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"Team, report." The Team looked up in surprise before shrugging and getting up. They walked towards the Debriefing room.

"What's up, Batman?" Robin asked.

"There have been strange energy readings at the Central City Museum. We need you to infiltrate and find out what is going on. Do not attack unless absolutely necessary."

"We're on it!" The Team ran to the bioship and took off.

"So what do you think is going on?" Miss Martian asked. Zatanna shrugged.

"Probably something to do with magic. Maybe it's Klarion."

"I would not put it past him to do something like this." Aqualad said.

"We're arriving at the museum." Miss Martian said. She landed the bioship and they all jumped out.

Is everyone online? (Miss Martian)

Yep. (Robin)

Ready. (Zatanna)

Of course, babe. (Kid Flash)

(Grunt) (Superboy)

Yes. (Aqualad)

Uh huh. (Red Arrow)

Can we go now? (Artemis)

The Team headed into the museum. Large explosions and crashes could be heard coming from a few rooms over. The Team sprinted over and Robin silently gasped at what they saw.

A woman (at least they assumed it was a woman) wearing a white porcelain mask and red robes was floating in the room. Random paintings and displays were flying around her.

Robin, what is it? (Aqualad)

That's Morgaine Le Fey. She's a League villain! (Robin)

"Children," Le Fey said, turning around, "it is rude to stare."

"Le Fey!" Robin yelled, "What are you doing?"

"Looking for the Crystal of Life. Because of the Justice League, my son is no longer forever youthful. I will use it and make him young again."

"Well too bad, lady." Kid Flash said, running towards her, "We're not going to let that happen!"

Le Fey raised her hand and Kid Flash flew back into a wall. Zatanna stepped forward.

"Eit reh htiw a epor!" A rope appeared and tied around Le Fey. Le Fey merely ripped out of it and threw a ball of light at Zatanna. Zatanna screamed as she flew back.

"Zatanna!" Robin ran and helped her up.

"Insolent children! You cannot defeat me!" Suddenly, an arrow flew and hit her, covering her in goo. Le Fey said a few words and the goo disappeared.

"Immature! Disrespectful! You have no consideration of your elders!" Le Fey spat.

"Yeah, you are one old lady." Artemis said, loading another arrow. Suddenly, something flew towards Le Fey.

"The crystal! Get it!" Aqualad yelled. Superboy let out a roar and ran towards her.

"You choose not to act your age then fine. So it shall be." Before Superboy could reach her, Le Fey raised the crystal and a bright flash filled the room. The Team collapsed to the floor. Before they could fully pass out, they heard a small laugh.

"So long, young ones."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(BREAK LINE)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Ugh." Red Arrow sat up with a groan. He heard a few more groans as he put a hand to his head. He froze. Something felt wrong.

His hand felt small, soft. He felt lighter than usual as well. Also, he was lying in a pile of clothes. Red Arrow opened his eyes and gasped.

Everything was… big! Much bigger than he remembered. He stood up and gasped again as he looked down. His shirt reached his feet! He heard a few more gasps and looked over.

"Wh-what happened?" Miss Martian whimpered, her voice much higher than usual.

"Ah!" Kid Flash yelled, finally waking up, "Why am I tiny?"

"Is everyone all right?" Aqualad asked, also looking shorter. Red Arrow looked around to see everyone practically swimming in his or her clothes.

"What did she do?" Superboy roared, though it wasn't as intimidating with his voice cracking.

"Ok! Roll call!" Red Arrow yelled. He winced as his voice cracked.

"I'm here!" Miss Martian said.

"Me too!" Kid Flash said.

"Here!" Artemis squeaked. Superboy grunted.

"I am here as well." Aqualad said.

"Me too!" Zatanna said cheerfully. Everyone's eyes widened at the sight of her. She was practically a baby! There was silence.

"Robin?" Red Arrow asked. A giggle was heard. Everyone turned towards the sound and gasped.

There, sitting in a pile of clothes and giggling, was Robin… and he was chewing on a batarang.

"Robin!" Red Arrow ran over to the now baby bird, "Get that out of your mouth!"

Robin looked up at Red Arrow and giggled some more. Red Arrow reached for the batarang, but Robin pulled back.

"No!" he yelled, "My batty-ang!"

"Robin." Red Arrow growled, "Give me the batarang."

"No!" Robin screamed, tears now running down his face, "No! No! No! NO!"

"Hewe, let me hewp." Kid Flash stumbled over (seeing as his suit was now way too big).

"Wobin." Kid Flash said, frowning at being unable to say R's or L's, "Can I see the batawang?"

"No! Mine! My batty-ang!" Robin yelled, hugging the batarang.

"Pwease?" Kid Flash asked, "I weally wanna see it."

Robin hesitated, but then handed the batarang to Kid Flash.

"Tanks, Wobin!" Robin giggled in response. Kid Flash turned to Red Arrow, "See? You just gots to be nice."

Red Arrow sighed, "Ok, let's get back to the bioship. M'gann, can you take our pants and shoes?" M'gann nodded. Red Arrow picked up Robin, "Aqualad, you get Zatanna."

"No!" Robin whined, "Zee-Zee hewe!" He pointed to Red Arrow's unoccupied arm. Roy sighed.

"Fine. I'll get Zatanna. Aqualad and Superboy, help M'gann."

"Who died and made you weader?" Artemis asked, scowling. Roy glared at her.

"We're children and I'm the oldest right now so I'm in charge." Artemis continued to scowl but nodded anyways. Red Arrow walked over and picked up Zatanna. Zatanna and Robin giggled in delight at being next to each other.

"Come on, let's get back to the mountain."

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