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The boy walked over to the car and peered over the trunk. Shuichi and Yuki froze.

The boy smirked, "Are you just going to hide there like a couple of stalkers or would you like to come in for some coffee?"

Shuichi and Yuki followed the boy into the apartment. "Nii-chan!" Suki called. "We're out of Pocky!" the girl ran out of the kitchen with an empty box of pocky. "What are we going to do? I want pocky!" the boy sighed.

"You mean to tell me that you finished all five boxes of pocky I bought you yesterday?" his deadly calm voice sounded exactly like Yuki's when he was about to yell at Shuichi. Suki looked up at him innocently.

"Umm….. yes?" Suki mumble, scared of what her brother's reaction might be. He bonked her on the head. "Baka! Those were supposed to last you until next week and you ate them all in a day!" He ended up screaming the last few words. Chibi Suki latched onto the boy's waist. "I'm sorry nii-chan, please forgive me! I couldn't help it!"

"Let go of me and go get the damn coffee!" He pried chibi Suki and threw her into the kitchen. There was a loud thud. "Ow! That hurt you arse!" Yuki and shuichi's sweat dropped. Who are these kids? They thought at the same time.

The boy turned to the couple. "Sit down." He motioned to the table with three mismatched chairs. They sat down across form the boy and an awkward silence took over.

"Alright, here's the coffee, just how everyone likes it." Suki set a mug in front of the three men and settled herself on her brother's lap. Shuichi took a sip. Wow, this tastes really good. Shuichi looked up and stared at his and Yuki's clones.

Suki looked at Yuki and frowned, "Aren't you going to drink your coffee? It doesn't taste very good when it's cold." Yuki glared at her.

"I didn't come here for coffee I came for some damn answers! Now tell me who you are and why you look like me and the brat." Yuki crossed his arms and waited for their answers. The boy sighed and motioned for Suki to stand up. She did and then he stood.

"Suki, introduce yourself." The boy ordered. She gave him an angry glare.

"I don't want to." Suki protested. His eyebrow twitched.

"Do it."


"Tell them who you are. Now."

"Why should I? You're older." Suki pouted.

"Exactly, now do what I say."


The boy hit her on the head again. "You stupid brat, stop arguing and do it." Suki's eyes watered.

"WAAAAAHHHHH! Nii-chan called me a stupid brat! N-nii-c-chan h-h-hates m-me! WWWAAAAHHH!" She got louder and louder until the boy couldn't take it anymore.

"Like hell I hate you! Stop acting like a damn spoiled brat and do as I say!" his eyebrow twitched faster.

"Stupid nii-chan, why are you such a bastard to me? You're my brother and I love you, but all you do is yell and call me names. I-I-I HATE you!" Suki continued to cry until she realized what she had said. "Noo! I'm sorry nii-chan. I didn't mean it; I could never hate you! Please forgive me!" She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head into his side. His eyebrow stopped twitching and put his arms around her.

"Suki, stop crying. Come on now." Suki sniffed and looked up. "Sit down; I'll be right back." Suki let go and sat down and the boy went into the kitchen. This is not how I wanted things to go. I just wanted some god damn answers from these two brats. Damnit. Yuki took out a cigarette and lit it. Suki and Shuichi stared at him with similar looks of disgust.

"You shouldn't smoke it's bad for you." They said in unison. Shuichi stared at Suki for a moment and then her face broke into a heart-warming smile that Shuichi had to return. The boy returned with a box.

"Here." He handed Suki the box of pocky. Her eyes lit up. "Thank you." She said in perfect English, which surprised Yuki and Shuichi. She tore open the box, but stopped suddenly. She turned to Shuichi.

"Would you like one?" Suki held out the box to Shuichi and after a moments hesitation he took one. "Thank you." Suki smiled again.

Suddenly, Yuki's fist pounded on the table. "We didn't come here for a visit we came here for some goddamn answers. Someone had better answer me before I really get pissed."

"Well, well, impatient are we?" the boy smirked and Yuki glared at him. "Suki will you please introduce yourself?" Suki finished her fourth pocky stick and nodded reluctantly.

She turned to Yuki and Shuichi. "My name is… is" she swallowed and tried again. "My name is Suki Uesugi and this is my brother, Sakura Uesugi. We're your children…. from the future." Yuki and Shuichi stared in disbelief for what seemed like hours.

"Let's go brat." Yuki stood up and headed for the door.

"What? Yuki wait! What if they're telling the truth?"

"You actually believe this crap? You're stupider than I thought."

"Why would they lie about something like that?"

"Because they're a couple of brats with nothing better to do in with their time. You gullible brat, if you're not coming I'm leaving without you."

"We're not lying." Sakura said from behind Shuichi, "Face it, we look exactly like you and we act like you. What more proof do you need?" Yuki and Sakura had a stare down. Damn this kid, he's right, but I'm not giving in this easily.

