~ Lucky Ones ~

Setting aside the last of Kurt's empty moving boxes, Noah made his way into the corner of his living room and examined it all with an air of achievement. Everything of Kurt's had now been unpacked. All his clothes had been assigned their designated drawers, his toiletries had been arranged neatly in the bathroom, his laptop and iPhone lay on the coffee table and the rest of his own personal memorabilia were stored almost decoratively in places around the penthouse. It had been a surprise to Noah at first. Not that he'd wanted to assume anything but he'd really thought Kurt would have come with a lot more of his things. Unpacking had taken less than two hours and hardly anything had been bubble wrapped, except for a few delicate objects here and there. It had all been relatively easy, yet that's not to say they hadn't had fun doing it.

Noah had arrived home late yesterday evening. His last exam had been in the early afternoon and he'd spent the whole morning revising for it. In the end, he'd thought he'd done well. There was always the feeling that he could have done better but he'd given it his all and he could only hope that his results would reflect how he felt. However, even though he'd been brain dead and exhausted from such a day, he'd returned to New York without delay. Seeing Kurt once again in person after all this time had been the thing he'd most looked forward to. It was as if whilst he'd been at Harvard, every minute he'd missed Kurt had been like a stab wound to his body from a stained, rusty, rugged knife, and only when he'd had the boy back in his arms again had all those knives been removed and his bleeding wounds healed with the kiss of his Kurt's lips.

Oh, how they had kissed that night. They had kissed so much it was amazing their lips could move even now. Sure they'd hugged and sure they'd exchanged small talk regarding their health, Noah's exams and Kurt's things stacked neatly in the corner of the living room, but when the model's eyes had fizzled, almost crackled with thunderous black lust that made it look as if he was some sort of sex robot where orgasms were his only sustenance, any logic, as well as anything else that had been thrown out the window. Noah had been more than happy to relieve Kurt of his sexual frustrations and had been at his will the entire night. If he'd been told to blow Kurt, he'd done it. If he'd been told to spank Kurt, he'd done it. They'd frotted hard, they'd fucked hard, they had done everything Kurt had wanted, and for Noah, it had been one hell of a welcome home party.

Chuckling at last night's memories of him and Kurt nearly breaking the bed during blind sex, Noah shook his head before looking over to the window outside. The Christmas holiday season was upon them. The weather was getting colder, stores had been festively decorated with shades of red and green and kids, no doubt, were all compiling their Christmas letters for Santa Claus. The thought of families milling around a crackling fireplace or a Christmas tree would have been indifferent to Noah seeing as the Puckerman's, following Thomas's death, had never had that kind of traditional postcard like Christmas. His mother would only hang around briefly before heading off to various Christmas luncheons, functions and dinners on Park Avenue, leaving Anita to oversee her children as they unwrapped their presents with their cards simply signed, 'Mother'.

At this, Noah began to wonder if his mother would treat him any differently now that he was an adult, or when he'd become CEO. It's not that she was cruel and particularly cold, it's just that she didn't have much a maternal instinct, which meant that the priorities of her children were more often than not overshadowed by her own interests. Again, it made her sound selfish, but Noah knew she didn't intend to cause harm. Yet through what she had done, Noah was now all right, because he had Kurt. Kurt had been like a human sponge to Noah. He'd let the man shower him with attention, affection and love, everything that Noah never been able to give to either one of his parents, and even though his fear of loss had been an unfortunate side effect, causing some friction, Kurt had moved in with him, both of them taking the first big step together.

This would also mark his first Christmas with Kurt. Now that they were living together, they'd be able to decorate the place the way they wanted it. They could set up the Christmas tree together, engage in Christmas dinner food fights and gift each other with suggestive presents. In no time at all, Noah would be waltzing Kurt around the Rockefeller Ice Rink, perfectly blended in the remaining ocean of dancing couples all around and when they'd return to the penthouse, after having snuck into Santa's grotto in Bloomingdale's for a quick grope, they'd intimately kiss under the mistletoe next to Noah's fireplace for the starter of a night best left to fantasize over for now. Noah sighed in contentment. He was so happy right now, and as he was just about to go find Kurt, said boy appeared at the other side of the room holding the Puckerman photo album.

"Hey, Noah," smiled Kurt, stopping however when he noticed Noah's eyes shift like sharp shooter lasers to the book of embarrassment being held in his hands. Kurt had first mentioned the album when Noah had been at Harvard, but back then, there had been nothing the man could have done to stop Kurt from looking at it. Now, Noah was on the opposite side of the room looking ready to pounce. "Uh huh, that's right honey, I hold in my hand Volume 1 of the Puckerman photo albums that Anita gave me the other day. I've been through them all and I have to say that it's made for quite an interesting read."

"Oh my God, you've seen them?" Asked Noah disbelievingly as he watched with exasperated eyes as Kurt nodded in confirmation. Yep, that was it. Kurt had now seen pictures of him in the Kindergarten Nativity play as Joseph. He'd seen pictures of his medal ceremony as a scout. He'd seen pictures of him when he'd had curly hair and chubby cheeks as well as years and years of humiliating Halloween costumes from Hefty Smurf to Sperm Man. "Shit, fine, okay babe, now it's only fair you hold up on your part of the deal. You've seen me in diapers, now I get to see your music videos."

"Oh, I'm sorry Noah. Anita accidently snapped the disc in two when she hoovered the other day. It's a shame really because I was really looking forward to showing it you," pouted Kurt, watching as Noah's mouth dropped with both disappointment and anger. Looking forward to showing them to him? Bullshit. Kurt didn't want anyone to watch those videos, yet the boy had seen Noah's photos. It was just so unfair, until Kurt let out a loud shout. "Jokes! Only kidding, Noah. Anita didn't break it, it's safe, though that doesn't mean I'm going to show it to you. The contents of this DVD is highly confidential and-"

"Drop that photo album and give me the disc, Kurt."

"The album is so much more interesting though. Would you believe it you had such a big penis when you were a toddler."

"Kurt, the disc."

"Hang on, let me get the picture when baby Puckzilla is at his biggest. So cute."

