Superboy asked. Kaldur looked over at Superboy.

"Well, if the drugs were made on the island they wouldn't need to transfer it here, thus there only being one ship." he answered. Superboy only nodded in response. Wally suddenly sped into the clearing they were waiting in.

"Ok, twenty guys just walking around the perimeter. No cameras or any other type of surveillance." he reported. He looked around the clearing of tropical trees that were common around the equator. "I really feel like a broken record saying this but, where is Robin?" The whole groups heads snapped up and scanned the trees.

"Dammit" mutter Artemis. "Why now? Does he want us to get caught looking for him?" her words hissed through her teeth. Wally looked over at her and shrugged. "Knowing Robin, he might just be watching us, or he is out there doing what I just did, except slower." Artemis nodded and looked over at Zatanna. Zatanna smiled back and passed the smile to Rocket.

"I' can try to track him with magic." Zatanna mused. Megan looked over her shoulder at Zatanna. "I already tried with my telepathy, I found him but he pushed me out." The whole team groaned at this news.

"Why is that boy so defensive?" Rocket asked. No one really knew (except maybe Wally).

"Hey guys. This is really confusing, I was in the warehouse and looking through the boxes and they only held things like wine and beer." Robin said appearing right next to Rocket. This turned out to be a bad idea because in her shock she trapped him in one of her energy bubbles. He gave her his version of the bat-glare, which caused her to flinch.

"Sorry" she whispered and released him.

"Nice reaction time but learn who your teammate is by voice ok?" he sounded a bit tired. Zatanna giggled. Kaldur looked at Robinwith a tired expression. "Can you at least not appear next to the person who does not your habbits?" he asked in an exasperated tone. Robin snicked.

"Wally was right no cameras or trip wires, or anything!" Robin reported. Wally looked at Robin suspiciously.

"Ok, well, I guess we just enter and stop them from dealing drugs."

"Didn't you hear me, the boxes only had wine bottles." Robin said.

"Robin, did it occur to you they might have put the drugs in the wine or wine bottles?" Artemis asked. Robin's head tilted to the side as if in thought.

"I'm linking us up telepathically." Megan said lightly. Everyone on board?

Yes- Kaldur

Hmph- Superboy

Ready- Artemis

I can't say anything flirty cause Atry will hit me- Wally. Artemis hit him up-side the head. He glared at her rubbing the spot but not saying anything.

Uh, yeah- Rocket

Totally ready!- Zatanna

Let's go already.- Robin

Megan smiled at Robin's impatience. Ok we're off! She said happily. The group stalked through the jungle, making very little noise. Robin was the first to sneak into the warehouse, followed by the girls who were followed by the rest of the boys.

Well, This is boring.

Robin, please just behave and don't do anything stupid.

Me do something stupid? Gosh Kaldur, I'm insulted.


Ok, ok. How are we dealing with the drugs? Or Alcohol?

Robin, really how did you not think the drugs might be in the bottles? Anyway lets burn it.

No! Girl, are you really a stupid blonde? Artemis, we might breathe it in if we burn it.

Really, a stupid Blonde joke? Rocket you are treading dark waters right now.

Eh, it's ok, Kaldur will make sure I-no one drowns. Rocket made a face, the ware house was dark so no one but Robin saw it. Robin started to snicker. As he breathed in he thought the air tasted strange, Gas masks NOW! He mentally shouted as he smacked his onto his face. Everyone else took a little to long and started to choke on the now obviously gassed room. Robin ran around tying on his teammates masks as fast as possible. After a few scary seconds of his friends coughing the masks made sure they didn't breathe in anymore gas, and his team recovered themselves. Robin sighed, Few you guys scared me. It tasted like Joker Venom, but none of you are laughing so we are ok. Wally looked at Robin with thanks in his eyes. Robin didn't see as he was scanning the room. Hey Zatanna, can you light it up in here? He asked.

Yeah she replied. As she started to mutter her spell a whip snapped out of no where and wrapped around Robin's neck. The cracked resounded and hit off his face. It left a long cut from his nose to his ear on the right side of his face.

"Wha?" he started as it yanked him backwards, "Wha!" His small shout sounded out right as Zatanna finished her spell. The lights almost blinded everyone they were so bright. The team spun to see Robin choking as the whip was tight around his neck and pulling him up so he was barely on his tip-toes. He made a few choking sounds, but before his team could do anything, he had a bird-a-rang in his hand and cut through the whip. He fell down, barely dodging the shortened whip as he back-flipped back to his team.

Robin, are you ok?

Do you need anything?

Crap, my mask fell off. Was his only reply to his teams worried questions. Megan looked at the mask and was about to bring it back to Robin when she heard him gasp. Her head whipped up and she saw an angry red and black clad woman glaring at Robin.

"Honey boo, Roby-kins broke my new toy." she whined. Her voice gave Megan a headache.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Harley. Really, I'm dripping with sympathy for your broken toy." Robin said sarcastically. Megan couldn't see it, but she was pretty sure Robin also rolled his eyes.

Dude! Don't anger the whip lady! Rocket and Artemis said at the same time. The two had become really good friends since New Years day. (I'm saying it is Feb. because Robin is still 13.)

Robin glanced at the girls, They couldn't tell because he didn't turn his head. It's ok, she doesn't do anything without Joker telling her to. He explained.

Robin, you haven't done anything and you're not wearing a mask, is it ok now?

I don't know, just keep the mask on, you know just in case.

What about you? Robin almost smile at Zatanna's concern. I'll be fine until something happened ok? Zatanna nodded. Harley looked at Zatanna in confusion.

"Oh! You guys are being all telepathic on me!" sje laughed, her harsh voice driving into everyone's head.

"You know that is rude don't you?" Robin spun so that Joker didn't have anytime to be unseen. Half his group turned with him.

There are only two people, we can take them. Rocket said.

Robin, you know these two, are they as unarmed as they appeared.? Kaldur inquired.

Tell me Kaldur, it Atlantis dry? Robin's answer rang in everyone's minds.

Crap Wally thought. This might not be as easy as it first appeared...