Mato Kuroi has recently turned 15 and has graduated from middle school and moved on to high school with Yomi and the rest of their friends. As she is sleeping in her room, she starts dreaming of a Spider drone, which looked similar to the one Black Rock Shooter fought, attacking her hometown. As she watches in horror, the spider jumps right in front of her and attacks her as she screams. She then wakes up gasping for breath and looks around to see that she is back in her own room.

"Oh, it's just a dream." Mato sighed with relief and lays down in bed.

After Mato calms down, she soon finds herself unable to sleep.

"Why does the dream seem so real?" Mato asked herself as she stares at the ceiling while lying on her bed.

In the next scene, Rin Okumura is scene walking into Mato's hometown as he tries to remind himself why he is here. He flashes back to when his brother, Yukio, told him to transfer to a human school after realizing that his job as an Exorcist and his use of Satan's powers would cause him to think less of himself as a human and more of a demon. Rin agrees, as he desires a more subtle life after everything that has happened in True Cross Academy, such as the opening of the Gehenna Gate. Despite this, he brought Kuro with him to keep him company and his sword in case it is ever needed.

"Do you think this will help you get back your humanity you lost during your last battle?" Kuro asked.

"I still don't feel that I am human, but hopefully life here can help make things easier for me as an Exorcist since I probably wouldn't have to use my powers as much. Once I head to my new dorm, I am definitely going to make the best out of my new life."

"Glad you are doing this. You were such a stuck up after the last battle."

In retaliation, Rin picks up Kuro and gives him a noogie. "What do you mean I am such a stuck up? I have never felt so free in my entire life after that battle."

"Sorry! Sorry! Please let me go!" Rin continues to comically play with Kuro, getting distracted as he continues to walk along.

In the meanwhile, Yomi and Yuu head off to school as Mato rushes to catch up with them.

"You seem a bit slower today. Is there something wrong?" Yomi asked.

"I just didn't have enough sleep last night?" Mato rubs her eyes and yawns.

"What were you doing up so late?"

"I just had a bad dream. It was nothing much."

"Let's just hope that it doesn't affect your studies, because we have a big math test today." Yuu told Mato.

Hearing this immediately caused Mato to become more awake. "I can't believe I forgot about such a thing! Excuse me, but I will be going ahead."

Mato then comically rushes to school, leaving Yomi and Yuu behind.

"Someday her behavior will seriously get her into trouble." Yuu remarked.

"Mato has become more laid back ever since we dealt with the Black Rock Shooter incident. I just hope that she doesn't take things too far." Yomi becomes a little concerned.

Yuu laughs in response. "I think she just did since she forgot to study. Hopefully this will teach her a listen about what happens when you relax too much."

After school was over, Mato sighed out of disappointment. "I can't believe that there was a big test today and I forgot to study for it. I just know I didn't do well on it."

"That's what you get for getting too relaxed." Yuu continues to tease Mato.

Mato pouts. "I think I already know that so stop mentioning it."

"But this is the third test you have failed to study for. If you continue like this, you won't past this year."

"Then can you help me study for a history quiz I have in two days?" Mato asked Yomi.

"Sorry, but I already promised Yuu that I would help her study for her quiz in my house."

"What? But that is not fair. Whose side are you on anyway Yomi?" Mato continues to complain.

Yomi giggled a little. "Sorry Mato, but it is the student's responsibility to be prepared. It is not my problem that you don't study."

"Your are doing this on purpose aren't you Yomi?" Mato becomes irritated.

"You are just so cute when you behave like that." Yomi smiles.

"You are just like a little girl." Yuu laughs alongside Yomi.

"I am not a little girl!" Mato continues to pout as she complains.

"Anyway, your home is on the other road. I will see you tomorrow okay?" Yomi waves goodbye as she walks along with Yuu.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." Mato walks the other way as she heads back to her house.

"Seriously, there is such thing as taking it too far when you are making fun of someone you know." Mato thought to herself.

As Mato heads back home, she suddenly heard loud screaming and starts seeing people running in the opposite direction.

"What is going on?"

Rather than running away like everyone else, Mato starts having a familiar feeling inside her body and continues moving forward instead.

"Are you crazy? You are going to get killed by that thing if you go any further!" One person shouted.

"Run away while you still can!" Shouted another.

