Hey… This is a continuing of my promise to the people who read Friends v Best Friends… So I hope you guys enjoy!

Best Guy Friend: Accepts your chocolate on Valentines day, and gives you flowers back on White Day

Boyfriend: Will accept your chocolate, eat it, say it is disgusting, and before you could run away confess that he loves you in front of an audience.

"Lets see, I need chocolate for Natsu, and Gray. I also need some fish for Happy… Lets see… I am pretty sure Mira is going to plan something so I need to be careful…." Lucy was murmuring to herself while mixing the coco powder with some milk.

Twenty minutes later the chocolate was ready, and Lucy got ready to go to the guild.

Today was February 14th, and the whole gild was going crazy. Girls were giving guys chocolate, guys were hiding form the girls that liked them hoping to avoid uncomfortable moments, and, well, Mira-Jane was having a field day, tying to get couples together. By the time Lucy got to the guild, Mira already got Bixlow confessing to Lisanna and vice-versa, Elfman got his chocolates from Evergreen, and Levy and Gajeel were sitting happily in a corner talking about something.

Lucy walked into the guild waving to everyone. "Ohayo Minna! How's everyone?" Lucy was answered by waves and random shouts of "Happy Valintines day."

Lucy walked over to the bar with her little bag of chocolates and a separate bag full of fish. "Happy!" She shouted, "Happy Valintines day!" She threw the bag of fish into the air, and it was caught by the flying neko.

"Thanks Lushee!" Happy smiled at the blonde. "Is it Ok if I give one to Charle?"

"Sure!" Lucy looked down on her list, "Next Gray…. Oi! Gray!" She yelled across the bar.

"Whats up Lucy." The stripper looked at her.

"Thanks for being an amazing friend…" Lucy threw him her box of chocolates, "Now go confess to Juvia like you were planning to."

Gray blushed and answered, "Thanks… I'll give you Flowers on white day for this!" and he walked over to where the water woman was holding her blue box of frozen chocolates for the ice alchemist.

That's done with… Now Natsu. Lucy walked over to the pinkette who was eating a bowl of spicy ramen. "Natsu?" she said carefully.

"Yah?" Natsu answered through a mouthful of food.

"I made you chocolates, so.. Happy Valentines day." Lucy blushed a bit before Natsu's scrutinizing look, unaware that Mira was video taping their every move. "Well? Eat one."

Natsu shoved one into his mouth and chewed. "It's disgusting." Natsu immediately spit out the chocolate. "It's too sweet and just bleach!"

Lucy looked heartbroken. She turned around about to run away, but was stopped by a strong hand.

She turned around just in time to hear Natsu say, "But that doesn't matter because I still love you."

The whole even was later played back on their wedding day, courtesy of Mira-Jane Strauss

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