"Fucking hell," chuckled Noah to himself, breaking out into a quick run as he pelted his way towards Kurt. Noticing only when he briefly looked up, Kurt screamed before dropping the album and sprinting into the kitchen, his hysteric laughter trailing behind him. However, the chase didn't last long. Learning from his mistakes when he'd chased after Sarah, Noah managed to outmaneuver Kurt and tackle him onto the couch, landing on top of the boy as he pinned him down by his arms. "Kurt, I'm going to ask you for the disc for the last time and if you don't tell me where it is, I will tickle the fuck out you. Where is-"

"It's there, Noah. Look," breathed Kurt guardedly but still amused as he tilted his head and nodded over to the laptop on the coffee table. The screen had been closed and as Noah turned to it before tentatively lifting it up; he was presented with the well-designed DVD menu of Kurt's disc, clips from each music video appearing like a repeating slideshow in the background. "I set it up earlier when you were rearranging your wardrobe and closet space for my clothes. Even though it's hard for me to show it to you, much like how you feel about your photos, I wanted to surprise you with it, wanted us to watch it together."

"Neat! Thanks, babe," grinned Noah, pulling himself off Kurt before sitting comfortably on the couch and tapping his thighs for Kurt to sit on. Smiling at the keen invitation, Kurt pulled himself up, crawled into the man's lap and settled himself cosily until they were both at a position where they could see the screen. Noah's arms then wrapped themselves around Kurt's hips and waist, and as the boy leaned forward to play the DVD, his memories flashed back to when it had screened at the Monarch Theater. He'd not been happy, yet he hoped Noah would have the same positive reaction as his friends.

As the first music video, Mr. Taxi, flashed up onto the screen, Kurt watched as Noah's eyes remained riveted. He wasn't interested so much in watching himself as he was the man he was sitting on, for how Noah perceived what had effectively been a golden ticket into modeling was very important to him. He supposed it was also the fear that Noah wouldn't appreciate it or find it very good that had rendered Kurt hesitant to show it, but it seemed, from what he could see that he had nothing to fear. Noah was grinning. His smile widening every second. His head nodding to the beat, he was glancing over at Kurt impressed with a look of pride and arousal mixed into his eyes and as each video passed, Kurt began to become more reassured that what was being played before them wasn't something to be ashamed about. It was excellent.

"Wow, Kurt..." whispered Noah, watching as the final music video ended. What he had just seen was quite something. The cinematography had looked very professional for an amateur production, the mise-en-scene in each video had been a wild ride of either explosive kaleidoscope colors or atmospheric sombre shades with striking hair and makeup, intense hued lighting, but above all, hot as fuck choreography. Kurt could really dance, even in leather and sometimes in little space; it was something to awe at. "Babe, that was awesome. I'm telling you now, that is what you should be doing right there."

"Doing what exactly, Noah?"

"Performing. You should be on stage performing. You can see it in your face, look."

"Well, I've told you I want to go back to the theater."

"You should totally do it. You've got both stage and screen presence, the eye's just drawn to you."

"Well you would say that Noah, you're my boyfriend. You can't help being biased towards me, it's in the relationship status job description," joked Kurt, bringing out a hand and rubbing it along Noah's warm chuckling chest as the man leaned up and captured his lips in a sweet kiss. "Anyway, I'm glad you like the videos. Artie and I only planned to film one or two but we ended up filming seven because he wanted to build up his portfolio for the Brooklyn Film Academy, which I think he went to in the end. He wants to be a music video director someday and he came to me because I wanted to be in one."

"And who chose the music? You?" Guessed Noah, Kurt nodding as he remembered the process well. When both he and Artie had discussed music, they'd gone through libraries upon libraries of songs before landing on Girls' Generation, a girl group they'd stumbled across after delving more into South Korean pop thanks to Pye's 'Gangnam Style'. Artie believed that the foreign language would differentiate his work from others, letting the academy know that he was in touch with tunes from abroad and not just from America. "Can you speak the language they're singing, babe? You lip sync real good in all of them."

"No, I can't speak Japanese. It was just a case of listening to each song over and over again until I learned it off by heart. All the other dancers had to do it as well, although some found it so much harder than others," explained Kurt. "I'm not going to tell you what the lyrics meant though, because even for me they're cringe worthy. In Japanese culture, it's all about being cute, you know. The cuter the better, and because pop over here is so sexualized, we're just not used to it. I'm surprised I managed to bring any sex appeal to a set of tunes which could have been mistaken for the Disney Channel score."

"Except for that Mr. Taxi song. I don't need to know the lyrics, I can guess them. I bet you were singing about being fucked in the back of a cab, and those Run Devil Run and Bad Girl songs, I bet they're the same. It's still sex. You're just singing that you want whoever's listening to chase you down, catch you and fuck you," replied Noah casually. "And as for the others they're just about teenage crushes and wanting to make out or whatever. Its lighter stuff, yeah, but it's still sexual. Everything in pop no matter what country it's from or what language it is, is sexual. It's where the market is."

"Well, you certainly know your stuff, don't you honey," giggled Kurt, watching Noah shrug nonchalantly as if he didn't want to admit he were some kind of nerd on the generic conventions of music. Kurt knew that Girls' Generation wasn't to Noah's taste. The man was more into rock, heavy metal and jazz as well as the occasional classical here and there. It was quite a big leap and Kurt was surprised Noah hadn't muted the audio in favor of just watching the video, but because he'd managed to stomach it, Kurt smiled. "I know you find the music terrible. You might have enjoyed it more if we'd chosen something else."

"Maybe, but at least the video is good. I liked the videos, you look so fucking hot," moaned Noah, nodding back over to the screen as Kurt smiled. The videos had been filmed in the autumn of last year over a twenty-one day period. Looking at how he looked back then, Kurt noticed that he'd hardly changed. His hair had been a little short, his cheeks fuller and eyes slightly rounder and bigger but apart from that, his appearance had not aged a day. "And the audio babe, though it is cheesy as fuck, doesn't mean I can't listen to it. I can tolerate some pop. Like Madonna. She's good. I went and saw her MDNA Tour."

"Really? I wish I could have gone. I wanted to go and see her last tour but she never came to Ohio. I'll just have to wait until the DVD comes out next year," pouted Kurt, recovering as he turned to see Noah wishing he'd brought him along. He'd have enjoyed it more. "You know Noah, unlike the others, you've focused on both the video as well as the meaning of the music and it's lyrics. My friends just went for the video. They were more interested in how I looked more than anything else, which I guess kind of feeds into why they thought I was a model. I wouldn't be here if they'd thought only of the music, I suppose."

