Hi guys :) I'm back with a R&I fic, a plot that I don't expect to see in the series, but I like to imagine happening.

The title is based on Nickelback's song "Never gonna be alone".

The characters belong to Janet Tamaro, Tess Geritsen and TNT.


Maura was sitting at her desk, filling some autopsy reports, and Jane entered her office.

"Jeez, things are crazy up there" she said, dragging herself to the chair next to Maura's desk, and handing her friend a cup of coffee.

"Thanks" she quietly said. "What's going on?"

"Oh, you have no idea. Frost and Korsac are fighting. My mother is a pain in the ass. And we just got the weirdest suspect ever… Like I said, crazy up there. Wanna have lunch?"

"Hum… I don't think so, Jane, I'm sorry. I have a lot of reports to finish, and, to be honest, I don't really feel like eating. My stomach has been quite instable…"

"It's OK…" Jane said, and looked up to her friend. "You look quite tired… Long night?"

"Actually no. But I do feel tired. I'm-…" she was about to take the first sip of her coffee when her eyes widened and realization hit her. "Oh shit!" she said, getting up, immediately covering up her mouth because of the awful word that had escaped from her.

Jane looked up, surprised. "Maura, did you just curse?" She nodded, with terrified eyes, and Jane chuckled. "I'm proud of…"

"No, Jane, you're not understanding." Maura said, pacing around the office like an animal in a cage. "I wasn't understanding too."

"Maur, you're starting to scare me, what's going on?"

"I've been feeling sick in the mornings. I've been feeling tired all the time, even when I have a good night of sleep. My menstruation is late…" she said, slowly.

"How late?" Jane asked, holding her breath.

"Too much…"Maura let out, sitting down. "I'm pregnant, Jane."

Jane's jaw fell and her eyes widened. "Oh my god…", she mumbled, "Are you sure…?"

"Not yet… But it's not like I'm guessing. I know my body, and I definitely feel different."

"But does it make sense? I mean, is it consistent with the last time you had sex?" Jane asked, implying another question behind this one, even if she knew the answer.

"Yes." Maura nodded. "Ian…" she said matter-of-factly, with a sad smile.

"Oh my god, Maura. You're having a baby." The detective exclaimed, seeming excited and terrified at the same time.

"Well, we can't be absolutely sure…" Maura was interrupted by the sound of Jane's cell phone ringing.

"Sorry, Frost, I can't talk right now." Jane said, and hung up. She studied Maura carefully, while she tried to look busy. "What do you want to do?"

"I'm not thinking of having an abortion, if that's what you're asking. But right now, I won't anything. I have a lot of work down here, I can't get distracted…"

"Knowing you, I think it's a bit too late for that…" Jane said, making Maura look at her and smile shyly. The detective's phone rang again, and she rolled over her eyes. "What, Frost? Ok, I'm going. Frost needs me up there." She said, getting up. "We talk later?"

"Sure…" Maura replied, quietly.

Jane walked out the office, but stopped at the door. "Maur…?"

"Hum…?" She asked, looking up.

"I'm here for you, no matter what happens. Don't forget that."

Maura was quiet for a moment. "Thank you…" she said, beyond words.

"So…?" Jane immediately asked when Maura opened her house's door.

Jane had spent the afternoon on the field, and, once in the precinct, hadn't found Maura in the morgue, so Jane had realized she should be at home.

Maura turned inside and sighed. "Positive… Three times."

"Posi- Wait, you did it three times? Of course you did, you're Maura Isles."

Maura gave her "very funny" look and leaned her back in the counter. Jane could see she was upset, but trying to hide it.

"So…" Jane started, sitting on her friend's desk chair. "How far are you?"

"Almost six weeks. Ian was here in the beginning of last month, so, do your math…"

"And how are you?" Jane asked, quietly.

"I'm freaking out, Jane!" Maura yelled unexpectedly. "How am I supposed to be a good mother? I was giving up to adoption, my parents weren't the most loving people, so how will I decently know how to love a child?"

