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Chapter 4 - The Hole and The Visit .


The door to the cell opens.

I growl as the light hurts my eyes.

Someone's pushed in. Too soon the doors shut again.

"Sam?" A voice calls.

I cough and try man up my voice alittle.

"What? What're you doing here? Who are you?"

"Its a way to torture me I guess. I'm your neighbour"

My neighbour? Paxton Petty?

"Am I so bad?"

He chuckles.

"No.. Its not you. Everyone thought you were dead. You've been quiet the past 2 weeks"

"All that yelling hurt my throat"

"Yeah people could only hear you cause it was so load"


He finds his way over to me and sits beside me.

"How've you been?" I ask.

"Fine, I've been tortured but other than that I've been fine"

"Tortured over what?"

"Something over my bombs"

"What did they do to you?"

"The usual and the women Doctor tried too"

I sigh.

"So what's the gossip?"

"Your death. Some guys in different cells were saying they'll take your punishment for you."

I rest my head back agaisnt the wall and smile.

"Can't believe I'm that popular"

"You know in prison that's a bad thing. Roco D'Mario is planning your death if you walk out of here"

"Really? What triggered that? Was it his time in the hole?"

He chuckles lightly. Wow I wasn't trying to be funny.

"No he'd be grateful. Nobody likes this place but Cobb"

"Really why?"

"He's not a people person"

"Anything else.. Not about Cobb going on in the prison"

"Well.. Its unpleasant"

"I might as well know.. Its nothing to do with me right?"

"Nothing to do with you. You know Owen Wise?"

"Heard of him.. Scrap of man"

"Yeah well he was attacked in the showers.. Really got a good beaten too.."


"Yeah.. He was abused too" he manages to say, from his tone he wants me to figure out what happened.

"Are you trying to tell me he was.. You know"

I try to make hand gestures but he stops me.

"Kid I can't see in the dark"

How could I forget that? I guess I'm so used to blackness.

"So he was sexualy assulted" I say figuring out the words.


"That's sick.. Who did it?"

"Danny Pizz"

"Isn't he here for that?"

"Yeah.. Guy has mental problems.. Unless you want to keep your virginity I'd stay well away from him"

"I'm not a virgin! I've had plenty of bo- Girlfriends"

"Yeah right.. Your still a virgin!"

"Do I look like a virgin? Do I?"

"Yeah... You've got the look of innonoce"

"Okay fine.. But you got to admit you are too"

"You don't need to admit it... I already know"

"Come on tell me"

"I'm not!"


"I'm not. Do I look like a virgin?"

"No" I admit. "Wonder who else here is a virgin"

"Hmm... Cobb"

"Jesus what's your obsesion with him?"

"I don't have an obsesion with him"

"Then why have you mostly talked about him?" I tease.

"Shut up.. I'd say he is"

"Agreed. Who else?"


"Child killer Nelson or Nelson Roberts?"

"Child killer"

"Virgin! No women would toutch him and not because he's a child killer. hmmm... Cal Sweeney"

"Not a virgin"

"Yeah.. Hastings"

"The gaurd?"


"He has a daughter.."

"Okay then we've done me and you.. What about the Ames brothers?"

"Edward properly got laid once while Herman got laid twice"

"How do you know that?"

"Its just obvious"

"How about Sonny Burett"

"Not a virgin... He went out with that girl Helen"

"How do you know he's not lying"

"He has that edge that says it"

"Okay fine.. Uh Tommy Madsen"

"He killed his wife and has a kid"

"How do you know"

"Hastings told me about the kid. Jack told me about the wife"

"Okay... That's all I can think of"

"How bout Johnny Mckee?"

"The guy with the ears?"

I laugh.


"You have such a girl's laugh" he points out.

"What are you getting at Petty?"

"Nothing. Just telling you"

I shake my head.

"Leave my laugh out of this and go back to our other conversation.. No don't that was just a weird conversation altogether"

"So the kids back" Jack says as he walks up behind me.

I slow down and let him catch up with me. Together we walk around the cell yard. Its just me and Jack walking. Everyone's huddled together, the colds so unbearable. But god what a day to be free from 30 days in the hole. I got sprung yesturday and missed going out into the yard to breathe.

"Yeah, back again..."

"You okay kid?"

"Fine, just this cold!"

"Ahh you'll get used to it"

We pass a few guys. They whistle as we go by.

"Look who it is... Slylvane and his bitch"

"Excuse me?" I ask nearly slipping up.

"Just sayin, you too been gettin close!"

"Got a problem?"


"I aint no queer!" I growl.

Jack grabs my arm.

"Leave it Carroll, they want to riall you up"

"Yeah Carroll, don't wanna go back to the hole again do we?"

"Fuck off" I say and walk away.

I sit on the steps furthest everyone else. I manage to sit beside someone.

"Shite sorry" I say.

"It's fine, your the kid right?"

"Sam Carroll 2224 and I'm nah a kid"

"Paxton Petty 2223"

"Oh hi" I say smiling.

He smirks back.

"So what'ya doin?"


"Oh sorry I'll leave"

"Its alright, I could use some company"

Paxton and me get along great. Better than me and Sylvane I guess you could say. But if I had a problem I always went to Sylvane. Sylvane's like a father to me. I suppose he see's me as the 'son' he never got to have.

