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Chapter 10 - Unfated

"Hahi! Hayato, look at this!" The cheerful brunette showed him a colorful shirt with unicorns on them. They went to the shopping district of Namimori into Haru's favorite boutique the 'Lovely&Delish'. It was the fourth task already and the day was about to obscure again. He was already pretty tired of everything that was happening till then. All he wished for now was to quickly finish the current and last to go home already and get the handcuffs removed because it really exhausted him. It's not like he didn't enjoy the company of cosplay-girl, no, to the contrary he surprisingly had fun most of the day despite of some obstacles though he didn't openly show it. "Isn't that beautiful? Haru thinks it could suit you!"

"It looks like someone puked a rainbow on it." The smoking bomb answered. All the stupid colors got him a headache. He knew this was someplace he'd never ever in his life even if it costs his life return to. But he was forced to take a step into the rainbow sugar unicorn country because Reborn's next task was to go shopping and choose clothes for each other. He had a strong urge to leave this place immediately if he wasn't chained to the cosplay-girl beside him. "I will never wear this stuff! I can't believe this shop sells men's wear. Who the hell would wear something like these?"

"Don't be like this." Haru sulked putting the shirt she chose for him away. "I think it's really pretty here. It's something different from the usual 'usual' and it's unique."

"Yeah whatever, choose your stuff and then let's get going." He has always wondered how she could always live her life so cheerful and joyful, how she could make these entire cosplays and just being the way she is. It felt like she is almost the opposite of him. She has some features he thought of never been able to understand but in some ways they seemed similar to each other and so close that it scared him.

"Hahi! Don't look, Haru found something good and it's gonna be a surprise! Don't' look!" Haru squealed contently she found something of what she thought that it will meet with Hayato's approval or rather she hoped he would love it. "Tehe." Haru giggled happily. It really felt like they were on a date. No, it clearly was some kind of date. Well, an arranged and weird one but it was also fun. "Let's go the counter with your eyes closed."

"Yes, yes." He asked himself what she'd buy for him. Maybe something with rainbows, flowers, hearts and unicorns. A sigh escaped his throat he'd rather die than wearing such stupid stuff. Would he?

"Tehe! Finished! Let's go where you want to now! Hayato's gonna choose something for Haru next."

"Yeah, let's go to a place with more style."

"Hahi…" The silver haired delinquent dragged the girl into a boutique which was kinda punky and gothic with lots of skull and chains. It was dimly lit and decorated with candles. Not the cute, rose or heart-formed aromatic candles. Not the small simple but cute tea candle. But the long white candles which are pretty normal too but gave off a scary aura suitable to the style of the boutique. The whole atmosphere was frightening for pink-rainbow-unicorn Haru. "Haru will wait outside… so go choose whatever you think… will suit Haru… from this stuff..."

"Stop! That's impossible because of that thing!" He pointed at the handcuffs. "Now let's look for something nice." He smirked while scanning his surroundings. Except for a few customers the shop was rather empty. The vendor was sitting at the counter reading a magazine about steam punk. The smoking bomb searched something that is different from the usual Haru but still suit her. Something cool and cute but doesn't want to make him puke. (Like in Rainbowland.)"Hmm…" He wanted to step forward to something that has caught his eyes but stopped when he felt someone tugging his sleeve.

"Haru doesn't fell so comfortable here…" The normally cheerful girl said anxiously clinging onto his arm. On the one hand she did this because she really was kinda afraid from the dark atmosphere; on the other hand she also wanted to touch him. 'Hahi, what was Haru thinking!' Blood rushed into her head making her blush heavily. She looked away to not let him see her face.

"So did I when you dragged me into the Rainbowland." The storm guardian also tried his best to not show her his blushing face. For a moment he felt real happy that he dragged her there. Her warmth of her body felt comfortable to him.

"B-but 'Lovely&Delish' is full of love and joy and this is threatening and fearful." Haru spuinch her eyes and tightened her grip.

"No worries, I'll protect you from whatever you fear of." He scratched the back of his head in embarrassment of this cheesy phrase making the brunette beside him giggle.

