A/N: Here you go, the newly re-written Bitter Sweet Ending. This story will be the last of Bruce and Violet's story. I hope you enjoy and get ready for this rollercoaster of a story that will be going through "The Dark Knight Rises." Hope you all and enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you think!

Eight years had gone by ever since those horrific events took place. Those horrific events that pushed Bruce and me over the edge. I try to push it to the back of my mind but I just cannot ever forget. It is too difficult to ever forget losing Harvey Dent. Or the fact that Rachel also died that tragic night. As well as the fact that a couple of nights later I lost our baby. And how could I forget being committed to an institute because they thought my depression would lead to suicide.

Things did not get easier ever since then, especially after my car accident. Yes, my memory was fully back all thanks to a simple letter that opened my eyes to the horrible truth. I decided that having children with the man I loved was completely out of the question. Reality had hit me straight in the face eight years ago. My life was of constant worry and I was always terrified of what was to come next as Bruce continued on as Batman.

So I did what I never thought I would do, I filed those divorce papers immediately after Bruce left Spain.

I couldn't live like that anymore.