Another fanfic from Night Huntess universe and this one isn't a one shot. At first I planned to keep it short, but I couldn't write two pages and stop. But I'm not sure how many chapter will there be, so be ready for anything. So, I hope you'll like it.

I ran down the stairs to what seemed to be a dungeon, god I was starting to hate those shitholes. Not only were they dark, which wasn't a problem for a vampire like me, but the smell would make a human puke his insides out.

So I wasn't surprised to open the third door and find the human residence of the mansion dead, their rotting corpses lying in their own blood and judging by the smell, vomit and shit. How glad I was not to be a human right now.

My vampire hearing caught a quiet sobbing behind the next metal door. I rolled my eyes, I had enough killing for today. Maybe I really should've let the rest of the team clear this floor. Never turn down a volunteer, I'll remember that for the next time.

I had no other choice than to brace my senses and break the door open, revealing the small empty room with four walls and one bed on the right side. I was ready to counter against any kind of attack, but nothing happened. My eyes trailed the room, fixing at the small creature sitting on the floor next to bed, trembling.

A little girl lifted her eyes that blazed with green, but not from anger but from fear. She was so scared that her vampire self revealed itself as a defense mechanism. I gave out a desperate sigh, I could handle master vampires trying to rip my throat open or pierce my hearth with silver in the most painful way, but one thing I couldn't handle were kids, let alone crying kids.

But I knew I couldn't leave her here and the cleaning team that would come here afterwards would kill her without hesitation. So I inhaled the foul smell, ignoring its effects on my inner organs, and walked slowly towards the kid.

"Hey, little one, you okay?" I tried to speak in the sweetest voice I could make, which almost made me as sick as the stink around me. The girl didn't answer, she hugged her knees tighter. I noticed that she was wearing a shirt made for a grown up man and it was stained with blood and torn at some places.

"All right, I don't have time for this so, let's cut it short. My name is Cat and I'm not here to hurt you, we came to kill the bad vampires." I stopped when I realized what I just said and rephrased, "Only the bad vampires, so I'm not gonna hurt you."

She finally lifted her eyes to look into mine and with a shaking voice asked, "You're a cat?"

It took me a while to understand what she just said, but when I did I couldn't hold back a laugh, "No, I'm not. My name is Cat, as in Catherine." I explained and added, "What's your name?"

She gulped hard, "Ash, as in Ashley."

"I like it, easy to remember, nice to meet you, Ash." I said and extended my hand. She looked at it and hesitated, but after a while she took it. Her hand was small and skinny and as she came closer to me, I had to kneel in front of her to meet her gaze. She couldn't have more than ten years. I couldn't imagine what she must feel like, being a vampire in such a young age.

"So, what do you say, wanna come with me?" I asked with a smile and she nodded, though I could tell she still didn't trust me. But she was a smart kid, she didn't see any other option but to follow me. So she followed behind me, keeping her distance but after few steps I noticed how difficult it was for her to keep her balance. I bet she wasn't fed enough. I took her in my arms and lifted her off the ground. She was light as a feather. Her head was resting on my shoulder in mere seconds.

When I walked out of the dungeon, I noticed that her muscles tensed immediately. Shem must've felt the presence of other vampires around. I wasn't quite sure what to do in this kind of situation, sure it was easy with humans but how do you calm a vampire kid?

"What do you have there, querida, you adopting?" asked Juan half jokingly and I shot a cold glance at him. Ash looked at him and her grip around my neck tightened.

"He's a friend, Ash, don't worry." I reassured her and she relaxed a little. I motioned Juan to the door and he nodded. The rest of the team was probably in the helicopter now, I could feel them close by. Ash was quiet all the way outside and I noticed that she actually fell asleep in my arms. I only hoped I wouldn't need to take care of her more than was really necessary. Sure, Bones wouldn't mind, but I don't consider getting attached to a kid vampire a good idea.

Ash shifted in her sleep. I felt the eyes of my team members on her and I gave them an icy stare. I was well aware of their thoughts, they were wondering what was I gonna do with the kid, but hell if I knew. There wasn't anything like orphanage for vampires, or was there? I had to ask Bones about that one.

"Why don't you keep her?" asked Juan all of a sudden and I raised my eyebrows at him. It was hard to picture me with a human kid, I wouldn't dare try to take care of a vampire one.

"First, Juan, she's not a pet and second, I couldn't possibly let her live with us. There's always someone after my ass, I can't put her in danger." But I would be lying to say that I didn't consider the idea. "And besides, it's a bad environment to raise a kid."

I heard Tate laugh beside me but he was quiet as soon as my boot found his leg.

"But what are your options? You can't leave her with us either." stated Tate and I let out a sigh. He was right, I couldn't, but what else was there, Spade and Denise? I guess Denise wouldn't mind but considering her being a shapeshifter, the kid had enough traumas in her life. My mother wasn't an option, at all, I can already picture her freaking out about another vampire in her life. No one else was close by and god help me if I wanted to give her to Vlad, he's protective and all that and although it could be a hilarious experience, he considered me a friend and I wanted to keep it that way.

"Come on, admit it, you have no other choice but to look after her, for the time being." Juan's voice pulled me back to reality. He had a suspicious smile on his face, like he was seriously having fun with this whole thing. I would kick his ass if we weren't in the air.

But I had to admit that he was right. I was getting into another mess again and I couldn't even think of Bones' reaction to this. How was I going to tell him anyway?

Few minutes later I was standing in front of our door, hesitating to open them. I took a quick glance at Ash, who stood close to me, holding my hand. I gave her a wry smile and pushed open the door.

"I'm home, Bones." I said aloud, even though I knew he could feel me coming miles away. But I needed to get his attention somehow. In mere seconds he walked into the hallway and as his eyes followed my hand to little girl beside me, he stopped.

"Congratulations, honey, you're a father."