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Chapter 15

Dragon Fight Take 2

Kendra POV

Was that a noise I heard? No, just my ming playing tricks on me.


Ok that was not my mind. Something is outside the door.


Whatever it is it wants in. My heart dropped. I can't go anywhere to escape. I'm trapped. I wish Bracken were here. I know I can handle myself but right now I need someone to protect me to save me from whatever wants to get in.


A voice screamed in my head. Wait, in my head? Only Bracken can do that...

Kendra! Please open the door

It didn't sound so threatening now. I won't open the door. I learned the hard way not to trust people who seem to be "good". My heart aches as I remember Gavin. Stop it! I scold myself. You have wonderful Bracken. He's perfect and handsome, 2000000000000(million 0 later) times better then Gavin.

Kendra, please they are hurting me! Kendra please help! I know you, well, I know about you, Agad told me everything I need to know. Please Kendra I know you can hear me!

My heart was crushed. I can't decide whether or not to trust this voice. It could be a monster like the ones that manipulated Seth into opening the window that Mid Summer's Eve forever ago.

Torn apart, I decide to let it in but first I find one of the many swords that are positioned around the house. Trying to reassure myself I creep towards the door.

How is something on this island? Wouldn't it be turned to dandelion fluff? Maybe it was nice? As I inch toward the door I can still hear the thumping of the what-ever-it-is outside.

Slowly I turn the handle. The door couldn't of been open an inch when something zoomed through. I quickly shut the door and search for the stranger.

"Where are you" I ask.

"Here" said a beautiful fairy as she flew directly in front of my face. She hovered there while I examined her. She had long red curls and wore a sage green dress. The dress looked like a bunch of different leaves sewn together to create a beautiful dress. Her eyes were the same color as her dress which made them seem incredibly bright. I almost forgot she was a stranger. Almost.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" I ask solemnly.

'Agad sent me" she said simply.

Why" I pressed.

"I'm you shape shifting guardian."

Oh my gosh! I had almost forgotten about that! Suddenly I was so grateful to have someone else here with me. I could almost feel myself slowly going crazy. Sometimes I talked to myself because I had forgotten the sound of my voice.

"I wanted to hug her but that was kind of impossible because she's about 40 times smaller than me.

As if reading my mind, she transformed into a beautiful hamadryad. She looked the same except now she was taller and had sharper features.

Then she hugged me.

Did she read my mind?

Yes. She replied telepathically.

Great, another thought reader.

"I'm sorry I won't do it again" she said shamefully.

no! I mean it's alright, I just, you see...Bracken, urgh." I can't speak, that's what I get for not talking to myself enough.

"I know" she replied with a smile. I had a good feeling about her, but what will happen when Bracken comes back? Completely discarding the thought I remembered what she had said earlier.

"Kendra, please help, their hurting me!"

I pull away and look at her skeptically.

"What" she asks innocently.

"Who was hurting you? You don't look hurt to me." I say

"Oh, that" she blushes.

Immediately I know that there was no one outside hurting her, but I want her to admit it.

"Alright, I might of lied about that so you would open the door." she said sheepishly

"Haha it's alright, I just wanted to hear you say it" I laugh. She gives me a glare but it poses no threat.

"Come let me show you around" I say leading her into the small kitchen.

Bracken POV

After we regained our ability to walk Seth and I started our journey. I heard dragons like warm places. Which would make sense for it to be in Australia.

I honestly love the this country/island/continent it's vert beachy and happy, plus everyone has hilarious accents!

Now if I were a dragon where would I hide?

Clearly they don't want to be found, so that pretty much rules out Sydney, Melbourne and all those cities.

I would want to be as far away as possible from humans, especially humans who don't have the special milk or the ability to see magical creatures. To them it looks like a monstrous storm cloud, and if that cloud happens to attack me and Seth people would start to wonder what exactly is happening.

The most likely place we would find the dragon is in the deserts, which takes up most of the country. Great, just great.

Pulling Seth towards a nearby tourist plane I try to come up with a plan of how we will fins this dragon let alone kill it.

Seth POV

Bracken are you sure this is safe? I ask uncertain.

"Pretty sure. Why, you scared?"

"No!" I retort.

"Sure" he says sarcastically.

I don't care if he makes fun of me, riding on a rickety plane over thousands of miles of nothing scares me. There I admit it. I'm scared. I have seen dragons and demons but flying in a beat up plane scares me.

Plus there's those weird indian dudes that stalk the deserts, oh, and kangaroos! Those things are creepy. Oh, what would Heather say about this? I'm a wimp, a total fail. I can't even face a lousy kangaroo.

"Alright mates let's get going!' A small Australian man said to us. I assume he was the pilot. He looked happy but he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Or maybe he did. I'd have to ask.