I wonder what the people who don't have anyone visting them do? That's today.

"Open cell doors!"

I stand up from laying on my bed and stand out of the open cell door. I stand in the line of people. Luckily its Hastings as the gaurd waiting outside my cell.

"Hastings" I say smiling and nodding.

He quickly smiles and nods back.

"Come on ladies, move on" a gaurd at the front says.

Ha ladies, if only he knew.

"Spot check Sylvane"

What? Just Sylvane? The fuck?

Were brought out to the courtyard. Like anyother day.

"Hey Petty, what's up with the visting days here?"

"You got someone visting?"

"Dunno" I shrug.

I don't know. Maybe. More likely not. I mean I put my family on my list but I doubt they'll visit.

"Didn't you put someone on your list?"

"Yeah, I just don't know if they'll come visit me"

"Sam Carroll. You've got a vistor" a gaurd yells.

"Well look at that someone has come to visit you"

"I'll talk to you later"

I run up the stairs and follow the gaurds to a room with booths. I'm brought to one and told to sit down. I can't face whoever is behind the glass. Without looking at the person I pick up the phone. I don't even say anything.

"Hey Tam"

Quickly I look up. He's cut his long blonde hair short and with a knife by the look of it, his green eyes have lost their sparkle, his eyes hollow, his pale skin is now a farmers tan.

"What are you doing here?" I ask shocked. "You should be dead!"

I remember the letter I got from my Callie. Sam's girlfriend saying that he was dead and that she was pregnant.

"She told you that.. Yeah I thought she would"

"You can get caught you know"

"How're you holding up?"

"Its fine, I'm not dead yet"

"Anything bad happen to ya?"

"I was put in the hole and called a queer but other than that nobody comes near me"

"So your not getting beatten? Hurt?" His tan face pales abit "raped?"

"No.. No.. And no.. How could I? I don't share a cell, I shower privately and I'm always in the Warden or Gaurds view"

"I can't picture you in there with such crimmals"

"Don't forget your one of them"

"I shouldn't have let you do this for me"

"An eye for an eye"

"But that was different.. It was only six months and I got laid by my cell mate"

"So your cell mate knew and she never told"

"I wish you'd stop using that voice Tam"

I shrug.

"A man's got to do what a man's got to do"

"Very funny"

I smirk at him, trying to hide my happiness and excitment at his visit. I suspect they'll be short and rare if he's to keep himself from being discovered.

"How ya holdin' up?"

"I'm still alive arnt I?"

"I guess"

"I've been here a month... I've got 23 months left.. I should be fine"

"I'll visit again when I can.."

"Wait.. Does ma and da know your alive?"

"No.. I'd like to keep it that way"

I nod sadly. It must be hard for them thinking that both their children are gone. But in a sense we were never really there. They left us in Ireland until we were 15, with Jimbob.

"Callie wrote to me to tell me she was pregnant"

He shakes his head.

"Its not mine"

"How'd you know?"

"Because I havnt toutched her like that. I'm not with her anymore"

"So she really thinks your dead?"

"Yeah.. Don't worry she won't go public with knowing about.. Well this."

"How do you know?"

"Because if she does she'll see a ghost from the grave"

"Have something done about it by next time"

He nods, his body here but his mind else where.

"Has anyone found out yet?"

"A doctor here but she hasn't said anything yet.. She said we were going to have a chat soon"

"Visiting times over!" A gaurd calls.

"Guess I'll see ya around.. I'll write Tam"

I nod and put back the phone and follow the line of prisoners out and back to our cells.


"Dear Tammy,

When I brought you back I didn't have a misson for you. I didn't know you were even a girl. You were only brought back to serve a purpose but I have realised that anything I have asked you to do you wouldn't do. I decided I would use you when I needed to. I have been informed about someone helping Rebecca Madsen to stop my plan. I need you to use this gun to kill Diego Soto. I know your kind Tammy. A pure, Inocent creature.

I have kidnaped your brother Samuel Carroll. Your now in the future and he is an elderly man now. He is here with me and will remain until you have done what I have asked. He is safe, I asure you but unless you do this, he won't be for very much longer.


Tammy read over the letter again to make sure she wasn't reading it wrong.

This letters a joke. I don't even know these people.

Tammy shook her head.

This is a sick joke. I'm in the Future? That would explain everything. All the changes and why the house is falling apart.

I have to do this. I have to get Sam.

Tammy sighed. She was clueless. How was she to save her brother. She didn't know Diego Soto. Maybe she should start looking?

She held the gun out infront of her. She could never understand guns. She didn't even know what make or model it was only that it said Smith and Wesson. She has nothing to hide the gun in. She walks back up the stairs and into her room. She searches threw the old wardrobe. Finally after ten minutes she finds what she's looking for. The black purse is black with silver balls sewn on it. Its a one handle purse. Big enought to hold the gun.

She walks out of her room and again down the stairs and out of the house. She smiles to herself in the afternoon sun. The perfect place to go researching someone was easy.

The libary! They must have a record of people's birth certs. Maybe she'll be able to find out where Diego Soto lives.

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