In a place where only darkness and pain thrives, is where I must live out my life. If only I had someone to talk to...

~Wolf & Secrets~

In modern days, there never seems to be a place where nobody thrives. Cities and towns all have moderately happy people in them. Towns have less people in them, so more people know each other, but the closer people are, the harder it is to keep a secret. Gossip and rumors can spread like wildfire, no matter where it starts. Therefor, if you had to keep a secret, then you would have to be practically invisible to the entire world.

In the case of the Anderson family, thier secret has been spreading as you would expect one too. One persone tell two people and two people tell four more. Then it just can go on like that for as long as new information on the particular subject arouses intrest. It could be fake, but who would know. The truth has not yet been revealed yet. The Anderson family did have a normal life though. Carl Anderson married Jennifer Crane on the 19 of July, 1973 and all was good in the world for them. They moved to a remote house on the countryside. On October 31st, 1998 they had a single child.

If the rumors are true, then this child was female, but had certain... deformalitys. As the legend says, "The baby was born a demon and her parents have been sheltering it for as long as its has been around." Though most people would say it is a hoax, some people belive it. Mostly paranormal fanatics, but some are teenagers and stupid adults. It is now October 30th, 2011. Since that day on 1998, there have been many organizations created. Thier main rule is that one person, chosen by fate, must deliver a present to the demon.

~Wolf & Secrets~

"Are you ready?"

Ty snapped out of his daydream.

"The selection is today, and you're off in dreamland!"

Cade seemed a little startled today. Since Cade and Ty just turned 14, they were able to participate in the selection. Another part of the frustration was keeping the secret that you were a member from your parents. Who would want thier child walking in the dark to a supposed demon's house?

The meetings were held at an old wearhouse on King's Street once a month on different days, but always on October 30th. They would select a name, and you would have 30 hours to get the gift, deliver it, and make it back. Cade and Ty had already made thier gift. Ty had made a pendant with a scarlett stone in the center, and Cade had made silver bracelet with a blue dot on each link.

"Cade, have they posted the numbers yet?"

"No, but they should any time now."

Thier would be a big poster with ever eligeble name with a random number. Then they would draw a number. The corresponding name would be the one.

Soon thier was a big crowd around one portion of the wall. This was the symbol that they had posted the numbers. Cade rushed over to get a look before more people came to get at least a glimpse of the numbers. Ty just stayd at the table with a few other teenagers that he didn't know, but it was better than bieng swarmed by people and bieng pushed against a rough wall. Ty talked with the other teens, and found out some of thier names. Grey, Jack, and Annie. Annie was one of the few female participants in the metting. She had just turned 14 along with her twin brother James.

James and Grey were talking about recent post in the local news about the "Demonic Meetings". Ty did think that the whole thing was just a big hoax, but he played along because Cade belived, and Cade drug him here a couple years ago. It was just a ghood place to find people to talk with.

Ty caught Cade out of the corner of his eye walking over too him. He was staggering and out of breath.

"Ty... Your.. 19 and.. I'm..2"

Ty smiled a little " Was it that hard?"

"Well, I didnt see you in there!"

"Just calm down Cade."

Just then, a voice came over the intercom.

"Welcome to the The Meeting! We will be announcing the number in a few minutes, so just hold on."

The girl on the intercom sounded pretty to Ty, but he never really payed attention to the speaker untill now. For the remaining minutes Ty and Cade talked to some friends that they had met before. The main topic was gifts and if they would be scared if they got picked. Later the girl game back on over the intercom.

"Sorry to keep you waiting..."

Everybody's heart in the room was beating out of thier chest.

"This years number is... number 19, Ty Smith. Congratulations Ty!"

The feeling he felt at that moment is like coming face to face to death. Scared, but almost accepting it. He couldn't really remember the rest of that night except walking hoome with Cade. Cade was jealous, but in all reality, he would have been as scared as Ty was if he had been chosen. Now Ty really regretted joining. He went home and didn't sleep at all.

A/N: Sorry for all the blood, it's just vital the the pain and darkness stuff in the beginning.