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Ch. 1: Kit POV

On and afternoon in November, 1688, Nat and I boarded The Witch. Uncle Matthew, Aunt Rachel, Mercy, John, Judith, William, Hannah, and many of our friends from Connecticut were at the Saybrook Harbor (Connecticut), seeing our ship off.
With teary good-bye shouts from everyone, we embarked on our voyage to Barbados. Mercy, who was now pregnant with twins, cried, "Have fun in Barbados!"
As we sailed towards the Atlantic Ocean, our relatives got smaller and smaller until they were nothing but specks in the distance. Somewhere along the line Nat went off to do his duties as captain. I just stood there, staring at the shores of America.

After what seemed like only ten minutes of standing alone on deck (even though it had been about three hours), Nat, who came out of nowhere, whispered (in my ear), "Well Kit, or should I say the newest Mistress Eaton, I'm all yours for the evening."
He wrapped his arms around me while I just stood there speechless. After a while, I finally asked, "Oh really Captain Eaton? I thought you had to captain or something."
Nat, who must have been ready for this because he swept me off my feet and carried me to our cabin, answered, "Actually a member of my crew, Jack, is saving up to get his own ship and he knows how to captain. I know. I taught him."
Finally we had reached the cabin door. Even though dear Nathaniel (Nat) had me cradled in his arms, he managed to open the door. In no time we made it to the bed where he laid me down. Before I knew it, I fell asleep in Nat's strong arms a newlywed and no longer pure. I was also very tired from the events of the evening that are not to be mentioned.

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