Hisoka was sitting down in his office deep in thought. He was remembering his past in the Kurosaki house. A young Hisoka was standing in the hallway watching his father having a cup of tea he didn't know whether he should go and sit down as his father had been taken to shouting at him a lot recently for sometimes no reason at all. Hisoka had no idea what he had done but he assumed that it was because of his strange powers where he could sense people's feelings.

His father noticed him. "Hisoka come over here." He said. Hisoka slowly walked over to him. "Yes father?" He asked. His father pet his head Hisoka could sense that he was testing him to see if he reacted to his feelings. Hisoka had learned to try not to react to it otherwise he would end up regretting it. His father seemed satisfied and left him alone. Hisoka nodded and left.

After he sensed his mother's anger later he passed out and was sent down to the basement for being a monster it was a very miserable life for Hisoka. He was locked up for nearly everything now. His father never pet his head when he did something good anymore. It was always just a test to see if he still had his empathy.

He remembered pleading with his father to let him out. He remembered begging him to pay attention to him, to love him. It never worked. His father couldn't stand the sight of him. He would always be alone. "I don't want to be alone anymore. Please Otou-san, Okaa-san don't leave me anymore. I-I hate being alone." Hisoka sobbed.

Hisoka woke up in tears. The office light was still on and the place was empty except for Tatsumi's office. The instinct of not wanting to be alone hit Hisoka and he knocked on Tatsumi's office. "Come in." Tatsumi said gently. Hisoka let himself in. "A-am I disturbing you?" He stuttered. "Not at all. I was just finishing." Tatsumi reassured him and then looked concerned at the tears.

"What's the matter Kurosaki-kun?" Tatsumi said worriedly. "I-I was dreaming that I was back in the Kurosaki house and how both my parents hated me." Hisoka sobbed. "I was thinking that my dad used to pet me on the head when I did something good but after a while he just wouldn't look at me anymore and I just felt so alone when I woke up." Hisoka said. Tatsumi walked over to him and put his arms around him.

"It's okay you're not alone anymore." Tatsumi said. "I'm here for you." He reassured him. Hisoka rested his head against Tatsumi's chest. Tatsumi pet his head while he cried. Hisoka closed his eyes comforted. After a while he stopped crying. "Thank you Tatsumi-san." He said. Tatsumi smiled. "It's okay listen would you like to stay with me tonight? That way you can't be alone and I can look after you." Tatsumi said. Hisoka smiled. He nodded.

Hisoka knew that day that he wasn't alone as long as everyone in Meifu was with him...