"Goku-chan!" The punk steam magazine reading vendor with piercings came and Haru hid herself behind Goku-chan. The woman was pretty big for a normal Japanese maybe even a few inches bigger than Gokudera. "Long time no see." She greeted Gokudera and then took a look at Haru.

"How many times have I told you don't call me like that?" The silver-haired guy answered in an annoyed tone crossing his arms and facing the woman.

"Not often enough, Goku-chan!" The woman laughed in amusement. "Is that little girl your girlfriend?" She pointed at Haru.

"N-no she isn't!" Gokudera immediately replied in a scream. His face began to blush even more causing the strange woman smirk. 'Not yet…' He though.

"I see. So it's a penalty game. You lost a bet?" She grinned mischievously.

"Something like that…?" Our storm guardian was very confused at the moment. He didn't want that monstrous woman think something weird like him liking a cute lively girl though he actually did. But he knew for sure that woman will only tease him his whole life with this ruining his reputation. But well, what he said wasn't actually lied, was it? It's true that she wasn't his girlfriend (yet) and that this was some kind of penalty which Reborn made up. He couldn't think of a way to get out of this situation but luckily the tall woman was going to be distracted.

"Hey vendor!" A customer shouted. "Help me!"

"Alright, gotta go, have fun you two." She went to the customer.

Haru sighed in relieve. She didn't like that person for whatever the reason. However she's glad she went away. "Quickly choose something, Haru wants to get outta here!"

"Fine. Close your eyes I've found something." Haru did as Hayato told her and slowly followed his lead. She heard the sound of him picking clothes and then feeling him leading her to the counter where he pays.

"What have you picked?" Haru asked when they went out of the boutique. Their clothes were in shopping bags.

"What is the point in that being a surprise when I tell you now?" The smoking bomb facepalmed.

"Haru's so curious." The brunette smiled observing the purple-blue almost black sky above them. "It has gotten pretty dark now."

"Yeah, and we still have things to do." Gokudera sighed. All he wants now is to get home and take a nap. The whole day was already too much for him. Too much anger and irritation. Too much blushing and embarrassment. Too much fluster and fluffiness. 'Save the rest for tomorrow.' He suddenly felt Haru's warm and soft hand holding onto his pulling him to come with her. Gokudera just had to start grinning he couldn't help it. It was pretty funny being with her. Since long he began to really enjoy her presence. There's no way he can deny it anymore.

They were drifting in a little boat on the sparkling water which reflected the starry night sky. It was already dark, the sun has settled down to sleep to let the moon watch over earth. Though it was a little chilly outside the weather still was calm and pleasant. Only the rustling tree branches which was carried by the wind and the calling of a few owls were audible. They were about to accomplish the last task given by Reborn: To ride a boat on the lake of Namimori Park a well-known spot for couples.

Our storm guardian sighed. Around them there were only couples being lovey-dovey. He couldn't imagine himself like that with Haru. She was still the cheerful childish but cute cosplayer for him. There's no way she would wish to do things like hugging or kissing although they already could hold hands. But then there's the fact that the two of them were tied to each other and maybe after being separated things would turn back to normal. He stared at the girl in front of him who admired the beautiful night.

"Did you have fun today?" She asked with an eager smile.

"Uh…" More or less… he thought about it for a while. It was pretty exhausting to keep up with her pace but he enjoyed spending time with her. "Most of the time I guess."

"Haru's glad." She still smiled but her head was full of thoughts she could yet not understand. The words of that woman in the scary boutique wouldn't leave her head and made her feel uneasy. It's not something she should take to heart, shouldn't she? No, she already knows Hayato for long enough to comprehend his behavior. Still it upset her. "Ne Hayato… Do you really thing being with me is a penalty?" Without her noticing thoughts slipped out of her mouth. "Hahi!" Well, she did want to ask him that but she was afraid of his answer.