"Speaking of your friends Kurt, I'm sorry that I've been kind of short with that Carlson guy," apologized Noah, Kurt looking down at him with concern as he took in the lower register in the man's voice. This was obviously something he had to get off his chest. Something he owed. "I know you and he are only friends and I know nothing's going to happen with you two, I just found it hard. You guys are so close and... I don't know. I was stupid. I've always had this problem, but it's never been as bad as this. You know, to the point where it makes me look like some psycho nut case. I guess old habits die hard."

"It's alright honey, I get it," replied Kurt as he attempted to calm his boyfriend. Noah really was trying to rectify his actions but Kurt knew that this was deeper than the man knew. "When I was at Carmen's party at Nobu, Carlson and I had a pretty heavy discussion about you. He shared his opinions on why you were how you were with him in Bloomingdale's and I agreed that what happened with your dad is probably now accountable for why you fear if anything should happen to me. Whether it be if I die or I leave you, because loss of what or who you love, Noah, is your greatest fear."

"That's... not really occurred to me before," muttered Noah, his eyes moving into space as he contemplated Kurt's truthful theory. He'd never thought he'd have daddy issues. He'd always assumed that had been more of a female thing but now that he came to think of it, it made sense. Had he adopted the persona of 'Puck', that promiscuous, ultra hegemonic bad boy to make up for the lack of a father figure in his life? Had he suppressed his bisexuality for fear of rejection and abstained from love in fear of possible loss as great if not greater than that of his father? Kurt's words were true. "Kurt, I... I never thought-"

"I know you didn't Noah, you weren't aware of it, but it's alright, I understand," soothed Kurt, leaning down and dusting a kiss over Noah's lips before pulling back with a determined look. "Listen, we're going to get through this together, okay? The side effects of your fear of loss like the jealousy and anxiety and such, are getting a lot better, Noah. They really are. You're becoming much more relaxed with the idea of me being around other men, and if you do find yourself getting a little possessive, try and channel it into the bedroom where that sort of attention, believe you me, will be fully appreciated."

"You do get turned on when I'm like that, don't you?"

"Much like you get turned on when I eat dirty or when we had angry sex that one time."

"Can we please do that again? Next time we're pissed, we fuck."

"You do have some wild fetishes I can till you that."

"What about you, baby? What are your 'wild' fetishes? Want to tell me them or do you want me to find them out for myself?" Smirked Noah, removing a hand from around Kurt and sliding it under the boy's polo top. There it slithered up his pale torso, and chest before hovering over a nipple and stroking it, its end soon becoming harder and harder. Kurt bit his lip as Noah aroused him even further with those talented fingers that new exactly what they were doing but as the man made to place the other hand on his jean opening, Kurt swatted it away, leaving Noah chuckling. "I thought I'd have to work harder."

"You thought correctly Mr., but something like that would be best reserved for this evening, don't you think? Just us two in that big bed of yours, going on a little adventure to find my hidden treasure, sounds good doesn't it," flirted Kurt, as he lowered his mouth to Noah's ear and licked the fleshly shell, vibrations on his tongue letting him know the man was shivering in arousal. However, he pulled back when he felt Noah attempt to loosen his jeans again. "No Noah, I can't. I have things to do. Theater agencies to call. I need to find one that will take me on without a college degree for the time being."

"Don't sweat it, babe. You have time. Besides, my ma knows so many people in the musical theater business; she's bound to have good contacts. If I get her to talk to you, she'll dish you out as many numbers as you need," smiled Noah, relenting that sexy times with his boy should be left for tonight. Kurt needed his support right now. He was nervous and Noah had to be there for him. He'd always be there for him in a heartbeat. "Trust me; we're going to make this happen for you, Kurt. I want to see you acting, singing and dancing on a Broadway stage because I know that's where your true calling is."

"You think your mom would really do that for me? She hasn't even met me," replied Kurt unsurely as he pondered how rude it would be to just walk up to the woman and demand theater agency contacts. The truth was it was hard to get into the books of agencies. They had to make sure that you would make a lucrative client and more often than not, if you didn't have a college degree, mountains of experience, money or looks, you were too much of a risk, but seeing Noah's smiling face gave Kurt hope as he hugged him. "Thank you, Noah! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're like my knight in naked armor!"

"I like the sound of that," smirked Noah, raising his eyebrows as ideas for medieval role-playing games in the bedroom began surfacing in his mind. It was hot stuff, but again, now was not the time. Kurt needed him. "You deserve this, baby. I know it's going to be worthwhile. You got yourself a modeling contract with the help of others but for all this time you've been working your ass off to come where you are now. I know with that kind of attitude, you're going to make it big, and I'm going to be behind you every step of the way, just like you were with me when I needed someone the most."

"Are you sure you've never been a boyfriend before Noah, because you're shaping up to be the best I could have ever asked for," smiled Kurt, watching as the man stared emotionally back at him for a number of seconds before bringing their lips together in a loving kiss. Truth was, Noah had been a boyfriend in the past, but that had only been a label, it had never been in his heart to be what it was to be a 'boyfriend'. "I only hope I'm being as good a boyfriend to you as you are to me, honey. Maybe I could come visit you more at Harvard, keep you company in that lonely dorm of yours, how does that sound?"

"That would be nice, thanks baby," smiled Noah, his arms tightening around Kurt as he lowered the boy gently down onto the couch. The idea of Kurt waiting for him outside the lecture room with lunch and coffee, attending one of his college football games, waving a foam finger by the sidelines and looking prettier than all the cheerleaders put together and making out with him in the country's largest academic library by the dusty unread books. Noah really couldn't stop thinking what he could do with his boy. The possibilities were truly endless. "I love you Kurt, and I'm going to tell you that as long as I breathe."

"Really? I wonder what kind of face 'Puck' would have pulled if he'd have heard you say that, Noah, but then again I suppose being disgustingly sentimental was always within that big heart of yours," teased Kurt, his eyes flying open with life as he burst into laughter. Completely taken aback by the mocking comment, Noah wrenched Kurt back onto the couch as the boy made to escape and pinned him to the soft pillows, joining in the laughter as he mercilessly attacked the boy with kisses. There Kurt squealed adorably and cried out in mock protest before sharp gasps of erotic pleasure soon rocked the room.