We enter the plane and the pilot turns to us. "So my policy is "every customer is a friend" so lets get too know each other." he said happily. I internally groan but play along with it because I just want this to end so we can go back to Fablehaven.

But before me and Bracken even utter a word he starts cracking up. I don't know how he'll be able to fly a plane will having a laughing attack.

I want to ask if he's ok but even Bracken is smiling too. Maybe something's going on that I don't understand.

"Seth this is Zane, he's part of the Knight's of Dawn."

"Oh" was all I could say. Judging by his laughing fits I'm surprised he was excepted in the Knights of Dawn but maybe he's hiding some secret talent.

"He's going to help us on your quest." he continued.

Finally catching his breath Zane turns to me.

'Hey mate I was just playing with you, I'm Zane welcome aboard Lucy."

"Lucy? As in the plane is named Lucy?"

"Yes" he said completely serious.

"Oh" it suddenly got awkward, I hope Zane starts another laughing attack to lighten the mood but he just stays still. Eventually he starts the plane and we're off. I was right to be scared. The plane feels like it's tipping back and forth and we're always being jostled by something or other.

Soon enough I fall asleep untill a loud scratching sound wakes me with a start. It seems familiar, too familiar. Then those dark claws ease their way through the metal creating more scratching sounds. I cover my ears and turn towards Bracken. We share the same worried look and then Zane turns toward us. He looks extremely scared, I guess this is a new experience for him. Can't say the same for us.

I draw Vasilis and take off my seat belt. It seems as though the dragon is gradually setting the plane down. Hopefully he'll let us out of the plane before he tries to eat us.

Soon enough the plane goes plummeting down. The claws are gone and Zane is having a panic attack.

''Imconssssiderate mortalsss" says the dragon. He has sort of a lisp so his s's are really exaggerated, like what a snake would sound like if it could talk.

Before we crash land he picks us up and sets us to the ground. It wasn't gentle nor harsh, maybe somewhere in between.

We all hesitate. Zane has overcome his panic attack and we all wait silently for the dragon to make his next move. Which is not the best idea.

The dragon pounds on the plane and orders us to get out. We all head for the doors and scramble out.

We exit and look up. The dragon is just as huge as I remembered it.

It's shiny black scales reflected the hot sun. It was so bright I had to shield my eyes.

The dragon straightened his back so he was almost double his normal size. He was trying to look intimidating, and let me tell you, it worked.

''I am the great dragon prince Borag."

I know I shouldn't say it but I really want to tell him that Navarog is/was the prince and now he's dead, but I bit my tongue. That worst thing I could do right now is make the dragon mad.

"I am sssssuperior."

I showed him Vasislis to remind him that it killed the Demon King, surely it could kill him. I think I saw him shrink back at the sight of my sword, but I could be imagining things.

Bracken gave me a look that I couldn't read and before I knew it he had grabbed Vasilis and was charging toward Borag at full speed.

"This is for Kendra" he said as he charged.

He's so stupid! I can't do anything to help because that would be suicidal, so I'm stuck here with an awestruck Zane and completely helpless.

Borag intercepts Bracken before Vasilis meets his scales. He swiped Bracken out of the way I could see claw marks on his cloths and blood start to stain his previously white shirt.

'Bracken!" I scream. He has to get up. Without him I'm stuck with Zane. Not to be mean but Zane doesn't seem very responsible and I don't want to be stuck in the middle of a vast desert with him.

Bracken gets up slowly, I can tell he's subtansely weaker, but he continues to fight the dragon. This time when the Borag raises his claws to swipe him he cuts him with Vasilis. Even from afar I can see the nasty gash it made on his hand.

If Bracken gets a good shot at his heart he'll be dead in seconds.

Borags seems to realize this too. He starts to use his other hand which he's not as coordinated in. It takes him a few tries but he finally gets a good shot at Bracken. Bracken seems to focused on slaying him to notice. Borag's claws are getting closer and closer. I can't tell him because then Borag will just pick up speed and finish him off faster.

So I do the only thing possible. I charge after him and shove him out of the way, just as Borags claws are millimeters away. Instead of hitting Bracken they come in direct contact with me.

I am on the verge of losing conciousness. How desperately I want to. The pain is too much. It feel like my chest is inflamed with a scorching fire and there's nothing I can do to put it out.

I have no idea how Bracken is back on his feet battling a dragon, well I guess he is a unicorn. Bracken keeps taking stabs at Borag, at his feet tail hands. Anything he can slash.

My vision is blurring but before I fall into absolute unconsciousness I see Bracken get a clear shot at Borag's throat and him charging untill Vasilis is shoved into the dragon's throat. Then everything's black.


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