It was indeed the connection she had that had saved her. But it was not love that was what deflected the curse. It was the reflex every human had, to live. Dumbledore explained to her later on that since she had reworked the spell, she was able to control small parts of Bellatrix, so the fact that she tried to hurt Hermione, did not sit well with the curse.

There were numerous speculations about what truly happened on the Christmas Eve of 1998. All that was known for sure, was that was the day that Bellatrix Lestrange had died. The other two Death Eaters had been taken into Azkaban, and were destined to be given the kiss. They were the last three prominent Death Eaters on the loose. After they had been captured, the rest slowly made their way out of hiding and were given the sentences they deserved.

No one really knew what Pansy Parkinson or Theodore Nott had to do with the event either. The only thing they knew for a fact was that they became an inseparable couple, the type that snogs in hallways and are disgustingly cute. But there had to be some connection. After all, due to the event, both were sentenced to three months' worth of detention at Hogwarts. There had also been talk of expulsion for both parties, but something about them 'helping indirectly', saved them from that fate. Very few knew what that meant, and those that did chose not speak about it.

Draco Malfoy had also been admitted to the Hospital the same day of the attack. He was kept there for a couple of days, and people couldn't help but speculate that he had something to do with the capture. No one truly knew what happened, but everyone came to their own conclusions about the event. Whatever the case, it somehow drew Draco and Hermione Zabini closer together.

Maybe one day Hermione would tell her children the truth about that night. But for now, they were too young and too innocent to see the world as anything but good. So for now it would remain a secret, just as it had for the last nineteen years.

The air was warm and humid, as June usually was. The students gathered on the lawn for their final time as students of Hogwarts. There were many emotions flowing through the air as well. Some were crying in hugs with their friends while others were smiling and reminiscing about the memories they had. After they graduated today, they would go off into the Wizarding world and get jobs. Some of them would have families while others would seek great adventures beyond the borders.

As Dumbledore finished up his speech, he gave the podium to the Head students of 1998 – 1999. Hermione Zabini and Draco Malfoy stood up there together. If there was ever any proof that people could change and overcome their differences, then those two were the perfect example.

"Hello there," Hermione began with a smile. "As you know, I am Hermione Zabini, and this is Draco Malfoy," she spoke in a professional voice.

"I think they know that by now Zabini," Draco scoffed, earning a glare from her and laughter from the audience.

She ignored the interruption and spoke on. "We have gone through many things together. We survived evil professors, piles of homework, and ought together against Voldemort. Together, we have accomplished many things. But as individuals, we have all reached different levels of achievements. While some may seem greater than others, each was still an achievement. And for that, we all deserve to feel proud of ourselves," she said, finishing off her speech.

Draco rolled his eyes and spoke out, "What I'm going to say is a lot shorter than my partner. I know many of you have disliked me over the years. I haven't always been the best person after all. But this year, we have learned that we all lost things over the war, and it had changed us all. So I'd like to thank you for that. But the person who forgave me the most; forgiving the horrid things I've done over the years, is standing beside me. And I would like to take this moment to ask her something very special," he said mysteriously.

People sat up on the edges of their chairs. Everyone wanted to get a good view of what was going to happen.

Draco stepped to the side and took her hand. He bent down on one knee and there was a collective gasp throughout the audience. He pulled out a small, red velvet box and spoke, "Hermione, I know that we've barely even been together for a year. But in that time, I knew that I was in love with you. Actually, I think I've been in love with you since fourth year. But I also realised that there was no one else that I'd rather spend my life with, so will you marry me?" He asked nervously.

She looked like she was short for words, "That was definitely longer than my speech," she said finally.

"Hermione!" he said exasperatedly.

She broke out into a grin, "Of course I'll marry you!" she said. She threw herself in his arms after he placed the diamond on her finger.

The crowd broke out into a loud applause, as he spun her around. Harry Potter had a wide grin on his face, and according to rumours, Ronald Weasley had been spotted crying slightly.

Hermione thought back to that day with a wide smile on her face. It had been a while since she thought of the day Draco had wanted to be with her forever. Some criticized, saying that they were far too young to decide something that big. But those who knew the couple knew that there was never another couple who were so suited for one another. Her father had been reluctant to accept it, but grudgingly did. He was glad it was Draco she wanted, since he was basically family anyway.

"Scorpious, stop teasing your sister. You know fully well that there is no such thing as the wrong house," Draco scolded their oldest son, who was currently mocking their oldest daughter. "Well maybe Hufflepuff.

"Draco!" Hermione scolded her husband. She was holding Lyra, their youngest child. She was only nine so she wouldn't be able to go to Hogwarts. Like Lily Potter, who had already cried and whined, she was upset she wouldn't get to be with her older siblings for three more years. To a nine year old, three years was a long time to wait. She buried her blonde hair into Hermione's shoulder.

