Chapter 2

'I'm sorry! It's just that I know that bad things could happen to everyone if I didn't go see them. They would somehow hurt you all, I could let that happen,' I started walking away, thinking that everyone would be angry.

'Ahhhh! How sweet of you Bianca!' Vic said hugging me from behind.

'You aren't angry at me?' I looked at all of them.

Everyone was looking at me happily except Lucas and Balthazar who were sharing suspicious glances.

'We thought that when you left that you wouldn't-' Skye started saying but was cut off by a strong gust of wind.

Suddenly I found myself standing in a block of offices. I looked around and say that the door I was stand in front of a door.


Head Advisor of Trainees

I went to knock on the door but I heard voices. I pulled my head to it and listened carefully.

'She should be here any second but all I want for you to do is flirt with her and make her like you,' a high pitched voice said, I assumed it was Racheal's, 'You understand why?'

'Yes. Because she's in love with a vampire and she won't be able to kill a vampire if she's in love with one,' a lower sounding voice said.

'But just remember that she-' she spoke again.

'Oh! Hi, you must be….Bianca,' a cheerful singing voice said behind me.

I jumped back from the door to see a girl with blonde white hair, pulled into a neat pony tail. She was dressed the same as everyone else except she had on lilac pendant necklace that stood out from her tan skin.

'Um…..Yes that's me!' I managed to say.

'Miss Racheal? Bianca's here to see you!' she knocked on the door.

The voice's stopped and the girl opened the door and ushered me in.

I looked around. The room looked just like Miss Bethany's except there weren't any weapons hanging on the walls. Standing next to her was a young guy around the same height as Lucas or shorter. He had orange hair a little less brighter than mine, more on the golden side and his eyes were strange, they were a piercing colour of blue. I saw his eyes widen when he saw me and I ducked my head to hide behind my hair but it didn't come down, it was pinned up the way it was this morning. He was wearing a pair of worn jeans and an open blue button up shirt, which made his eyes look even brighter with a grey shirt underneath.

'Bianca, I would like you to meet Matthew. Matthew this is Bianca, she has just come in today,' Racheal said.

'It's always nice to meet pretty people!' he said smiling revealing a dimple.

'H-hi,' I stuttered, trying to tell myself it was all fake.

'Bianca, Matthew will be helping you find Zathan and when every you need him he will appear,' Racheal explained, 'Matthew, you can go now.'

Matthew walked out of the room, giving me a wink. This was going to be hard.

I walked out of the room and I was back where I started. By now, it was dark outside and the only person in the attic was Vic and Maxie who looked like they were in an intimate moment so I said sorry and scurried out.

Just as I raced out down the stairs, I passed through a body. I quickly ducked out to make sure the person was okay. I looked behind me to see that it was Lucas.

'Where'd you go?' Lucas said concerned, it was like it was written all over his face in permanent marker.

'I was just brought back to central,' I saw a flash of light and a wrath was beside me.

'Hey Bianca, we need to go now!' a now recognizable voice said.

'Who's this?' Lucas growled, 'One of your new wrath friends?'

'Um….Lucas this is Matthew, Matthew this is Lucas,' I said looking back at each of them.