Chapter 5 Rescue

Robin wasn't unconscious, but he just couldn't hold his head up anymore. His breathing was ragged, and blood was seeping out of his mouth. His dizziness made him want to vomit, and his face was on fire.

Just end it! He thought.

Robin, we'll get you out don't worry! Megan told him. He couldn't understand her. His world was a mess.

"Ce? ai vorbit cu mine? Eu nu pot înţelege. Batman! Ajută-mă tată!" he yelled.

"Crap" Wally muttered. Staring at the barrel of the gun. He knew soon Robin would need serious help. Harley looked at Robin curiously.

"I wonder what he said.." She paused just long enough for Wally to spin and kick her gun away. Superboy then grabbed Harley and threw her into the ceiling. She fell down unconscious. Joker screamed in rage.

"Harley! My lover! How could you!" he turned to Robin. "Robin, I'll miss you but good-bye. " his sneer ended with him pulling out a gun, but before he could fire it, a shadow appeared and hit him where the neck meets the shoulder. He passed out instantly. The shadow stepped out to reveal Batman. He walked over to Robin. Wally had undone the bonds that held him.

Robin slumped over and coughed out some blood into Batman's lap. Batman's frown deepened.

"He needs immediate medical attention." Flash said as he sped into the area. Superman floated down too.

"Tatăl? Eu nu te pot vedea. Am rănit, te rog ajută-mă. Te rog! Poate nu mă auzi? Vorbesc? De ce nu pot să înţeleg nimic! Tati! Te rog ajută-mă!" Robin's ramblings made Batman pause before answering.

"What is he saying?" Rocket asked.

"He wants help. Does the bio-ship have advanced medical supplies?" Batman asked Meagan.

"Yes! I'll call her here now." Batman nodded. About a minute later, Batman the YJ team and Flash, Superman, and Aquaman were in the bio-ship. Batman and Flash were working on Robin. Megan had the ship return to the Cave.

Robin was in operation for an hour once they got back. Flash came out first.

"Give them five minutes before you head in." he warned them. Five minutes later Batman came out.

"May we see him?" asked Zatanna. Batman nodded.

"He's conscious, but don't make him talk to much." after these orders he walked out. The team went into the oddly spacious medical resting room. They surrounded Robin's bed. Robin didn't have his his glasses, but he had gauze around his eyes.

"Well," Wally started.

"Wally, your shoulder! Did you get it set correctly?" Robin asked worriedly. Wally nodded but realize Robin couldn't see him. He said yes.(he had gotten it fixed by Black Canary.)

"How are you Robin?" Kaldur asked.

"I'm fine but what about Artemis.?"

"I'm ok Robin. I was treated on the bio-ship by Superman." She told him.

"ok, so everyone is ok?" Robin asked.

"We're ok Robin." Wally assured him. Wally's hand bumped into Robin's left arm. He felt the bandages. He felt sick as he thought of what the cuts would scar as.

"Wally?" The team was looking at him. He had been staring at the bandages.

"You're arm. I'm sorry Robin." he admitted.

"I don't know what it says." Robin told him.

"It says 'LAUGH'" Wally told him. The team looked distressed. Robin smiled.

"Guys, it's fine. When I get better we should get ice-cream!" The team nodded. Robin yawned and just fell asleep on them. The team smirked or giggled and walked out except for Zatanna. She walked up to Robin and bent down and kissed his forhead.

"On New Years eve it was on the lips." muttered Robin. Zatanna jumped.

"Did you really think I'd just fall asleep like that?" he asked her. She just smiled.

"Eb teiuq" she muttered and Robin stopped talking. She bent over and this time kissed his lips. She smiled and walked out to join the team. Robin smiled and really did fall asleep with pleasant dreams.

Three weeks later.

Robin was all better, almost. If he wore sunglasses, you could just see a faint outline where his mask usually laid. His arm had faint letters that spelled out 'LAUGH'. He still had to take it easy so he wouldn't hurt himself. The team watched him in the gym once. He was on the gymnastics parts. He flipped and spun in the air. He threw himself off on of the taller bars and lengthened his body out with his arms just slightly behind him. He flipped until his face was parallel to the bar he had jumped off of. He then reached out and grabbed the bar and his momentum had him swinging on the bar. After a few spins he flew off again and did the same long flip and landed on the ground.

"So graceful" everyone muttered.

"Team" Batman called the team into the main hall. When the team was there Batman told them their mission.

"At another Cadimus Lab, they are keeping files that we need. We want you to break in, get the files and get out. This is covert! Go" Batman stayed as he watched the team race off. He let himself smile, just a little bit as Robin flipped over Zatanna.

"Thank Goodness this is an easy mission." Batman muttered as he went back to his Holographic Computer.