Mato continues to walk forward, ignoring the crowd's protest, as the feeling grows stronger with each step.

"Who is calling me?" Mato soon starts entering a trance-like state and loses consciousness as a result.

Once Mato reaches what the cause is, she finally returns to her senses as she sees that standing in front of her is the same robotic spider in her nightmare. Mato becomes horrified and slowly backs away from the robot, but the spider has already spotted her.

"You can't be real. It is not possible. You are just a part of my dream." Mato becomes even more frightened as the giant spider moves closer to her.

"Get away. GET AWAY!" Mato screams as she begins to run back.

Rin and Kuro heard her scream nearby and turns only to see the giant spider causing destruction in the neighborhood.

"Oh great! So much for an easy life here." Rin complains.

As Rin was about to go partial demon form, Kuro stops him. "Wait Rin. I sense no demonic presence from this creature. It could be different from the other creatures we have fought."

"It doesn't matter! It is destroying the town and I've got to save it. Are you with me or not?"

Kuro responds by transforming into a nekomata, signifying Rin that he will fight alongside him. As Rin rides on Kuro's back, he then charges towards the spider.

In the Other World, Rock also heard Mato's plea for help. "My other self is in trouble."

Rock rushes to Mato's subconscious mind in an attempt to take over her body. As Mato continues to step back from the giant spider, she trips on a rock and looks on frightened, as the spider is about to kill her.

"HELP!" Mato's cry causes a blue flame to emerge from her left eye and eventually causes her to transform into Black Rock Shooter for the first time in the real world.

Rock sees the spider about to stomp her and jumps out of the way. Instead of fighting, however, Rock becomes confused at her transformation.

"I had only intended to communicate to my other self to run, but instead I manifested myself in the real world by taking over her body. What is going on?"

Rock finally turns her attention to the giant spider as it charges towards her.

"No matter the reason, I won't let you win." Black Rock Shooter aims her Rock Cannon towards the spider, intending to kill it.

Before Rock can fire, Kuro suddenly tackled the spider, sending it flying a short distance. Rin, who is standing on top of Kuro, unsheathes his Kurikara, transforming him into his demon form as blue flames begin to cover his body. Rock watches with astonishment.

"Who is he?" Rock thought to herself.

Rin jumps off Kuro and shoots out blue flames from his sword, instantly killing his giant foe.

"DIE YOU MONSTER!" Rin stabs the spider to insure it is dead.

After the spider's defeat, it disappears right in front of Rock, Kuro, and Rin. Rock gives Mato back her body after seeing that the trouble is over and the first thing she sees is Rin standing right in front of her after putting his blade back. Rin turns back to the girl and briefly becomes mesmerized by her blue eyes, but snaps out of it quickly and helps Mato up.

"Are you okay?" Rin asked.

"Yes, thank you for saving me, but what is that thing?"

"That is what I would like to know myself. I heard your cry for help so I rushed in and killed that thing."

Mato becomes embarrassed when she finds out that the reason he is here was because of her.

"With that out of the way. Do you mind if I ask you for a favor even though we don't know each other?"

"You saved my life so I can manage to spare a little time for you."

Rin takes out a map and begins searching. "I got lost. Can you tell me where this dorm is?"

Mato comically falls to the ground disappointed as she expects that he would ask her to hang out with him, but helps him anyway. Rin points to the area on the map for Mato to see. She points north by telling him that it is a 10 minute walk from here and that he should be able to see a big sign of the dorm afterwards, but realizes that this is the dorm owned by the same high school she is going to.

"So you are going to the same school as I am?"

"Looks like I am." Rin laughs.

Mato becomes energetic after hearing that. "Then I will look forward to hanging out with you once you arrive."

"I am fine with that. Thank you for your help, but I must get going now."

Rin heads off, but Mato suddenly remembers something. "I almost forgot we haven't introduced ourselves yet. My name is Mato Kuroi, what is yours?"

"Rin Okumura. I'll see you at school." Rin continues forward.

"All right, I'll see you soon." Mato waves goodbye to Rin before heading home.

In the Other World, Rock sits on a boulder still wondering how she is able to manifest herself to the real world and why such a creature from her world is able to do so also. As Rock continues to wonder in her own thoughts, Dead Master arrives for an unexpected visit. Although remaining silent, Dead Master signals Rock to follow her, which she does. When they arrive to a nearby hill, Black Gold Saw is already there as she continues to stare at a dark glow on another far away hill.

