◐I'm the Lady of Luck◑

My name is Fortune, but my true name is Helena Dolph Jackson. I'm the 'Lady of Luck', but only in war, nothing else, if I was truly lucky my father and my husband wouldn't have died. In fact my whole family is dead, and I yearn to join them, but I cannot die, that is beyond my power. I cannot die because no bullet can hit me, I am immune to weapons, I cannot be harmed, but I wish my life will end! I am alone in this would, I only have one true friend, Vamp. He's my father's former lover, but that does not bother me much... I think I love him... But surely he cannot love me, no one could love a cursed witch. I'm just afraid that if I get close to him, he'll die, just like my family...

My luck has been as always-great. I had found the man who killed my father in the Shadow Moses incident, and I seek revenge! Then man hid behind cargo boxes and barrels, but I did not care, I was so filled with rage and sadness, that I fired my weapon non-stop. I wanted to die, I wanted this man to bring me happiness, I wanted this man to kill me like he did to my father! Fires started, but I didn't care, Solidus' building could go to Hell for all she cares, she just wanted the man dead.

A minute has passed and the elevator opened, to reveal Vamp. "Queen." He said simply. I quickly pulled back my weapon and said, "This isn't the one." "I see he wasn't able to kill you..." Vamp said with a hint of relief and bitterness. "It's a pity, I expected more of this one-really." I said disappointed. "How sad, but I have bad news, Fat Man is no longer acting in our best interest." He said. "He would actually sink this place?" I asked, looking at him. "Who knows? He's a typical mad bomber now." Vamp explained. "I see... Lets head back." I ordered, turning towards the elevator before someone shouted, "Now!" I quickly turned around, and a young man with white hair shot his gun at me. I prepared for the bullet, before it deflected and shot Vamp instead. I watched in horror as Vamp yelled in pain, I quickly grabbed him and went on my knees. "No! No! Not again! Not again!" I thought sobbing. "That bullet was for me..! Why am I cheated out of death again!" I said out loud as the white haired intruder took off in the elevator. "How long am I going to keep on living, if the man that I love the most is gone out of my life!" I took a big breath and choked back a sob, "I'm no lady luck! If I am, then why does everyone I love die!" My tears slid off my face, and fell onto Vamp's pretty face. "I'm so sorry-I'm sorry!" I said closing my eyes tightly. My eyes snapped back open after I heard someone say, "Do not cry Queen, I'm still here." I looked and saw Vamp smile a small smile. "Vamp!" I shouted happily but yet sad at the same time. "I died once already, I cannot die twice, especially since that I have to take care of you." He said reaching his arm up, to cup my cheek. I smiled, "I'm so glad you didn't leave me..." "I would never leave you Queen, we immortals should stick together, no?" Vamp said with a little humor. "Heh... Yes we should... Forever? If possible?" I asked softly. "Of course." He whispered, before he sat up and pecked my lips.

[I was going to write more, but I'm lazy and low of ispiration. Sorry, but I hope you enjoyed it. :}