The mischievous kei

Kei's boredem can cause pretty romantic scenes in a dare game maybe a first kiss? Rated for fluff! Summary sucks please read! :D

It was just from boredem and fun I guess Kei knew Narumi loved Kiri but the hole sp group went to visit Kiri in LA Narumi and Kiri only hugged and chatted. The tone and look in Narumi's eyes was the look he gave nobody but her it was pure love nothing more or less. So Kei decided to put that the test.

(Kei POV)

"hey Naru-naru?" I said while eating chips.

"What is it Kei and don't call me NARUNARU!" yelled Naru-naru

"ok Narurin I want to play a game!" I said trying to look innocent.

"ARGGH what game then?' said naru-naru.

I cheerfully perked up! Then said "double dare!"

naru-naru raised an eyebrow "as long as I don't have to do anything stupid or girly." he said

so I happily got everyone together they all agreed to play even Kiri! We started a circle and began to play.

"umm... Ochiai sempai I double dare you too...sing a love song baldy as you can!" said giggling Kanako.

It was hilarious he sang so horribly everyone was laughing. I was laughing the most like a maniac till I heard my name.

"Kei I double dare you to swallow a bug." said Occhi.

I soon froze in terror bugs weren't that tasty sounding soon I seen a bug in my face.

"here Kei I got one for you now eat up!" Naru-naru smirked

disgusted as I was i swallowed the thing whole everyone was amazed I actually ate it which means its done with. it was now my turn to torture someone. I then turned to Naru-naru and said "Naru-naru I double dare you to kiss Kiri-chan on the nose with your lips!" I said smiling innocently

he gasped so loud it was hard to keep a straight face

"hell no I will not kiss that mussy head!" naru-naru yelled blushing a deep scarlet head to toe.

"aww... but you don't break out in a rash or is it genius-san is chicken maybe even a stupid ostridge!" I said teasingly

naru-naru's head was on fire with anger "fine I will kiss that girl and prove that i'm not a retarded bird!" Naru-naru froze when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

(Narumi POV)

I tensed up then turned to see mussy-head's big beautiful eye's I seem to enjoy staring at me. She then she spoke "well hurry up and get it over with." she spoke in her usual monotone voice so emotionless but I swear I seen a light blush spread across her face. I then leaned down both of are faces the same level I slightly puckered my lip's aiming for her nose. My whole entire face is heating. In the corner of my eye I seen Kazuhiko glaring at me intensely suddenly I heard Kei.

"Hurry up and kiss her!" I felt him grab both me Kiri's head's (A/N hehe he said kiri) pressed them together both our lips met both shocked. I ended up grabbing her waist bringing her closer and continued the kiss. Her lips are so soft, I closed my eye's I felt her kiss back . It was heaven even though Kazuhiko looked like he was going to kill me with a bag of bricks, also that annoying perfume guy(Iori) yelling about touching his kirity. Kanako was in shock,Kei was laughing like an idiot, that Billy guy was giving me a thumbs up and a stupid grin. Chisami was texting someone most likely my idiotic dad. Still with all that going on, it was my first kiss I was enjoying it. When me and Kiri were gasping for air we just stared at each other a burning love flare in our eye's .

soon enough I heard Kei make a loud yawn "i'm sleepy goodnight!" said Kei he walked away heading towards the guest bedroom .

I heard Kiri say " i'm tired too come on Narumi." she tugged me out of the room wait did she just call me Narumi!

"Wait where am I going?" I asked

"to our room of course." she said with a smirk.

Taada! My first fanfic I hope you enjoyed it . Hope its not too OOC. Please review I might make a sequel if I get enough good reviews. so thank you for reading.