Chapter 1

I looked around me. I had never really been to wrath central. It was where every wrath came to speak with others when they had problems. Lucas was with Balthazar right now and now that that had been completely resolved, I didn't need to worry about anything.

Everyone around me wasn't wearing anything like me, I was in the clothes I died in, one of Lucas' t-shirts and a pair of pj pants but everyone else was in business suits. One of the formal women walked up to me and motioned for me to follow her. I scurried after her as she walked into what looked like a giant set of doors of a wardrobe.

Inside stood Maxie, a wrath that lived in Vic's house and some other women who were wearing the latest fashion clothes, behind them were rows and rows of different clothes in all sorts of colours.

'We would like you to find some clothes that you would like to where,' the women standing beside me said, 'Unlike the clothes in the real world, here you can wear these without being seen. Choose anything!'

I grabbed Maxie's hand and we look around.

'They said I could pick something out, so I'm going this way,' Maxie said pointing to the clothes that were more form her time.

I walked toward the hundreds of different jeans. I picked out a pair of darker blue skinny jeans and slipped them on. I flicked through different tops all from designer brands like Gucci and Chanel. I moved along to a row of colours that were in greys and picked out a cropped version of an oxford jumper which was pair with a black singlet. I changed my shoes and picked a pair of brand new purple converses.

I walked in the direction of where Maxie had walked and found that she was wearing a flowery pink skirt with a white tank top and a grey cardigan.

'No!' Maxie said snatching me by the arm and dragging be back to the exit, 'Can you girls give my friend something decent?'

The girls nodded and they brought me to a both where there were already clothes for me to change into but there was no mirror. I pulled the white t-shirt on and slipped the black vest on. A blue skirt appeared once I was done and I pulled them on too. After pulling both the stockings and black combat boots on, the door swung open. The girls pushed me into a seat and started applying makeup and doing my hair. Finally when they were done, they revealed a mirror.

I had never looked like this, I had always lived in jeans and jumpers.

'Bianca! Come on! We've got to show Lucas,' Maxie tried to move me but I was stuck to the floor.

'You aren't going anywhere! I'm guessing you have a few things to ask?' the business women came in again.

'Ah, yes.'

'I'm Racheal. I'm going to be explaining some details. We need you to give us posts on this vampire called Zathan,' she looked at me above her glasses, 'You will meet here every morning and if you want, you can change everyday but you need to report to me as well.'

'Okay! Can I go now?' I asked.

'Yes!' she pointed at my feet and I was free.

Suddenly there was a whirlwind of sound and we were back at Vic's house. Maxie skimmed above all the stairs as I walked around the kitchen for any signs of people. I found nobody but Maxie found everyone.

I went up to the attic to see that everyone was there. Balthazar, Lucas, Vic, Ranulf and Skye.

'Hey everyone!' I said, trying to help them see them.

'How'd you change from your pyjamas?' Skye asked me.

'Well, I went to wrath central and-' I started.

'You what?' Lucas demanded.

I had forgotten that wraths and vampires didn't have the best relationship. He didn't like me getting involved with any important wraths.