Let's get out of this town, baby we're on fire, everyone around here seems to be going down, down
If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher, it feels like all of our friends are lost, nobody's found, found, found
I got so scared, I thought no one could save me, you came along scooped me up like a baby...

Stepping out from the glass elevator, Kurt took a few steps forward before he glazed his eyes over the familiar surroundings. He was back at the Padova Pad, the lavish and ultra modern rooftop club where he had attended his first runway after party back in September. Not a great deal had changed in its appearance. The surfaces retained their sleek and glossy look, the glass panes in the dome above had been polished so that the night sky was very much in full view and the ambience created by the delicate lighting and atmospheric music lulled Kurt's lips into a smile as he was directed further into the club by Noah behind him. Yet the feature that was the most striking of all, was that it was only them two. There was no one else on the roof seeing as apparently his boyfriend had reserved it for a private party causing Kurt to wonder what was planned.

Kurt had been wondering a lot lately. Partly due to whether he should pursue musical theater on screen as well as on stage but mostly because Noah's behavior had been a little off. He didn't know what it was. It wasn't anything to worry or stress about, because it didn't seem that way. It was more like the man was very concentrated on something, entirely focused on a certain thing in his mind, so much so that when Kurt would attempt to talk to him, Noah would jump slightly from his ocean of thoughts and hold a look within his eyes as if he had been hit over the head with a baseball hat whilst at the same time, melting at the sight of Kurt as if he were falling in love with the model all over again. It puzzled Kurt, but he figured it was just a faze. Maybe his boyfriend was drunk on happiness, festive about Christmas or just a little weird. Who knew?

Yet living with Noah and his recent strange behavior had been so much fun. Inevitably, both of them had learned a lot about each other whilst residing under the same roof, often discovering their unique habits and traits one-step at a time. Kurt had come to know that Noah had a tendency to roll up his dirty washing and shoot them like basket balls into the laundry basket that he'd place on the other side of the room, he'd accentuate the muscles on his chest with marker pen when he was bored and he'd have a habit of flexing and kissing his 'guns' like a German body builder when he was at the gym after he'd managed to beat a personal record, even if he didn't know it. In fact the last time Noah had been there, Kurt had joined him, and he'd held the laughing model high above his head with ease before bringing him down and kissing him hard and fast.

Noah in turn had also come to know of Kurt's little traits that, in his mind, made the boy even more adorable. For example, because Kurt had quite large lips, he would use them just as much as his eyes and brows for expression. He'd bite them when someone would explain something to him, he'd lick them when he was about to speak and he'd pout without knowing when he'd become aroused. It was one of the things Noah had picked up on and as soon as he saw them protruding just a little, it was off to the bedroom. Other habits of Kurt's included wearing only skin tight yoga pants and nothing else when it came to dancing in the penthouse, biting and sucking on pens when he was heavy in thought (which was very much a libido wakener for Noah), and almost combing his boyfriend's arm hair with his fingers when they cuddled.

Bringing their heads away from the numerous pleasant memories of each other and returning to reality, Noah and Kurt made their way into the center of the club. Despite it being December, the interior was quite warm and the heating within seemed to be working quite well at dispelling unwanted cool breezes from entering. Kurt still didn't know what they were doing here, considering Noah had not said anything to him except "come with me", and off they'd gone. Now, as the boy looked up into the face of his lover, he watched as Noah glanced down at him, smiled and pointed to the far end of the roof. There, as the lighting brightened, was the liver shaped pool with hundreds upon hundreds of flowers floating on its calm surface and beside it was a dining table made for two, candles and a champagne bottle stored in ice right next to the classic white cloth.

"Oh my goodness... Noah, what this is?"

"My little surprise. Do you like it?"

"I love it. Did Anita help again?"

"Nope. This was all me."

"Well, I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. You really are the modern day Casanova, aren't you?" smiled Kurt, turning away from the sight to face Noah. So this is what had been causing the man's strange behavior as of late. Unlike his birthday night which had been thrown together at the last minute for a race against time, this view before him was even better, and to think that Noah had done it all by himself. Kurt was immensely grateful. "But before anything happens Noah, I want to make sure I'm nice and clean for this evening you have planned. I wouldn't want to appear a little... dirty."

Pacing backwards with his blue eyes held on Noah, the man's hazel orbs sizzling with intrigue, Kurt began to strip. His shoes and socks were popped off, his polo top was unbuttoned and cast aside and his skinny jeans were loosened and shimmied out of to land by his feet so that by the time his hands were on the elastic waistband of his briefs, the boy was in nothing but his underwear. There he stood with Noah a few meters watching. There they stood silent. The air was electric with both the chemistry and a pulse with as much bass as a dance beat. Kurt hadn't planned to do this. It was all spontaneous after taking influence from the pool and its scarlet flowers bobbing up and down like boats, and so with a wink, he whipped around and dived into the water, traveling the length before resurfacing on the other side amidst the beauty of scented flowers.

"Come on in, baby! The water's so refreshing!" Laughed Kurt as he waved at Noah, still standing where he'd been left to stare. The boy's skin was glistening from the pools droplets and the perfume of the rosacea was almost intoxicating to the point where it could have knocked him unconscious, but before his eyes could begin to droop at the mercy of flowers, a splash was heard. Noah wasn't by the pool anymore, but a current was zooming rapidly towards him. The flowers were scattering, the waves were growing, and with a sudden thunderous burst, Noah surfaced before him like a hunk from the deep.

"That's right my little dolphin, I'm a shark of the water to," smirked Noah, lowering his head so that only the top of it floated above the water line, his eyes looking right back at Kurt, who was at this point, nursing a rapidly beating heart. It had been one of the scariest yet most exhilarating experiences he'd ever had in a pool. He'd known Noah had entered the water but because of the Cherry Blossoms acting as a barrier, he'd not been able to pinpoint where he was exactly. All he'd had to go on was a Jaws like approach that had him light heartedly smacking Noah softly over the head. "Ow, watch the shark fin."

"Your shark fin, Noah? You are such a child," giggled Kurt, watching as Noah raised himself to his eye level before floating before him, placing both his hands on either side of Kurt's face. There they stared at each other, long and hard. It didn't occur to Kurt that anything was happening apart from the dusting of green in the man's eyes, as Noah took hold of his legs, wrapped them around his own hips and directed the boy's arms around his neck as he leant him softly against the pool wall. Their faces were close now, lips setting sights on each other's until the kiss was born, and born it was. Contact.

