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"And everything went back to normal." Wonder Woman finished.

Robin, Zatanna, Wally, and M'gann giggled at the story.

"Dat was funny!" Wally exclaimed. "I wish Unca Bawwy had been dere!"

Wonder Woman smiled, "I'm sure it would have been quite a story to tell if he had been there."

"What should we do now?" Artemis asked.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Wonder Woman asked. Robin yawned.

"S'eepy." Wally and Artemis yawned, and then Zatanna and M'gann yawned. Wonder Woman smiled.

"Let's get you guys to bed. It's naptime now." Wally pouted.

"But I not-" He yawned, "-tired."

Wonder Woman quirked an eyebrow as she smiled amusedly, "That yawn says otherwise, Wally."

Wonder Woman quickly scooped up Robin and Zatanna and carried them to their room. The other children followed behind, with Wally and Artemis stumbling. They yawned and rubbed their eyes as they held Roy's hands (He was grumpy about it, but he wasn't going to object. They were mentall toddlers after all. They couldn't control it).

Wonder Woman set the babies down in their cribs and tucked in the rest of the children, except Roy, who just slapped her hands away and grumbled about how he didn't need someone to tuck him in. Wonder Woman smiled and rolled her eyes at Roy before leaving to go back to the entertainment room.

10 minutes later:

Wonder Woman was just relaxing on the couch, waiting for the kids to wake up, when she heard screams coming from the children's room. Thinking they were being kidnapped again (Seriously, three times? That's just sad at this point), she shot up from the couch and raced to the room. She quickly typed in the code, and the door opened up to reveal…

Eight naked teenagers.

Robin, now grown up again and sitting upright in the crib, was trying to cover himself with his pillow and blanket. Shreds of the clothes he wore as a baby surrounded him. The other seven teens weren't in much better shape (Artemis was slapping Wally and screaming about how he saw her boobs. Wally was just grinning dreamily). M'gann was the only one wearing normal-sized clothes.

"Wonder Woman." Aqualad stated. He thankfully had a pillow with him. "As you can see, we require clothing. There should be some in each of our rooms."

"O-Of course, Kaldur. I'll be right back." Wonder Woman quickly left the room and gathered everyone's clothes along with a few large blankets. She came back into the room and handed everyone their clothes and a blanket, "I got you guys this so that you could wrap it around yourselves and go to your respective rooms to change without…"

Aqualad nodded, "Thank you. We appreciate your kindness."

The teens quickly wrapped the blankets around themselves and rushed out of the rooms, each with a blush on his or her face. Wonder Woman also left to go call the League and tell them the good news.

A few minutes later, the team was standing in the entertainment room. Each teen was silent and wouldn't dare to look at each other.

Finally, Robin spoke, "So…All in fair of never speaking of this again?"

Each teen raised his or her hand, "Aye."

"Good, because I don't really want to think about how I don't need a Sex Ed class on women anatomy anymore." Artemis glared at Robin.

"Shut up."

Recognized: Flash, 04

Flash zoomed into the room and grabbed Wally in a bear hug, "Wally! You're back to normal! I mean I'm gonna miss little you and all, but you're back!"

Wally laughed and patted his uncle's back, "Yeah, Uncle B. I'm back."

Flash grinned and stood straighter, letting go of Wally, "Don't worry, you guys. I have plenty of memories of this incident."

"…What do you mean by that?" Artemis asked warningly. Flash gulped.

"Well… Ivideotapedallofitbye!" Flash zoomed back out of the room before Artemis could do anything.

Recognized: Flash, 04


"Yeah, Arty?"

"I'm going to kill your uncle."

"I might just join you, Arty. Anyone else?"




"Aw, come on guys! We were adorable!" M'gann secretly wanted to keep the footage of little Connor.

"Just go bake cookies, M'gann."

"Okay!" M'gann flew off.

"Alright, guys. Let's go kill the Flash. Batman won't mind."

"But first…Let's go eat M'gann's cookies. I haven't eaten real food in a while."

"…Yeah, I could go for some cookies." Robin and Zatanna walked off to the kitchen. The other teens looked around at each other before shrugging and following them.

"Ok, but after cookies, we kill the Flash."

"Of course."



"I call kicking him in the nuts."

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