"Well…" Hayato didn't know how to answer. His always trying to look cool acts won't get him anywhere. But he can't bring himself to answer in these I actually like you but I'm too stupid to express myself idiotic ways. He's too proud. But what's more precious to him. Haru or his pride? Stupid question. Of course Haru's supposed to be more important but he never could bring himself to admit whatever there's to admit although he had to whether he wanted to loose or not loose her. 'Gokudera Hayato, you have a chance whether you take it or not is only up to you.' "You… you mustn't take everything I say so seriously… I mean… you know how I am. It's hard for me be honest." 'That's why it's hard for me to talk to you like this.'

"Tehe!" He is a difficult person he won't show his feelings that easily to anyone like Tsuna does. All of Tsuna is written on his face. Tsuna's scared face, his happy face, his sad face, his worried face, his loving face, she knew all of them but nothing of it ever belonged to her even if she had really wished for it. And Gokudera Hayato? He is person who won't ever show his real face to anyone. Always wearing a poker face to never worry anyone. Sometimes his true self leaked through that thick façade of him. His angry face towards her, his happy face towards Tsuna, his annoyed face towards Yamamoto, they leaked through his façade and filled his life with so many colors since he joined the famiglia. When she looked up seeing his reddened cheeks and the way he scratched the back of his head she couldn't help but giggle. "Do you believe in fate?"

The smoking-bomb wondered why she would ask him these awkward questions. What did she want to achieve? He didn't understand. But hey, since forever they couldn't understand the other. How could he know understand what's on her mind? Did they ever try to understand each other or only wanted the other to understand? It's seriously too complicated. How can she make him think that much when not even the hardest math equation made him so much whether something was right or wrong? The only one who can make Gokudera Hayato, self-proclaimed right hand man of the tenth Vongola boss, feels so insecure. Miura Haru. "Why you ask?"

"Haru has believed in fate. But know Haru doubts." Haru's voice softened. Her so lively cheerful self was now so calm. Her curious sparkling eyes, so gentle. But something about her seems so triste like her shell of false smiles peeling off from her. "I don't' know in what I can believe from now on. I thought it was fate that made me love Tsuna-kun. And I thought fate had brought us together. I thought fate would make me stay with Tsuna-kun forever. But fate wasn't with me."

The way Haru is right now without referring to herself in third person. Is that her real self or a part of her? Gokudera felt an uneasy ache in his heart. He wants her to smile, laugh and be happy next to him. Whatever there is to do he wants her to be able to smile wholeheartedly. "Guess there's no such a thing as fate… Love comes as it likes and goes if it's bored. Sometimes it stays if it's satisfied, if people treat it the right way. If you don't make a move there's no guarantee that your love won't fade away. I think fate is something that controls us but we are able to change it." 'Yeah that's right… whether fate guides me or not is something I have to decide.' "We must take the chances we get in life and never give up." He deeply looked into her eyes seeing her smile contently easing his mind.

His eyes were piercing though hers revealing his resolve and resolution. Haru felt that they were growing closer and her feelings growing stronger. Just in some couple of days. Few days ago she was convinced and certain about her feelings for Tsuna. But after getting to know the hot-blooded storm guardian she became more and more fond of his good traits. Maybe it was just little Haru who badly wanted to be in love with a wonderful person. She was so eager with her fantasies that she couldn't pay much attention to her surroundings. Maybe that love she had for Tsuna had faded away since long ago but she still tried to believe she was in love. She still wanted to be in love thought she realized Kyoko's and Tsuna's feelings for each other. She was envious of the requited love they had. She too wanted a love like in shoujo mangas and fairy tales and now she has found it her own fairy tale. She must now let go of her previous love and make room for her new. 'Surely, Haru's is now ready for her new fate!' "I'm glad I found you. I'm glad I got to know you. I- Hahi!" When she was about to expose her feeling to him she suddenly found herself in his strong but gentle embrace. Their boat was shaking heavily but the shaking slowly ceased and Haru responded to his with wrapping her arms around him softly caressing his hair. The two of them remained in silence without moving an inch. They could feel the heartbeat of the other and sense the pleasant warmth of each other.

"Me too…" The teary storm guardian tightened his embrace without hurting the brunette in his arms. "I came to love you so much, Haru."

"Haru also loves you lots and lots, Hayato!"

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