" Don't you see dear boy? When you sacrificed yourself you got rid of the one who is two. There for you are alive." I heard Lilum say then I woke up startled. Why could I hear this? It was like somehow Ethan or Lilum wanted me to be able to hear it.
lena... lena... LENA!...save me... save me
save me
That did it. I could not stand another day without seeing him. Especially when he might not be dead. I got dressed and started walking to the library. I wanted to see him but I knew that I would need the support of Liv and lately she had been resisting going underground. I understood how she felt though. We both kept thinking: I should have been there.
When we went into his room we saw a nurse unhooking the machines they had used to monitor him.
" WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I shouted at her.
" Sweetie, it's no use. The funeral is already planned. You'll have to accept the fact that he is-" she told me in a sweet tone.
" No! He's not dead!" I told her starting to cry, " He can't be."
" Please, just give us a moment." Liv said putting her arm around me and tearing up herself. Then we heard someone knock and turned around to see John and Link.
" Oh no. Did she just... is he... but he... Oh no." Link was saying. Then he looked down the hallway watching the nurse scurry off.
" He's not dead." I repeated.
" Lena, his heart is just barely beating, he's not moving, and he-" John said.
" But I heard him."
" What?" Liv gasped.
" He kelted."
" Ethan?" Link said after what seemed like a minute or two of them just staring at me and I was about tell him of course but then I realized he was not Talking to me.I turned to see Ethan sitting up in his hospital bed.
" The one and only." he said.
" Dude, you're alive!" Link exclaimed giving him a high five.
" It would seem so." Ethan replied but then his smile turned into a frown and he asked, " Did it work? Is the town saved?"
" Yup. You did it. You really did it." I told him.
You have some explaining to do.
To all of us.
" What do you what to know?" he asked me.
" Everything. Starting with how you were able to kelt and you were not awake."
" I got a messege from Lilum saying that I was alive. Then when I was waking up I heard the doctor talking to a nurse so I kept my eyes closed and listened to what they were saying. The doctor said to give me one shot to numb my senses just in case I my senses were still active. Then to wait around 6 minutes, disconnect the machines and give me my second shot. I tried to kelt to you when she gave me my first shot because they were trying to do what the doctor called helping me pass over. But then I lost consciousness."
" Oh... so thats what she was doing." Liv said.
" Now you guys have some questions to answer" Ethan told us.
" Like what?" I asked.
" Like how long I was out. What you told everyone happened.- How Amma is taking it."
"Well, tomorrow would have been 4 months." Liv started to say.
" FOUR MONTHS?" Ethan exclaimed.
" Yeah, and I told them that I just found you like that so they figured that maybe it was a hit and run or you slipped and hit your head." I finished.
" Hah. A hit and run in Glatin? This town isn't that interesting." Ethan joked although there was some truth behind it.
" And Amma... ummmmm... Link?"I said trying to think of how to put it.
" I dunno. Amma hasn't left your house since you jumped and when I went over there food was piling up on the table. It's like she's waiting for you to come home and tell her that it was a stupid prank."
" Okay, kids you're time is- Oh my. How long has he been awake?"
" Not too long." I told her.
" Well, I'll go get Dr. Smith."

" You look healthy. All the tests have turned up negative. I'd say you can go home today and get some rest and you should be able to go back to school on Monday." said.
" And today is?" Ethan asked.
" Saturday night... well after visiting hours. Speaking of which how did you four get in here?" replied.
" Oh, my apologies sir. There was someone at the front desk about to leave but she recognized us and told us to make it quick. You see this is only the second time that Lenahas worked up the courage to come."
" Well, young lady thank you for that explanation all of you are free to go."
Well look who's gotten better at lying.
L? L is it true?
It's okay, don't feel bad. I understand you just couldn't stand to see me like that.
I'm so sorry. I wish I would have visited you more. I felt a tear fall down my face.
" I wonder what they're talking about." I heard Liv say to Link and John in a low whisper as Ethan gave me a hug and wiped my face.
Don't cry. I told you it was okay.
" So what did I miss, while I was you-know... half dead?" Ethan asked trying to lighten the mood as much as a person who has missed 4 months of their life could.
"Nothin' much. You know everyone in schools been going crazy." Link said sounding relieved that we weren't kelting anymore.
" So Ethan... where are you going home or to ravenwood?" I asked even though I knew it was a stupid question.
" I dunno... I guess wherever there is less of a chance of someone having a heart attack."
" So you're going to Ravenwood." John said.