"Babe, your lips taste like roses," grinned Noah as he pulled away from the kiss to lather Kurt's nose in Eskimo kisses of the most affectionate kind. It was a true observation though. During his early modeling days, Kurt had experimented with creating skin care products from things around his kitchen. What he used on his lips was his own mixture of Rosa Damascena Flower Oil and Almond Oil, both sets of oil that drenched his lips in not only moisture, but offered them that rosy tint that made them absolutely irresistible. "They're always so soft and full... God, I'm getting turned on even describing them."

"Want to know more about my lips, Noah?" Asked Kurt, Noah nodding as the boy went along with the description, illustrating it by tracing his lips as he went along. "I've been told my lips are shaped in the Hollywood style. Apparently, it's a style ideal for those who desire attention to their lips without a full presentation of both upper and lower lip, one you see on people on TV or in the movies. I think it potentiates all three-forms of the upper lip, which are the two tapering rhomboid shapes and the half bucket in the middle of the upper lip. I don't know. My makeup artist knows much more about it than I do."

"Cool, but I thought the ideal lip shape was the cupid style or whatever," replied Noah unsurely, his eyes struggling to leave Kurt's little finger as the boy pressed it against his lips a if it were a little person landing on a soft red mattress. Sexy. "It's just that when my mom would run me a bath and recount her day when she was still competing in pageants, she'd mention how all the other chicks would go under the knife or needle to get that mouth, to get them the set of lips that would win them the crown all by themselves, though more often than not, they'd just turn into quacking duck faces with pelican pouts."

"I've heard of that happening. Don't they also go overboard with breast implants? I hear they get them done so big that they don't need to close doors because their boobs do that for them. I mean, their kids must have some fun nursing is all I can say," laughed Kurt, yet the topic of women crossed his mind like a news flash. Noah had originally gone for girls. The ones with the large lips and voluptuous breasts had no doubt been la crème de la crème. Now it was Kurt's turn to feel inadequate. "Speaking of breasts, Noah. Now that you're with me, don't you find yourself... missing them? Missing girls?"

"I knew you were going to ask me this sooner or later," sighed Noah, pulling away from Kurt and lowering his head to stare at the water as if he were about to delve a life changing secret, before raising his eyes to meet the model's expectant gaze. In return, Kurt himself really didn't know what he wanted to hear. "Kurt, I'm going to be honest with you. I do miss girls, I'm still into them. Their skin is soft, their lips are red, they smell nice and they're sweet all round babes. I'll always have the hots for them. I mean, I'm bi. You've got to understand that it's been a big change for me from sleeping with one gender, to you."

"I understand... I'm just surprised I feel the way I do, because I never thought I'd date a bisexual. I'd feel as though your shared attraction to both sexes would render me insecure. That's why I'd always envisioned only dating gay men, there'd be no risk of a woman being better than me," muttered Kurt quietly, shifting his eyes away and staring off into the sky towards the glimmering skyscrapers of the city. Yet at these words, Noah's heart plummeted. His bisexuality had never been an issue until now, but now that it had been discussed in detail, was Kurt put off? Was he going to lose interest? Leave him? Oh no...

"Kurt, look at me, baby, look at me," pleaded Noah in panic, Kurt pulling his sight away from space as he took in the man before him, staring at his anxious face before it struck the boy. No wonder Noah was now fretting. What Kurt had said had terrified him, but before he could calm the man down, Noah was already rambling. "Kurt, even though I still like chicks, I like you better. I love you. I fucking love you. You're the best of both worlds. You have the skin, the lips, the smell, everything that I like in girls, but you're a guy. You're perfect. I connect better with you than I do chicks. Please don't leave me!"

"Noah, calm down. I'm not going to lea-"

"I'll try to be gay, Kurt. I'll be-"

"Don't be silly, Noah. You can't choose your sexuality."

"Sure I can. Quinn said I was already half way there. I'm gay."

"Noah! Will you listen to yourself?! You're being ridiculous!" Exclaimed Kurt profusely, struggling to breathe as Noah's arms circled him tighter on his body, pressing them closer together. It had come back again, this time stronger. "We are not going to have this discussion again, do you hear me Noah? I am not going to leave you. Don't let your fears control you like this, you were doing so well. Besides, if you would have let me finish, I would have gone on to say that even though I once saw bisexuality as a deal breaker in a future relationship, I've actually grown to find it rather... attractive in a man."

"Fuck, I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean to... Christ, I didn't mean to react that way," replied Noah, loosening his grip around Kurt before bringing a hand to his head and rubbing at it with a little more force than was really necessary. What the fuck was wrong with him? What the actual fuck? Any decent person would have questioned Kurt or allowed him to speak, not freak out like a child being ripped away from their parents. Then again, that was an appropriate example for Noah, one he could relate to for too comfortably. However, in midge of it all, Kurt's last words echoed. "Wait? You find being bi hot? Why?"

"I like it's... fluidity," confessed Kurt as he eventually landed on the word he was looking for, whilst meanwhile bringing his hands to the top of Noah's chest to trace his wide collarbones. "I don't know, I just find it hot, and to me the more fluid you are with your sexuality, the more open you are about sex in general, though I hear there are those who don't believe in it, with is just biphobic. They say there's either gay or straight, that if you're bisexual you're 'greedy', and that you should pick a side and stay there. Going by what you've just said about Quinn, I'm guessing she doesn't believe in bisexuality either."

"No she doesn't, but screw her. I guess I've always had it in the back of my mind that a hole is a hole. It doesn't matter if it's a dude or a chick, because if it feels good or if you feel like there's something there, go for it. Labels are for fucktards," spat Noah, quietly seething at the ignorance of bigots but before he angered himself even more, Kurt's fingers had descended from their perch at his collarbone to right above his nipples. There they paused before lowering and circling them, Kurt's filed nails adding a little friction and contributing to Noah's deteriorating self-control. "K-kurt... what you... what you doing?"

"Oh, I'm just playing with your body. I hope you don't mind," smiled Kurt, keeping his face sweet and soft as his fingers continued to rotate like motors for an engine powering up for the roar. He'd read that the nipples were crammed with pleasure-receptive nerve endings, and when stimulated correctly, this erogenous zone transmitted feel-good sensations to the brain in the same way the genitals do. As a result, by the way Kurt was going, he was reducing the man in front of him to a panting mess. He'd remembered how sensitive Noah's chest was, and now, the man was at his mercy.