"Maura…" Jane said smoothly, getting up. "Listen to me", she demanded, gently holding the Medical Examiner by her arms. "You are the kindest and the sweetest person I know. There's no way you're not a good mother and there's no way you're not gonna love your kid." Hearing that, Maura started to cry and buried her head on Jane's chest. "Oh honey…" Jane tried to say anything, fondling her hair.

"I-I-I'll b-be a s-single m-mom, J-Jane. I-I-I'll b-be a-a-all alone…" Maura sobbed, her tears watering her hair.

"Maura, you never gonna be alone, I can promise you that. You have me to support you all the way. I always wanted to have a nephew or niece, but as you can see, my brothers aren't giving me any. And my mother, if you let her, will react like it's her own grandchild. You're not alone, Maur. Ok?" Jane asked, stroking Maura's hair off her face. "Here, let's sit on the couch."

Maura wiped her tears and tried to refresh herself. "Ok, I'm sorry, I'm being ridiculous."

"You're not. You have a right to be scared, it's a surprise." Jane said, rubbing her arm reassuringly.

"I have to schedule an appointment with my doctor, to make sure everything is fine…"

"Do you want me go with you?"

"I can't ask you that, Jane…"

"Maura." The detective said, rolling over her eyes. "You're my best friend, you can ask me anything."

The honey blonde looked up to Jane with her eyes full of tears and asked quietly. "Really? Will come with me?"

"Of course, Maur, all the way." The detective answered with a smile, holding her hand on hers. "When are you planning to tell your mother?"

"She's coming to Boston next month, so I prefer to tell her personally. Oh, my mother…" Maura looked at Jane worried. "What will my mother say? Her only child, being stupid enough to become a single mom. Oh, I will be the biggest disappointment of her life!"

"Maura, you, a disappointment? I don't think your mother is going to tell you that. She's extremely proud of you, I can tell you that. But don't worry about that now."

"What about your mother? I have to tell her, she's always here…"

"No, no, no! If you don't want everyone to know already, you can't tell my mother."

"Jane, don't be mean. Your mother is very nice, she won't tell everyone."

"Ok, she may not exactly tell everyone, but the way she will treat you, believe me, everyone will notice."

Maura sheepishly smiled, looking at her hands on her lap.

"And… what about… Ian?" Jane half-hearted asked.

Sadness invaded Maura's face again. "I don't know when I'll tell him. But it doesn't make any difference. He's not coming. This is not his life."

"Even if you're having his baby?" Jane asked, incredulous.

"Yes…" Maura admitted, her mouth forming a sad smile. "He told me that he wouldn't be coming for the next three years at least."

"That doesn't mean he can't abandon whatever he's doing and come here!"

"Yes, it does... He's starting a project…He's selfish. I love him, but he's selfish… He doesn't deserve I wait for him. So, I'm raising a baby without the father…"

Jane looked for her hands and held them on hers. "Ok, never mind, I'll be here for you. I'll be aunt Janie. I will teach him to play baseball, if it's a boy, and I'll scare away the boys, if it's girl. OK? OK, Maura?

She could see Maura's eyes watering, but she nodded and said in a weak voice. "Thank you…"

"So … forgetting all the cons of this situation." Jane started, trying to hide her excited tone and her smile "… are we happy?

"We are." Maura admitted with a shy smile. Jane almost jumped on the couch pillow to hug her friend.

"Oh my god, Maura, I'm so happy for you. I brought us ice cream, we can order some pizza and watch a movie. I know, it's not the best alimentation for you now, but it's just today, and I promise that from now on, starting tomorrow, I'll make sure you have a decent alimentation." Maura looked at Jane walking from one side to another in a great bustle in the kitchen and couldn't contain a smile. "What?" Jane asked.

"You. You look more excited with this than me."

That night, the girls had their feast and watched a movie. Jane fell asleep during the film, leaving Maura with her thoughts. She grabbed the three tests from the desk behind the couch, moving carefully to do not wake Jane. She contemplated the word "pregnant" written in each one of them, and thought This makes it real. Then she leant her head on Jane's shoulder and fell asleep, with sweets thoughts about her life from now on.


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