Seeing the distraught in his sister's brown eyes, their second oldest child stepped in, "Don't worry Cassie. I've seen the Hufflepuffs, and trust me, you definitely not one of them," Orion assured his sister. She stopped twirling her blonde curly hair and smiled at Orion.

Scorpius, seeing how afraid his sister was, dropped the teasing and gave her a big hug. "Don't worry Cass, if you're in Slytherin then I'll take care of you, and if you are in Gryffindor like your nerd of a brother, then he'll help you. But either way you won't be alone." He spun her through the air, causing her to squeal with enjoyment.

Out of their four children, Scorpius was the only one who was an exact replica of Draco. He looked like him and acted like him; the changed version of course. Their children knew nothing of the blood prejudices that used to circle the world. Orion, however was basically Hermione. Sorted into Gryffindor, he had her hair, and was just as studious as she was. Orion, to Hermione's dismay, was the only child with her hair. Draco however, was very pleased by this.

"Scorpius, you better watch your behaviour this year or Dumbledore will take away your prefect position. And don't forget to study for the OWLs," she warned. Between the influence of Draco and his uncles Harry and Ron, Scorpius had gotten into more trouble than one could remember. Of course he had decent grades and was close to the top, but it didn't stop Hermione from worrying.

"Yes mum," the fifth year said as he rolled his eyes.

The colour drained from Orion's face, "I need to start studying for my OWLs," the third year fretted. Yup, he was definitely Hermione's child.

"Hermione, what have you done to this poor boy?" she heard a male voice call from behind her. She turned to see Blaise and Daphne walking toward her with their only child, Catharina. She, like her brother had brown hair and his darker complexion, but had her mother's eyes and personality. She was entering her second year this year.

Seeing James Potter up ahead, she ran off.

"I swear, she cares more about that boy than she does us," Blaise complained. Daphne told her once that James was her first crush, and Ginny told her that James cared more about the girl than he would care to admit. Well hopefully it worked out for them.

"I will not have my daughter like a Weasley," Draco said, having a staring contest with Cassiopeia. She blushed furiously as Albus made her way over.

"Stop talking Dad. I do not like Albus, we're just friends," she said hurriedly. "Oh hi Albus!" she squeaked.

Hermione shot her husband a look. He sighed and came over to where she was standing next to her brother. "Hey Blaise," he said.

"It's the same with me mate," Blaise said with a similar sigh. "They just don't listen to us," he told Draco.

"At least Lily isn't into boys yet," Harry commented as he walked over to the group. "I don't think I'd ever let her go."

A couple of kids pointed at Harry as they walked by, immediately breaking into whispers and such.

"Why do they always do that when they see you Dad?" Albus asked. The students who already entered Hogwarts had a general idea, but didn't know the full story. Scorpius, having studied most of this the previous year, had known all about it. He spent the summer interrogating his mum and dad about the events.

Draco hated it, since he had to finally explain to his son the horrible things he had done. But Hermione would often interrupt and tell their son that it had never been by his choice. She told him that his father was a bad man and he had been forced to. And when he finally saw he had nothing left to lose, he joined the side he thought was right. After that, his son thought he was the biggest hero he ever met, including over Harry. Draco had never been so happy his entire life.

They all knew that Harry wasn't one to brag about his life or the things he had done. He lived a modest life, working as an Auror to catch the remaining Death Eaters and keep the streets safe. Draco had in fact become a healer, while Hermione worked to exterminate the prejudices in the world.

"Because son, there was once a very bad man who I stopped," he told his son, in the simplest of terms. The eleven year old seemed to accept this as an answer. They knew that their children would eventually learn about the horrid things of their past, but that wouldn't be for a long time.

"And remember to write each week," Hermione told her three oldest children. "I want to know everything that happens to you guys okay?" she said, tearing up slightly.

They each gave her a hug, Cassie holding on the longest. "Mum, I'll be okay. I have Scorp and 'Rion to look after me," she reassured her mother. Hermione kissed her softly as she let her go.

"We'll write to you Lyra, and we'll send you stuff back from Hogsmeade, don't worry," Scorpius told his little sister.

"And we'll be back for Christmas before you know it, promise," Orion said.

"I'll tell you everything you need to know for when you get there Lyra," Cassie said.

She sniffled as she smiled at them, "O-Okay. Bye-Bye"

Hermione kissed her daughter as they waved to the children who began boarding the train.

Draco wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her into a hug. "Right now the summers never seem long enough do they?" he asked his wife.

She shook her head as she laid her chest into his body.

Subconsciously, her hand found her way to her forearm. The words had long since faded, but Hermione was still remembered the amount of dark magic the place had held. She no longer had nightmares, nor once felt a connection. She was free of the mark forever.

Against everything the friends had faced, the many ups and downs, the fights and disagreements. Against the war and the prejudices, and the life changes, against everything life threw out at them. Against all odds, they had survived, and had not only love, but family as well. Against all odds, they had made it.

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