It was so hot. It was so fucking hot. Kurt's fingers were really applying the pressure now. They were teasing the nub of Noah's nipple, stroking it, doing anything and everything to coax the moans right out of the man's gasping mouth. Now, to accompany the step up in heat, Kurt's legs, which were still wrapped around Noah's hips, began grinding against the man's now rock hard member, but it didn't stop there. Bringing his lips to Noah's ear, Kurt brought out his tongue and with one lick, there was a shudder, with the second, there was a soft cry and with the third, there was a roar. Noah had been undone. The man slammed his hand against the wall of the pool as he came, and grunted out his pleasure as his body was overwrought with rapid spasms that surged though his body, his hips continuing to grate themselves against Kurt's gaping thighs.

"Fuck Kurt... fuck," whispered Noah, holding onto Kurt's body as he breathed heavily onto his pale neck. For Kurt, it was as if each breath that was ghosted heavily onto his skin was like a reward for his efforts. He knew that there were many envious women out there only wishing they could be in his position, and even though Noah wasn't going to give them the time of day, Kurt had felt the need to reaffirm his status in the man's life. It's not that he was threatened by competition per se, it was just a matter of personal reassurance, like it had been on their flight to the Hamptons. "God baby, what got into you?"

"What? Can't I break out into a spontaneous case of pleasuring the boyfriend? Your hot, baby. I couldn't help myself," smiled Kurt, yet unbeknownst to him, Noah had seen that spark of worry in his eyes when the man admitted his constant attraction to women. It was cute, but Kurt had nothing to worry about. No girl or guy for that matter would ever replace him. Besides, Noah was the one with the real problem. He was the one who'd slice open any man's throat if they even looked at Kurt that way. "Plus honey, you still seemed a little ruffled after all that bisexual talk. I just wanted to ease your min-"

"I know Kurt... I know."

"You... you do?"

"Baby, no one's going to steal me away."

"I know, I know. It's stupid... God, love can make you possessive."

"Put that on top of my fear of loss and you might be and the level I'm at about now," chuckled Noah. "Kurt, I'm know I'm hot. I don't pretend to ignore the looks I get from chicks, but I know that the only thing they're interested in is my body and money. That's all. I'm telling you, if they got to know me as you have, they'd bolt from all my emotional baggage. No girl wants to calculate how much a mental health professional would learn from my problems, and if I'd pursued them as I did you, they'd have busted me in and sued me for millions on charges of, I don't know, sexual harassment or something."

"Oh Noah, I'm sure there would have been at least a handful who would have looked past that. I did," smiled Kurt. "As for me, I may not have as much sexual confidence as you Noah, but I too think I'm not bad looking. However, contrary to what you may think, I don't get looks from men. Gay guys aren't into boys like me. I'm too much of a 'femme' in their eyes and you wouldn't believe the amount of femiphobia in the gay community. They treasure masculinity above all else and you, Noah, are just part of a small percentage who are into effeminate men. It's sad really, because in their eyes, I'm undesirable."

"Not to me you're not, Kurt. You're everything to me," assured Noah, bringing Kurt closer into his body. Imagining a young pretty Kurt, looking forward to meeting and dating gay guys like him in the city only to be rejected for being too effeminate. It must be a heart-crushing thing to experience, to be spurned by your own community just because you were born the way you were. At this, Noah was so glad they'd found each other now. He would have scared away girls due to deep personal issues and Kurt would have been pushed aside to live as an 'undesirable'. "Baby, I love your effemininity. I makes you... you."

"Really? Oh Noah, you have no idea what it feels like to have a hyper-masculine guy say that to me. I'm so lucky," smiled Kurt gratefully, leaning in and hugging Noah with all the love he possessed. When he pulled back, he was just about to lean in for a kiss when a Cherry Blossom sailed in between them on the current. Noticing it to, Noah picked it up from its watery floor and placed it under Kurt's nose. Smelling it and taking in its delicate petal design from within; the boy accepted the flower and smiled back at Noah. "Mmm, these smell really good. Where did you get them from?"

"I had them imported from Japan. Their Cherry Blossoms are the most beautiful," smiled Noah, Kurt feeling as though he were falling in love with the man all over again. "See, when I went there last year with my family for a vacation, we were invited by a Japanese business assosiate to go to his annual blossom-viewing party on his estate. We saw his Cherry Blossoms and over there they're a big deal because they're richly symbolic. Something to do with mortality. Everyone was having their picture taken against them with geishas. I'll show you the photos some time... actually no, I'll take you."

"You'll take me? To Japan?"

"Yeah, I said I'd have you fly with me anywhere, didn't I."

"I guess... you'd want me to pose under the Cherry Blossom trees, wouldn't you?"

"Even they would be envious of you, but yeah, that would make the best picture of all."

"I've always wanted to go to Japan. I like the food, their skin care, the music, I love harajuku culture and actually, believe it or not, I used to be a massive Nintendo nerd when I was younger," laughed Kurt, recounting his childhood obsession with Mario, and how he'd had to jump over lava pits and hoards of Goombas to save Princess Peach from the claws of Bowser, only to be rewarded with a measly slice of cake and a peck on the nose at the end. Urgh, he'd always thought Peach was an ungrateful bitch. "Yep, I was a real fan. I was actually a really good driver on Mario Kart. I'd win every race."

"Really? I'll have to race you some time. I wouldn't mind ramming into your bumper," grinned Noah, raising his brow in a challenge. He'd also been a fan of Mario when he'd been younger. He'd spend hours in front of the TV, tapping away on the console remote when he should have been doing homework, resulting very often in Anita threatening to bring a club down on it. Yet at this, he wondered if he and Kurt would have got along as kids. Even then, Noah had been sexual. He'd probably have stared at the boy next to him before taking hold of him and laying him over the Nintendo console for a good old smooch.

"What are you thinking about, Noah? Your eyes are going funny," giggled Kurt, taking in the man's dazed expression with much amusement. Blinking out of his trance at the melodious sound of the model's laughter, Noah let out his own rich set of chuckles. Kurt looked so beautiful when he laughed. However, as the boy eventually calmed down, he released the Cherry Blossom that had been given to him and allowed it to float away on the supple blanket of ripples surrounding them. "No, but I really like what you've done here Noah, with the flowers and everything. You really put thought into it."

