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Summary: Sam Carroll is sent to Alactraz for murdering a serial killer. But what if his twin is sent to do his trail? How does the prison react to Sam's twin?

Chapter 1

"Hey Slylvane there bringing in a new cell mate"

"Yeah.. I heard"

"Know what he did?"


"Well all I know is that there's been a big hulaboo about him"

"That's interesting"

Jack sighs and leans his head agaisnt the wall. He didn't care about any new prisoner. He closes his eyes.

"Ahh here! I didn't do nothin!" A husky Irish voice says as it walks down the hall.

A guy with a small build about 22 walks down the cell walk. He's got a girlish face. He has short hair tuked under his cap. A side fringe of brown peeks out at the shade. He wears black and white converse on his feet. He's slim.

"Shut up Carroll!" The gaurd hisses.

"Ahh fuck off!" He growls.

They bring him to the cell 2224 beside Petty.

They shut the door. All the prison is quiet. All wanting to know about the newbie.

"He won't get out of there" one gaurd says as they walk away.

The prisoner sits up agaisnt the wall on the bed. He folds his arms and with his head down says.


Everyone laughs and yells.

The gaurds angryly turns and shouts

"Shut up!"

The prison soon turns back to the soft mumers of conversations between fellow prisoners. The new inmate sighs. Jack feels pity for the boy. He so young. He won't last a week here. He already looks home sick.

"Hey kid" Jack yells to him.

The young inmate looks up. His blue eyes glistening.

"It'll be alright"

The young inmate nods and mouths "thank you" before looking down again.

Jack shakes his head. There's something weird about this one. He thinks to himself.

Tammy's Pov:

"Hey Kid" a deep voice calls as I stroll around the yard lost in my own thoughts.

I turn around. Its that guy from earlier.

Show time.

"Yea?" I ask making my voice sound husky.

Its gotten a lot easier now.

He walks with me.

"Just making sure"

"Of wha?"

"That your not dead yet"

"Wha?" I ask paniced.

Dead yet? I'm going to die? Fuck I've only been here 3 hours! Sam your in shite when I finish your sentence.

He laughs.

"Cause your new"

"Ahh shite..."

"Don't worry... Keep out of peoples way and you'll be fine"

I nod and keep looking down.

"You don't sound like your from around here?" He asks.

"No.. No Ireland... Me Ma and Da moved here with me sister tah get jobs"

"Hmm.. Did they?"

"Yea.. Day worked very hard"

I feel a pang of homesickness.

"Your name kid?"

"Ta-" I stop before I can say my real name. The gig would be up and I'd be caught out. "Sam Carroll"

"Tasam Carroll?" He asks raising his eyebrows.

"No.. Sam Carroll"

He shakes his head.

"Alright kid, names Jack Slylvane"

"What ya in for?"

"Robbed a post office and killed a guy"

"Jesus" I say shocked.

Fuck that's bad.

"What about you?"

I sigh.

"Killed some fella, he was meant ta be mindin me and me sister when Ma and Da came here, he beat us and left me sister for dead"

"How long ago was that?"

"I was five... Killed him at 15... Been on the run til I got caught"

"Did your sister live?"

"Yeah... She got a couple of scars... Like these"

I pull up my sleeves to reveal the scars.

"I'm sorry" he says, his eyes still to my scarred wrists.

"It's alri... I guess I got me revenge"

"Alright come on!" A gaurd yells. "Back to your cells"

Everyone starts to go back inside. I don't watch where I'm going and bump into the man infront.

He turns around and stares at me. Oh fuck I'm dead. I'm so dead. His brown curly hair waves in the wind. His light blue eyes lock with mine. They seem to take my breath away.

"Careful" he says before walking up the stairs.

"That's Paxton Petty, he's in the cell beside you"

"What'd he do ta get in here?"

"He bombed a couple of places"

A man with big glasses walks by. He's so funny looking he nearly sets me in a fit of giggles.

"And him?"

"Ernest Cobb, a snipper"

"Fuck... I'm surounded by crimmals"

Jack smiles.

"Welcome to Alcatraz"

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