Wide Awake

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The two Hummel men were just driving down the strip on their way home. Burt decided to treat Kurt to see a movie of his choice because he was really down after his argument with Blaine about New York. Even if they saw the Katy Perry Movie because, she's one of the most awesomest singers around dad!" As long as it made Kurt happy, he was happy.

Burt drove them there, but he was getting a little tired to drive the way back home so Kurt offered to drive them instead, luckily they were both insured for Kurt's Navigator.

"Oh, my God dad wasn't that film amazing!" Kurt said excitedly. It definitely made him forget about the reason they went in the first place.

"Yeah it sure was kiddo," Burt said. "Keep your eyes on the road, the rains coming down fast".

"Yeah, yeah dad, ANYWAYS! She looked so flawless!" Kurt gushed. "Am I boring you?" Kurt asked.

"No, no kiddo, I'm just real tired, long day at the office you know," Burt said.

"You know what the doctor said, long hours are not good for your heart," Kurt said, concerned.

"Kid, that was over a year ago, and I'm fine." Burt stopped his son's worrying. "Should we stop off at Walmart and buy a tub of ice cream?"

"Dad, I think you've spoiled yourself enough tonight," Kurt gave his father a pointed look.

"Not for me, for Finn and Carole. You know, to make up for not inviting them to the movie."

"Okay, 3 things dad. 1. Finn would not be interested. 2. Carole committed the sin of asking who Lady GaGa was; I was so tempted to throw the TV remote at her." This caused Burt to chuckle. "And 3. Why lie dad? I know you'll take it into your room to eat and hide the evidence."

"What? Okay, that was one time! I broke the code, but I apologised!" Burt defended.

"Yeah dad, I can never trust you agai-"

"KURT LOOK OUT!" Burt shouted.

Kurt looked forward and saw that a truck that lost control on the wet ground and was swirling on the road in front of them. Kurt tried to make a right turn to avoid the oncoming truck, but it was already too late. The truck came and smashed in the driver's side of the Navigator, the Navigator started to lose control, before stopping and hitting a tree.

The last thing Burt heard before he lost consciousness were his son's screams in pain.

Okay, you can kill me now! *hides*

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