"I wanted tonight to mean something baby, and I wanted these flowers to do the talking," explained Noah, pointing to the sea of bopping Cherry Blossoms all around them. To Kurt, Noah really seemed to have taken the symbolism of the flower to heart. When he'd seen Memoirs of a Geisha, the Chairman had told Sayuri that the lesson of the Cherry Blossom was to savor life whilst you could. You couldn't expect happiness since it wasn't something people deserved. When life went well, it was a sudden gift. It couldn't last forever. Maybe Noah had learned this lesson and was not wasting any more time...

Letting out a little squeal of surprise, Kurt's hands tightened around Noah's neck as the man began pulling away from the wall. There he waded through the shallow water towards the pool steps, their wet skin as the water level descended down their bodies, soon finding itself decorated with Cherry Blossoms as the pink flowers stuck to their glistening flesh. Up and up and up Noah went, Kurt still wrapped around him like a baby koala before they arrived on the poolside, the gentle evening breeze causing the model to shiver ever so slightly. Taking in Kurt's slight chill, Noah allowed the boy to untangle himself from him before giving him a kiss and handing over a towel that had been hung neatly a heat rack nearby. There the soft fibers soaked up the friendly droplets latching onto his fine hairs, removing the Cherry Blossoms but keeping him warm all the same.

Returning with their clothes, Noah dried himself off with his own towel and proceeded to hand over Kurt's apparel. The boy found it a lot more difficult to get into his skinny jeans than he had done getting out of them, because from all the swimming and pool flirting, it hadn't rendered it any easier. Yet he managed in the end to get them on as well as his polo top and as he looked over at Noah, he noticed that the man had only settled on his jeans. Kurt was amazed Noah wasn't shivering. It was quite chilly, yet he supposed the man did have more bulk on him than he did. Having a tough hide especially when it came to football games in the rain or when it was biting cold was necessary, and so Kurt watched as the man approached him and enveloped him in his arms. There they wound around him like branches of bronzed muscle, keeping him warm. Safe.

However, they were not wound around him for long. Whimpering at the loss of contact, Kurt felt Noah's arms retract from his waist, his fingers lingering on his torso before the touch disappeared and wondering what was going on, the boy looked into the face of his lover. What he saw looking back at him was a look he'd never forget. Noah's breathing had descended into slightly erratic breathing, as though his mouth were parched, as if butterflies fluttering in his stomach were breeding by the dozen. Yet even this was equipped by his eyes. Noah's hazel eyes were glistening, welling, and Kurt didn't know why, until now. Looking on with his blue eyes too astonished to blink, Kurt watched as Noah knelt down on one knee and pulled out from his pocket, a ring box, holding it up in the moonlight's spotlight as he cleared his throat. This was it. It was happening.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, the boy I've finally discovered true happiness with, the model whose sweet grasp has my heart forever bound, and the only soul I've ever felt the greatest of affection for, will you do me the honors of making me the happiest man on earth by becoming my husband?" Proposed Noah, opening the box to reveal a Harry Winston ring, shining, beautiful. Yet, he couldn't hear his own voice. Noah's storming heart was deafening atop nerves as stable as gelatin, but he continued to trust the words his mouth formed, for it was at the mercy of his feelings. "Baby, will you marry me?"

"Noah..." muttered Kurt as he struggled to come to terms with what was happening. Noah was proposing. The man was actually proposing, something the boy feared would come about all too soon. Kurt was not ready for this. They were going too fast. They'd only finished moving in his things and now Noah wanted to get married! Yet there the man was on his knees awaiting a reply, looking deeply into his eyes and begging him to say something, to accept his hand in marriage. The man Kurt loved was beseeching him to say yes, say yes, say yes, God beg you, say yes! What was he to do? "Noah... I... I don't think-"

"Shit..." croaked Noah, looking down form Kurt's unsure eyes to the ground, his outstretched hands accompanying his defeat. He hadn't known that this was going to happen. It could not be fucking happening. He'd seen the aisle he'd imagined Kurt walking up and joining him at the altar where they'd be wed at St. Paul's Cathedral, he'd scoured long and hard for the perfect ring that envisioned his boy to the last spec of diamond and he'd had hopes of them Honeymooning under the raining petals of the Cherry Blossom trees in Japan, but now it all seem to disintegrate into painful reality. Kurt had said no. "Fuck!"

"No Noah, please! Where are you... come back, please!" Begged Kurt desperately, watching with frightened eyes as Noah stood up and marched away towards the glass fence overlooking the booming city. For a minute, the boy feared the man was going to throw the ring over the side with shot put like strength and anger, or even worse, throw himself off, but as he timidly approached Noah, he eventually stopped. The man still had the box in his palm but was leaning on the fence with his head down but his back arched and breathing heavily. So heavily, it looked as if he were about to strike. "Noah, please..."

"Please what, Kurt! You said no!"

"No I didn't!"

"Well you didn't say yes!"

"You caught me off guard, Noah! I wasn't anticipating this!"

"That's the whole point, Kurt! You're not to know otherwise it ruins the whole thing!" Barked Noah, pulling away from the fence and rounding on Kurt. Stepping back and almost cowering, Kurt took in the look of hurt in the man's eyes. No longer did they glisten with happiness at the thought that in no time at all, Kurt would be wearing upon his alabaster finger, a ring to symbolize his union to Noah, no longer did they well in hope that this time he would be a fiancé deeply in love, but of sadness, anger and heartbreak. "Doesn't matter anyway. You don't want to marry me, you don't want this ring, you don't-"

"Noah, you popped the question and I listened, now it's my turn to answer and by God you will listen to me," retorted Kurt. "You want to know something; I've never been into marriage. I never had a wish box with my gift for my first-born child, a town house in the city, a beach house in East Hampton, my dream man or my back up dream man. I never wore pillowcases over my head as a veil or even imagined my wedding, because truth is, I never thought I'd get that far, and to have you propose only to give up because I'm realizing someone genuinely wants to marry me that bad? I won't let it happen."

"You didn't say yes, Kurt! You hesitated and then you went on to say you don't think something... and that's when I cut you off," replied Noah. "Baby, I love you and I want to marry you, but do you know what happens to marriages when either person has their doubts, they fail! They end in divorce and are left to the mercy of that fucking nightmare of a dating scene! Kurt, I don't want that to happen to us. I want to spend the rest of my hot days with you. I want you to bear my adopted babies and I want to grow old and senile with you. I want... that's right laugh at me, Kurt! Laugh in my fucking face!"

