It was nice to see Ethan's family so happy as we sat there eating lunch. I tried so hard to act like everything was okay to keep Ethan and his family happy but Mariam could tell that something was wrong.
" Lena, sweetheart may I see you for a second?" she asked but i could tell that I didn't have a choice.
" Sure, excuse me." I said.
" Of course." said. I got up from the table and followed Mariam outside.
" What's wrong, Lena?" she asked.
" Nothing." I replied.
" Are you sure about that?"
" No, I mean yes... I don't know."
" Tell me about it."
" I don't know Ethan just seems a little off. I mean before we came he went off yelling and he was just so mad. I wasn't sure what he was going to do."
" And it was for no reason?"
" Well, no. I tried to get him to tell me something he didn't want to tell me but still I'd never seen him so frustrated and angry. Neither has Link." We talked some more and it wasnt until I went inside and saw the steely look that Ethan gave me that I realized he had been present in my mind during the conversation. One can only imagine what he must have heard.