Beckett woke up feeling like she'd been hit in the head with a barge pole ten times. All she wanted to do was stay in bed for the rest of her life but she knew she had to get up and go to work as she had an ongoing case that needed closing. The one thing she was looking forward to was the coffee that Castle brought her every day. It wasn't even the coffee she loved anymore, it was the man who brought it.

Castle and Beckett agreed to keep the newly found relationship to themselves for a while. They figured it would be for the best for now as they didn't want anything to change at work however they did think it would be hilarious to see who would figure it out first.

*A week earlier*

Castle and Beckett were cuddling on his couch watching films, as they had done all weekend. They had no cases and Martha and Alexis were on a shopping trip.

"Castle, what the hell have you got me watching now? Why can't I ever pick the films?"

"Beckett, Shhhh its a classic" Castle tries to change the subject as at some point he knows he's going to have to let her choose the film.

"Hey Kate, who do you think will figure us out first?" Castle squeezed Beckett a little tighter.

"ooh, i think probably Lanie. She's always talking about how we should be together and how it's so obvious we love each other".

"Naa, i think Esposito. He's good at stuff like this".

Beckett pulled away from Castle with a smirk on her face. "You willing to bet on that Rick?"

With a smile Castle shuffles forward onto the edge of the sofa and thinks for a second. "Fifty bucks says Esposito figures it out first".

"Fifty bucks says Lanie will"

They both smile, shake hands and go back to watching the film in each others arms.

Beckett walks into the precinct, sunglasses on, scarf round her neck, and a hoodie that was ten times too big for her.

"Hey Espo, what's up with Beckett? a little contradictory there with the winter clothes and the sunglasses don't ya think?"

"Why don't we ask her ourselves"

Ryan and Esposito walk up to Beckett but realise it was a bad idea when she takes off her sunglasses and they see just how rough she looks.

Beckett gives them 'the look' that they get when they are in trouble. "You say one word about how I look and I will tell Gates about how you still keep a six pack in the evidence room. Now you know how she feels about that don't you?. So if you don't mind I just want my morning coffee then ill be ready to close this case".

"Why don't you go home, you're obviously not feeling to good, your shivering but its like 95 degrees outside and you look..."

"Ryan don't you dare finish that sentence. I know exactly how I look, now please get back to work"

Beckett really didn't need reminding how bad she looked, she felt it. The only thing that could make her feel better would be Rick. And that morning coffee.

"Seriously, Beckett we haven't had any leads for the past two days, go home, get some rest"

"Esposito, I'm fine, I just have a bit of a cold. Now please, just keep looking at the evidence we have already and see if you can see something i haven't".

"Okay, okay. C'mon bro".

Ryan and Esposito go to look at the evidence board while Beckett puts her head on her desk to rest her eyes.

"Hey" Castle puts both coffees onto Beckett's desk which takes her by surprise.

Beckett gives Castle a big smile. Well the biggest smile she can give right now.

"Oh, hey Castle, thanks, just what I need right now". Beckett reaches out to grab her coffee but Castle grabs her arm and leans towards her.

"What you need right now is your bed. I'm taking you home."

"Castle, we have a case, I can't just go home and lay in bed all day. I'm fine".

"Kate, your sick. Your wearing five layers of clothing in the middle of Summer. I'm sure Ryan and Esposito can handle this case on their own, and if they need our help they can give us a call."

Beckett steps out of Castle grip and starts collecting her things. "Wait, I do not need looking after"

Castle tries to lean in again and softens his voice. "I know you don't Kate, but your my girlfriend now, and I want to look after you".

Beckett caves in and moves a little close too Castle looking him in the eyes with a smirk on her face. "Fine, but I get to choose the films"