"No Noah, it's just hearing a once proud promiscuous womanizer speak so passionately about wanting to raise a family. It melts the heart," laughed Kurt, placing a hand over his giggling mouth as the tension broke away. The family life Noah wanted was with him. The man had known the moment he'd fallen in love that Kurt would be his partner, that when they'd be older, they'd raise their own little litter of Pucklings in their East Hampton nest and live there contently. Kurt smiled. Maybe cliché wasn't all that bad. He had Noah. "You know honey, now that you've made me picture it, it doesn't sound half bad."

"What... what are you saying, babe?" Stuttered Noah, his throat gulping as if it were preparing for too much hope to come shooting up and out of his mouth in a babble string of incoherent words. Was Kurt coming round on the idea of marriage? Was he saying yes? Typically the answer to a proposal was voiced several minutes after the question was popped but as that marker passed and Noah was now unsure as to what Kurt's stance was, he nearly burst. This was like torture, and so he neared the boy, only to have said by boy step back, a glint in his blue eyes. "Don't play games with me, Kurt."

"I'm not playing anything."

"Kurt, what do you say?"

" ... "

"For fuck's sake, Kurt! Do you want to marr-"

"Remember when we first met?" Reminisced Kurt as Noah halted in his tracks. "It was around here that I was drinking with my friends before I was told by the show's director that you wanted to meet and congratulate all the models in the show. I didn't want to go, I was already having a good time, but I was forced and made to stand in line to shake hands with you. Except I didn't shake your hand, did I? We were introduced, but I never brought my hand up to meet yours. I made an excuse on the spot, I ran and I tried to avoid you for the rest of the night, yet you found me. Do you remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," sighed Noah softly, his eyes traveling up and down Kurt's body. "I only got the director to do that Kurt because I wanted to meet you. I didn't care about the other models. Like I said, I'd already met them all before. It was you I wanted to meet. I wanted to see you up close and personal because I felt so far away from you when you were on that runway, even though I was in the first row. It just wasn't enough, but yeah, when you bolted, I thought I'd done something wrong. That you didn't like me, that I stank, that you'd catch something if you touched me. What you did, Kurt... it hurt."

"Yet you still went looking for me..." whispered Kurt, shaking his head in disbelief that even after having been affectively snubbed, probably for the first time by a model, Noah had still gone after that hand shake from the one boy he had had his eyes fixed on for the entire night. Wow, thought Kurt, God bless male persistence. "I'm sorry, Noah. I'm sorry I was like that with you. You didn't deserve it, but you have to understand that even though I no longer had a crush on you back then, I felt like you could so easily undo me even with a simple look. I felt weak around you, and I couldn't stand it. I'm sorry."

"It's alright, baby. I don't care; I got your number in the end, didn't I. You posed a challenge by not falling for the good old Puckerman charm and that had me more intrigued by the minute," smirked Noah as he saunted over to Kurt. For Noah, one thing Kurt didn't know was that the boy had not been the only one to show poor conduct. When he and Kurt had been introduced, Noah had taken his time to check the model out, to really lather his eyes on him and to bring himself closer than he'd done with any of the other models. He'd broken Kurt's personal bubble with a hot pop! "We're cool babe, everything's cool."

"Well, even if we are Noah, I want to make it up to you. I want to give us the proper introduction we never had," replied Kurt determinedly, stepping away from Noah and adjusting his clothes. Getting the idea, Noah smiled before he too adjusted his jeans, which were barely hanging off his v shaped hips, before Kurt lifted up his hand for the man to shake. Yet instead, Noah took it up and kissed it tenderly, causing a blush to bloom onto Kurt's cheeks. So beautiful. "Good evening Noah Puckerman, my name is Kurt Hummel, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, friend, lover and... husband."

"And what?" Asked Noah incredulously as he froze. His eyes that had latched onto Kurt's baby blue pools and that smirk that had once held the air of sex, now faded in a flash in favor of one of complete disbelief. The hand that had taken a hold of Kurt's wouldn't let go and the kiss that he'd graced onto his pale skin now sizzled with heat as if it were representing how the man felt inside. This had to be one of the most unusual marriage proposals he'd ever come across, but he didn't care. Kurt had just agreed to be his! He had accepted his hand! Literally! "Kurt, baby do you mean it? Are you saying this for real?"

"You want to get the ring first?" Laughed Kurt, Noah quickly nodding before he impatiently pulled the ring box from his pocket, hastily knelt down on one knee and opened it, presenting the ring that took Kurt's breath away. It was absolutely stunning. A cushion-cut micropavé diamond ring in a platinum setting. An unmistakable Harry Winston classic. Love. "Yes Noah Aaron Puckerman, the man who has always fought for what we have, the man who taught me that the greatest affection knows no boundaries, and the man who is and will undoubtedly always be the love of my life, I will marry you."

"Oh... baby," choked Noah, plucking the ring from the box and sliding it effortlessly onto Kurt's outstretched finger. Bringing it up to the moonlight, the boy admired it, yet his vision was blurred. Tears were glimmering in his eyes at too greater rate and as he looked down at Noah, he noticed he wasn't the only one with cheeks stained with cascading droplets of joy. Soon, the man before him picked him up, spun him around and brought him in for kiss, sealing their new status that both were prepared to treasure indefinitely. "Kurt, you've made me the happiest man in the world. You hear that? We did it! We found love!"

Pulling away from the kiss, Kurt wiped away Noah's tears as well as his own. He wanted to see the man before him, wanted to see how happy he had now made him. They were now engaged and who knew, within a year, they'd be married. Kurt wondered what his father would say, what his mother would think. Though she was no longer with him, he knew she would have bestowed her blessing. For her little baby boy, her little treasure who she'd left all too soon, was in love. Kurt and Noah loved each other, and it was true. Though they were young and their lives were merely starting, the first chapter in their story was finished. Neither of them knew what changes big or small lay ahead but one thing was for certain, their journey was not over. They could only hope that in some small way, their time in New York City would be remembered.

Every now and then, the stars align, boy and boy meet by the great design
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?
Everybody told me love was blind, then I saw your face and you blew my mind
Finally you and me are the lucky ones this time.



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