Long time no see…. But here it is! Another chappy!

Best Guy Friend: Leaves your house after 12 am… Or whatever time the party ends

Boyfriend: Will be found in your bed when you wake up

Lucy's birthday celebration lasted two days. The first day was the day before her actual birthday when Lucy went to visit all of her relatives and used-to-be servants.

The day of her actual birthday, Lucy was woken up by Natsu shoving into her face a pacage and some clothes.

"Come on Luce! It's your birthday and I promise to make it one of the best days of your life…" He thought about it for a minute, "After the day that you joined Fairy Tail."

"Hmm? What?" Lucy was waking up stretching and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, "NATSU! What are you doing here at," she checked the alarm clock on her bedside, "AT SEVEN AM?! ARE YOU INSANE!?"

"It's your birthday Luce! And I promised to make it the best!"

"By why so dang early?" Lucy mumbled, asking a rhetorical question.

"Because I am your boyfriend, and I have a lot planned. Now come on!" Natsu shoved her into the bathroom. "Come out when you are ready to go to the guild."

The whole guild, when Lucy walked in, was decorated, with a huge banner saying "Happy Birthday Lucy" hanging in the middle.

"Oh." Lucy gasped, "It's wonderful!" and with those words the party began.

After the whole day of drinking, brawling, and other activities that a true Fairy Tail party has to have for it to be considered one, it was finally time for everyone to go home. Team Natsu, still almost all sober, walked cheerfully to Lucy's hose were the festivities were to be continued.

When they finally got to Lucy's apartment, Natsu put her arm around her, "So, Luce. We all still have to give you our presents."

The sat around Lucy's table, as she served tea, and all four (including Happy) pulled out packages.

When Lucy finally sat down, Erza went first. "Lucy, I wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope you like my gift." Erza got our favorite blonde, a set of silver keys.

"Thank you Erza! I love them!" Lucy exclaimed when she opened the box.

Gray went next and gave Lucy a never melting ice sculpture of a rose. When Natsu saw it he immediately turned grumpy, murmuring something on accounts of him being the boyfriend and "stripper needing to focus on his own girlfriend".

Lucy thanked Gray and put the rose in a vase. Happy gave Lucy a new set of ribbons to repay her for all those he stole to give to Charla. Lucy smiled and scratched Happy behind his ear.

Last went Natsu. He gave Lucy a beautiful golden locket with a mini painting done by Redius, of them. When Lucy saw it she squealed, and immediately turned and kissed Natsu.

After everyone gave Lucy their presents, the usual Fairy Tail activities began. Team Natsu teased Lucy the whole night about how she was growing old, and then later they got a hold of her manuscript for her story and began reading it out loud, embracing Lucy to no end.

When Lucy finally kicked her team out it was close to midnight. The girl tiredly fell asllep, with the thoughts about that day being the best day of her life.

The next day Lucy woke up cuddling something really warm. When she snuggled up to it even closer it moves and she heard a familiar voice rumble, "Good morning beautiful."

That day Natsu showed up to the guild with a gigantic foot sized purple welt on his face.

What did you guys think? I hope I didn't make you guys wait too long!