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Chapter 1: The Strange Encounters

Shuichi Shindo, a lovable bubble-gum haired 21-year-old, raced home to his cold-hearted lover, Yuki Eiri. I wonder what Yuki's making for dinner. I love Yuki!

But, as always, the clumsy man bumped into someone, knocking them both to the ground.

"I'm sorry." Shuichi said as he looked up. Then he froze; he couldn't believe what he saw. The boy he had knocked into looked exactly like his Yuki, with a few differences. The Yuki clone had light pink streaks in his blonde hair that resembled the color of cherry blossoms.

The boy looked up with a glare in his eyes, but he froze too. Crap! He thought. But Shuichi just stared into the all too familiar topaz eyes that, unlike Yuki's, had a few flicks of violet in them.

Suddenly, the boy jumped up and ran. Who was that? Shuichi wondered. He looked exactly like Yuki. Wait… could Yuki have a secret love child? The thought both infuriated and devastated Shuichi. No, that's not it. The boy's too old. Then, Yuki has a son and has never told me about it! We've been together for 3 years; he would have told me by now. Unless… he doesn't even know! I'll ask him tonight. With that, Shuichi walked home, thinking of ways to confront Yuki and get the answers he wanted.

At the same time, Yuki was also on his way home, but had decided to stop by the store to get some groceries. The brat will probably heading home by now. I better hurry before he breaks anything. Yuki shuddered slightly as he remembered the last time he got home late. I still don't know how he managed to break the T.V., little brat. But Yuki couldn't stop the small smile creeping onto his face. He did love the brat, but he would never in a million years admit that to anyone. He could barely admit it to himself, let alone to his hyper-active lover. Besides, he'd get a big head if I did tell him. Yuki unconsciously put a box of pocky in the cart he was pushing for Shuichi. He'd been buying pocky for that little maniac for 3 years now. Damn, never thought it would last this long. He thought as he got in line to pay.

Then, something by the store's window caught his eye. No, not something, but someone that was standing outside the store, looking into the window. He was about, if not, the exact height of his brat. Wonder who that guy is. He was dressed in what his baka would usually wear, green shorts that were to his knees, but instead of an orange sweater it was a light purple shade. To top off the look, he wore a purple cap and big black sunglasses that hid most of his face. Is that the brat? No, he would have seen me by now and tackled me.

Then, the mysterious person came in and went straight for the pocky aisle. Okay…. that doesn't prove anything. He came back with two packs of strawberry pocky, Shuichi's favorite. No big deal. The person got in line right across from Yuki, giving him a better view of the clone. Wait, he's not a man, I think. Is that a boy or a girl? Doubt clouded Yuki's thoughts as he continued to watch the teenager from the corner of his eye. A few strands of his hair were sticking out of the cap. Pink, the hair is pink like the brats. He was about to call out to the mysterious person when a shot rang out. What the hell?

"Everyone get down!" a masked man demanded. Everyone, including Yuki, quickly got to their knees and put their hands over their heads. Well…. everyone except the Shuichi clone. That idiot, why isn't he listening? That's when Yuki noticed the pink headphones in the clone's ears. Damn idiot.

Apparently, the robber wasn't that observant. He walked over to the clone and hit him, causing the sunglasses and cap to fall off. Yuki watched as the bubble-gum hair swayed into place. Shuichi, Yuki thought until he noticed the blond streaks mixed into the pink hair. Wait, Shuichi doesn't have blond stripes in his hair. Who the hell is that?

"Hey bitch, listen when I'm talking to you. Get down now!" but the clone didn't listen so the robber pushed him to the floor. The replica landed right Yuki's knees and when he got up they were face to face. Yuki looked into giant violet orbs with shards of topaz.

"Shit." The double mumbled. She's a girl. Yuki noticed by the pitch of her voice. Who the fuck is she? She got back up on her feet.

"Stay down bitch!" the robber yelled. His hand shook; he hadn't expected her to get back up.

"Why don't you come make me asshole?" with a steely voice. A vain popped out of the thief's neck; he brought the gun up and prepared to shoot.

"Get down or I'll shoot." The robber threatened. What the hell is she thinking? The dumbass is trying to get herself killed. The girl walked forward, unphased by the gun pointed at her. With each step she took, her face grew colder and angrier. The burglar's hand shook even more.

When she was a foot away she stopped. "Shoot." She dared him. The robber froze. "Wuss." she smirked and punched the man in the face. He dropped the gun and the girl kicked it away. The robber tried to escape, but the girl caught him again and punched him, knocking the thief out. Everyone got up and cheered, but the savior just picked up her sunglasses and cap. She looks like Shuichi but she sure as hell doesn't act like him.

"Oh my god, that's Shuichi Shindo!" Yuki heard a crazed fangirl scream behind him. The girl froze, crap, what am I going to do now? "And look, there's Yuki Eiri!" the fangirl's friend cried. Shit! They had no choice but to run.

At first they ran in the same direction, but soon the girl realized what she was doing. She quickly ducked into an empty ally and no one but Yuki saw her disappear. Who the hell was that? Why the hell did she look like Shuichi? Wait… why the fuck do I care? I just need to get away from these stupid fans. And so, Yuki ran until he finally lost them.

Yay! I'm done with the first chapter. You won't believe how long it took me to type this. I was soo lazy. Oh I know what my pen name is but you all can call me Aster. Te-he. :} Well I hope you liked it.

Yuki: I bet they didn't.

Me: how the hell did you get into my bedroom?

Yuki: I was here all along, dumbass.

Me: ….

Shuichi: Hey, I'm here too. :'(

Me: oh, I'm sorry; I didn't see you. Please forgive me.

Yuki: where the hell's my apology.

Me: -_- it's up your ass.

Shuichi: O_o

Yuki: bitch

Me: keep it up; I'll make you the uke.

Yuki: …you wouldn't

Me: only if Shuichi lets me; he just has to say the word and I'll do it. :3

Shuichi: …. really?

Me: yup :)

Shuichi: well….. [Gets hit on the head by Yuki]

Yuki: don't even think about it.

Shuichi: Ow! That HURT! Aster, make him stop!

Me: that's it; if you are mean to him one more time, I'll make you the uke whenever I write a fanfiction about you guys, do you understand?

Yuki: …whatever. [Takes out a cigarette and is about to light it]

Me: and you had better not be thinking of smoking in my room! GO OUTSIDE NOW!

Yuki: fine. [Leaves the room]

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