Black Rock Shooter took a closer look at the hill and sees that the glow is actually the forming of an unknown "other self", something never encountered by the three before as they continue to look on.

"Could this be the cause?" Rock continues to wander in her thoughts.

Once Rin finished unpacking his things, he immediately lays down in bed out of relief as Kuro watches him.

"Man, I thought I would never get this thing done." Rin soon begins relaxing, but Kuro remains unsure whether he can do that after the fight with the spider.

"Are you sure it is okay to relax like this after fighting a creature that we do not know about?"

"I had my thoughts on that as well since we do not know what that thing is. I will try to figure out the situation eventually, but since we just arrived to this school, it's relaxing time until then."

"You should consider being more prepared for such situations in case another shows up." Kuro continues to protest.

"There is no way we can prepare for something we do not know of. We will train when we have the time to."

"Is this what Yukio calls a peaceful city?"

A vein mark appears on Rin's head. "I know, right? Once I see my brother again, I am going to give him a peace of my mind for lying to me."

"Shouldn't you contact Yukio about what you encountered? I am sure that he wouldn't have known about this situation otherwise he wouldn't have send you here."

"I maybe only an Exwire, but I am still an Exorcist and as one I must protect the people like the rest, even though what we are fighting may not be demons. There are no combat-oriented Exorcists here so I will stay and figure things out on my own. Maybe that will teach me something about how to become a better Exorcist and maybe even how to control my powers better."

"It could be a good experience, but try not to get over your head just because you fought one monster."

"We'll see. Do you want to play Kuro?"

"Do I?" Kuro becomes excited.

"Of course." Rin takes out a cat toy and Kuro playfully tries to catch it.

The next day, there were news reports of destruction on the neighborhood as many people were being interviewed on what they saw. Many described it as a giant spider and reportedly took pictures and recorded as prove, but it still left investigators in doubt, knowing such creature did not exist until one came today, leading them to believe that the evidence is false, causing the investigation to be extended in an attempt to find the real cause and/or perpetrator to the destruction.

Hearing the news report worries Mato as she continues to space out in class.

"Is there something wrong?" Yomi asked.

"Nothing. I am just a little worried what happened yesterday."

"The police confirmed that the threat yesterday is now over so don't feel so down, okay? Just be glad that there are no real casualties."

"Thank you Yomi." Mato lifts her head and decides to put yesterday's memories aside after remembering that Rin saved her.

"I wonder when will I get to see him again." Mato whispers.

Once the teacher arrives, he announces that the class will have a new student coming today and told them to give him a warm welcome once he enters the class.

"All right, you can come in now." The teacher called to the new student.

As the class watches curiously, Rin steps into the classroom and takes a good look at his new classmate and spots Mato, who in turn spots him, much to her surprise.

"Allow me to introduce him to all of you. His name is Rin Okumura who had a former job as an Exorcist during his earlier school years and his brother sent him here for him to learn how to have a normal life. I hope you all treat him with respect."

Not knowing the type of Exorcist he is, some of the class soon started asking questions on whether he had to face ghosts or not. Rin responded that he doesn't want to talk about his life as an Exorcist and just want to fit into the class. Although this was just a lie since Rin still has a desire to raise his rank as an Exorcist, the class bought the lie and some apologizes to him, thinking that they may have made him relive a past trauma.

"Rin, you can now find yourself a seat. I hope you get along with the class."

Rin does so and sits in an empty seat in front of Mato, much to his happiness to be near a familiar face. Rin turns back to Mato and smiles at her and she does the same, earning suspicion from Yomi and Yuu.

In a mental hospital, an insane patient was thrown into solitary confinement after he attempted to attack some of the other patients. During his stay, he begins to laugh maniacally and the dark glow in the Other World begins glowing brighter, revealing that the glow is a manifestation of his other self.

Because there has been so much support of Rin and BRS being together, I decided to make a fanfic of them, containing elements of the anime and OVA, although I don't know too much about Ao No Exorcist so I separated Rin from the other characters except Kuro so I don't make too many mistakes in the story. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter, because I also had fun making it.