"We'll show you a video, will that be proof enough?" Yuki continued to glare. "Fine."

"Je ne veux pas leur dire (I don't want to tell them)." Suki said in a foreign language.

"Il est trop tard, nous avons à leur dire (it's too late, we have to tell them)." Sakura replied in the same language. Suki nodded and walked into a room before they could see the tears in her eyes.

"Come with me." Sakura led them into the livingroom and they sat down on a couch, Sakura a little ways away from Shuichi.

"What video should I show them?" Suki returned with a pink laptop. She sat in the space between Sakura and Shuichi and placed the laptop on the coffee table.

"Try their tenth anniversary." Suki nodded and searched for the video. She played it and sat back.

"Ready nii-chan?" an eleven-year-old Sakura came into focus. He grabbed the handle of a door.

"One, two, THREE!" Sakura opened the door, and the duo jumped in. "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" they yelled in unison. Shu literally jumped out of bed and landed on his butt on the floor, and Eiri shot up and looked around wildly.

"Mama! Are you okay?" Suki dropped the camera and ran to Shu. He nodded, "I'm fine, but you scared me half to death." He climbed back on the bed. Eiri gave Sakura, who had picked up the camera, a playful glare.

"What's all this?" he crossed his arms and pretended to be angry.

"Happy anniversary!" the shouted again.

"We wanted to surprise you," Suki said.

"So, we woke up extra early to make you breakfast." Sakura continued.

"Actually, I made the food while nii-chan played with his DSI." Sakura glared at his little sister and blushed; Suki giggled.

"Wait here; we'll bring you you're food." Sakura left the camera on the bed and the siblings left the room. Shu and Eiri laughed.

"Happy anniversary Eiri, I love you." Shu knitted his fingers through Eiri's and kissed him on the cheek.

"Happy anniversary Shu, I love you too." Eiri kissed Shu on the lips. Sakura and Suki came back into the room with two trays. "Here you go." They each placed a tray on their parents' lap.

"Mmm, this looks delicious honey." Shu picked up his chopsticks and started eating. "Mmm." Eiri agreed.

The video ended and an awkward silence ensued.

Shuichi turned to Suki and Sakura. "So, it's true, we're your parents?" "Yup." Suki nodded. Yuki stood up, "I don't believe this." He took out another cigarette and lit it. This isn't possible, is it? We're both men, have can we have kids?

"You know what this means?" Shuichi said excitedly. "What?" Suki asked curiously.

"That Yuki really does love me!" Shuichi jumped on Yuki and they fell to the floor. Shuichi squealed in his ear.

"Like hell I love you! You're a stupid annoying big-mouthed brat who never shuts up or stops crying."

"No, you do love me, the you from the future said so." Shuichi smiled ruthfully.

"Whatever. Get off me." Yuki said after a few minutes.

"And we have kids! Oh, I'm so happy Yuki!" Shuichi let go, but stayed on top of Yuki. He turned to Suki and Sakura, smiling widely.

"Get off me brat, don't make me tell you again!" Shuichi made no move, so Yuki pushed him off. He landed next to Yuki with a thud.

"Mama are you okay?" Suki helped Shuichi up, but then pulled away quickly. He gave her a strange look.

"I'm sorry I called you 'mama', I'll stop." Suki tried to hide the pain in her voice, but failed miserably. Shuichi grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.

"You can call me 'mama' as long as you want." Shuichi said happily. Suki hugged back just as tightly.

"Mama! Mama! I love you Mama!" she buried her head in Shuichi's shoulder.

"Eee! I love you too my little princess!" Shuichi hugged her tighter. A pink haze of sparkles surrounded them as they hugged.

"We can't leave nii-chan out!" Suki cried suddenly. "You're right!" Shuichi agreed. Sakura eyes widened as he tried to get away, but it was too late. They caught him and hugged tight enough that he couldn't breathe.

"I love you nii-chan!" Suki yelled. "I love you my little cherry blossom!" Shuichi joined in. Sakura glared at a smirking Yuki from across the room, but then an evil smile spread on his face.

"What about papa? I'm sure he feels left out too." Yuki's eyes widened as Shuichi and Suki let go of Sakura and turned to him.

"No, don't you da-" Yuki didn't finish that sentence because Shuichi and Suki didn't give any time to. They attached themselves to him and wouldn't let go.

"I love you Papa!" Suki cried.

"Don't call me that you little brat!" Yuki ordered. "Yuki, don't be mean to our daughter!"

Suki's eyes watered and then cleared. She plastered a big smile on her face. "Okay, Yuki." His glare shot up when he heard a chuckle. That little punk, Yuki sighed, I probably would have done the same damn thing. Damnit, I guess he really is my son and she is my daughter. She sure as hell's the brat's.

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