There was a car stuck on the train tracks; the driver was stubbornly trying to start the car's engine again, apparently unaware of the oncoming train. As Luke got closer he realised that he knew whose car it was, and therefore knew who was in the car.

"Reid!" he yelled, running under the barrier to the driver's side. Sure enough there sat Reid, turning the key for the ignition again and again. Beads of perspiration were rolling down the sides of his face as his eyes kept glancing in the direction that the train was coming from.

"Reid!" Luke called out again, knocking on the car door window. He tried to open it but it was locked. Who knew that the doctor's safety tactic could ironically become a hazard in the eyes of escape? Luke desperately banged on the window, trying with all his might to smash it with his elbow. The window stayed intact; not even a crack was visible in the glass.

The train was close now. In about twenty seconds… No. There was no time to think like that. He needed to concentrate on saving the doctor.

"REID!" Luke screamed. "REID! GET OUT OF THE CAR! REID!"

Scared blue eyes met brown. Reid let go of the keys. He gave Luke a sad smile and then turned away, eyes closed, awaiting his fate. Luke continued to try and smash the windows, screaming hysterically for Reid to open the door. He could see a small tear reaching out from underneath Reid's eyelashes, rolling down his cheek. He could see the shadow of the train getting closer. He could hear the piercing note of the horn, and the squeal of steel on steel as the driver frantically tried to stop the train. The gut wrenching sound of the passenger's side door being crushed soon followed before Luke had the chance to scream again.


Luke sat bolt upright in his bed. The bed sheets stuck to him like another layer of skin, and his teeth chattered furiously. He heard the rush of footsteps to his room, shortly followed by his mom and dad bursting into the room.

"Luke! Sweetie, are you okay?"

"We heard you yelling, son."

"Reid... Reid..." He was panting.

"It was a nightmare, sweetie," his mom hushed him. "We're here. It's okay."

"I'll go get you a glass of water," his dad offered. His mom nodded and told him to check on Natalie and Ethan as well.

"I'm so sorry!" Luke cried, trying to slow his breathing down.

"Luke, it's fine. You've been through a rough time. You lost Reid under terrible circumstances. It's only natural for you to be like this."

He merely nodded, trying to ignore the pain he consistently felt as his heart broke each and every time he was reminded of that fateful day. He looked to the ceiling, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall, before looking to his mother.

"I miss him, Mom," he whispered.

"I know, baby."